Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie is a free website where people can answer questions and get PayPal cash or gift cards in exchange. You won’t make a lot of money for the time you put in, but this platform makes it easy to build up a stash of rewards you can use to pay for treats or even bills.

Since there are many online survey sites that pay money, you should compare the best ones before signing up.

Survey Junkie is worth a close look if you want an easy way to make some extra money on the side. This site will put you in touch with online surveys that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Even though you won’t make a lot of money per survey (usually between $0.50 and $3), it’s easy to get a lot of points if you take surveys often and do all of the ones you’re eligible for. Read on to learn more about Survey Junkie, its pros and cons, and how to sign up and get started.

About the Company

Survey Junkie is a website that pays people to fill out online surveys.
Using Survey Junkie, you can earn reward points that can be turned into gift cards for well-known brands or money in your PayPal account.
You can take Survey Junkie surveys at any time of day or night on your computer or your favorite mobile device.
Joining Survey Junkie is completely free.

How Survey Junkie Works

Survey Junkie is a website that helps people find surveys from well-known brands and service providers. Signing up for Survey Junkie is free, and so is getting started with it.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys could be a good way to make easy money if you have some spare time. Start-up costs are low, and almost anyone can qualify for some surveys based on the information they put in their profile.

About $0.50 to $3 is paid for each completed survey, which isn’t much, but many questionnaires take 20 minutes or less and aren’t hard or stressful. Also, be aware that some surveys pay more “points” than others. Most of the surveys you can take right now are worth between 80 and 150 points, and each point is