How To Start A Cash Cow YouTube Channel

A Cashcow YouTube Channel is a term which Chase Namic introduced, a successful entrepreneur who claims to have more than 20 channels on YouTube.

Does YouTube worth my investment?
YouTube is the world’s second-largest social media platform (behind Facebook).
Additionally, it is the world’s second-largest search engine. Alphabet owns it (the same company that also owns Google). As of 2021, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users and over a billion hours of video watched daily.

YouTube is far from saturated; despite its 2 billion monthly users, only 31 million have channels, and an even smaller percentage post regularly.

The platform is still in its infancy.
How much money can you make with Cash Cow YouTube Channels? YouTube paid content creators more than $7.5 billion in 2019.

As the platform grows in popularity, the earning potential expands as more advertisers seek to leverage YouTube’s audience.

Numerous YouTube entrepreneurs, including Chase Namic, Kody White, Matt Par, Devon Canup, and Jon Corres, have reported

monthly earnings of up to $20,000 from a single YouTube Cash Cow channel.

What is the purpose of the Cash Cow YouTube channel?

A Cash Cow YouTube Channel is a term that appears to have been coined by Chase Namic, a self-made millionaire who owns over 20 YouTube channels.
He explains that a Cash Cow YouTube channel is created ‘exclusively for the purpose of generating revenue.
In essence, they are YouTube channels that earn money by attempting to obtain as many views as possible (since YouTube pays per thousand views)

and monetizing them exclusively through Google Adsense. Click here to see one of the Chase Namic Cashcow youtube channels.

Chase Namic Instagram Page
Chase Namic Instagram Page

These are top hit channels, conspiracy theories, anime, and gaming, among others.
Channels where the entire content is outsourced via the hiring of scriptwriters, voice-over artists, video editors, and thumbnail artists.

The owner is left with the simple task of uploading the videos and optimizing the description, titles, and tags after outsourcing the

time-consuming activities.
Felix 10s is a textbook example of a Cash Cow YouTube Channel, as the owner of the channel is never required to appear on camera.

Below listed in the screenshot are some of the medium cash cow YouTube channels you can get ideas from.

Indigo planet YouTube cash cow channel
Indigo planet YouTube cash cow channel

After we analyze Indigo Planet Youtube Channel using Social Blade Platform, the Below screenshot was what we are able to

know about the channel regarding the earnings, subscribers, year of existing and more!

Indigo planet social blade analytics
Indigo planet social blade analytics

Another fast-rising Cashcow Youtube Channel we found is Top ranked and this channel has published different cash cow YouTube videos and ready to make money on youtube.


Top Ranked YouTube channel cash cow
Top Ranked YouTube channel cash cow

After we analyze Top ranked Youtube Channel using Social Blade Platform, the Below screenshot was what we are able to know

about the channel regarding the earnings, subscribers, year of existing and more!

Top ranked social blade analytics
Top ranked social blade analytics

Below screenshots are some of cash cow YouTube channel earnings:




How, then, do you start a successful YouTube Cash Cow channel?

Step One: Conduct Niche Research for Youtube Cash Cow Channel

When starting a YouTube Cash Cow automated channel, the first step is critical. Failure to conduct adequate research can result

in your channel spinning its wheels and going nowhere.
Begin by selecting a broad category, such as ‘comparison videos,’ and conducting a YouTube search for the term. What you’re

looking for is an underserved sub-niche.
A small portion of a larger niche that your channel can dominate. It’s far easier to be the market leader in a smaller niche than

it is to compete in a highly saturated market saturated with larger channels. As your channel grows in popularity,

you can diversify your niches.
Continuing with our comparison video example, you may notice that the anime comparisons category is lacking.

Perhaps there is a single channel that uploads once a month but generates hundreds of thousands of views on average.
With your content, you can break into this niche and make an impact.

Second Step: Conduct Video Research for Youtube Cash Cow Channel

Once you have identified your niche, you’ll want to recreate the top 30 most popular videos from a channel in that category.

You will want to start by analyzing your competitors’ videos to determine how they create them.
Take note of the production’s quality, music, script, and any other significant elements. The goal is to improve on the first 30 videos.

You should use their videos as a starting point/inspiration for your own. At no point should you blatantly copy the content of

another person’s video. You must inject your own unique perspective into the video’s subject.

Third Step: Research for Thumbnail and Title for YouTube Cash Cow Channel

Contrary to popular belief, the thumbnail and title may be more important than the video itself. Viral videos almost always have a

high CTR (click-through rate). The CTR is a metric that indicates the ratio of clicks to total impressions. A high CTR indicates that

a video is capturing viewers’ attention. A CTR of less than 3 is considered poor, a CTR of more than 5 is considered acceptable,

and anything over 10 is considered excellent.
Videos with a high CTR, in my experience, have a very good chance of going viral.  The language used must be engaging in order

to entice users to click. The most effective method of mastering this is to study copywriting.

Step Four: Establish a revenue-generating channel

If you want to be extra cautious, you can skip this step and proceed organically. Certain individuals are unwilling to wait for their

channel to reach 1,000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time. Rather, they’d rather buy a YouTube channel for monetization

and accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.
If you choose this route, make certain that you purchase the channel from a reputable seller. The last thing you want is to buy a

channel that gets stolen from you as soon as it starts making money, or a channel that contains copyright issues.

Step Five: Upload your first thirty YouTube Cash Cow videos

YouTube incentivizes consistency. To be taken seriously on the platform, you must demonstrate your commitment as a contributor.

You should upload 30 well-optimized videos before making any changes to your niche. At least one of those thirty videos should

gain traction (have over 5000 views). If nothing changes and the majority of your videos have fewer than 100 views, you’ll need

to rethink your strategy and conduct additional research.
Do not be disheartened by low views when you first start sharing videos. Bear in mind that YouTube is a long-term game,

and you should anticipate dedicating at least a year to your channel before seeing significant returns.

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Sixth Step: Analyze and Optimize Your Data

YouTube offers an incredible quantity of data to boost the performance of your Cash Cow channel. What you want to do is

concentrate on the click-through rate and average watch time. Examine your most successful videos and make a note of

the thumbnails/titles that performed well.
Additionally, take note of when your audience is most engaged and when they are drifting away from videos. This data is

more valuable than gold because it enables you to continuously improve your ability to create engaging content.

Step Seven: Assign work to a team

You have been doing everything manually up to this point, but now it’s time to automate your YouTube Cash Cow machine.

You want to remove yourself from the process and delegate the creation of videos and thumbnails to a team so that you

can focus on other tasks (perhaps starting a new channel).
I recommend that you invest in a team only after validating your YouTube Cash Cow which should ideally generate

at least $1,000 per month in AdSense revenue. You can follow this link to reach out to an expert who can help you

with everything you need to get started.

You can also search through Fiverr to hire individuals for search tasks you need to get started.

YouTube cash cow script writer
YouTube cash cow script writer


Youtube cash cow video creator


America male voice over for YouTube cash cow channel

YouTube Cash Cow Channel

Lastly, automate your YouTube cash cow channel

Automating a YouTube channel can be challenging, but once you’ve mastered it, your life will become infinitely easier. You won’t

have to work IN the business anymore; instead, you’ll be able to work ON the business.
Additionally, this enables you to scale your channel and begin uploading multiple videos per day, increasing your chances

of going viral. To automate your channels, follow these steps:

Create a list of the tasks that require automation

Assume you’re creating a channel in the Top 10 style. The following are typical tasks that will require outsourcing:

Channel Creation Click here to hire an expert for this role
Channel Optimization Click here to hire an expert
Research/Scriptwriting Click here to hire an expert for the role
Voice over Click here to hire an expert
Editing video Click here to hire an expert
Create a thumbnail Click here to hire an expert for the role
Uploading of Videos

Create an advertisement for each of these positions

We recommend searching for talent on Upwork and Fiverr. You can create a job listing on Upwork with a fixed price for any

of the roles you require. Before going on to the next position, we propose hiring for one at a time, as indicated above,

and creating rapport with your contractor/employee.
The most effective method of identifying talent is to test several candidates concurrently on a small task. If you hire a video editor,

you may pay $20 per person for five people to edit a brief one-minute clip.
The initial $100 investment can prevent you from experiencing significant heartache in the future as a result of selecting the incorrect editor.

With so many talented freelancers available on Upwork and Fiverr, you should not settle for anything less than the best.


Once you’ve hired a freelancer for each position, you’ll need to ensure that they communicate effectively with one another.
I recommend you round up with the script writing, then you can move on to the next. The simplest way to manage this is through

the use of the Trello software.
Trello enables seamless collaboration between teammates. You should send the item on to the next contractor at the time of task completion.

Trello offers a very generous free version that can use to automate a wide variety of tasks.
Alternatively, you can hire a project manager to oversee the project and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
You can completely ignore the project manager if you don’t generate at least $3,000 per month in revenue.

The most difficult task to outsource, and the last task you should ever outsource, is choosing a video topic. You will have the best intuition

for which video topics are likely to go viral and should not outsource this research until your channel has established a

profitable and stable revenue stream.
When you begin uploading multiple videos per day, we recommend hiring a researcher. By this point, you should have a good sense

of which videos are likely to go viral and a method for locating them. Teach your researcher everything you know and ask them to

come up with an idea for your day’s secondary upload.

Has this article aided you significantly? And I’m sure this would have piqued your interest in cash cow channels.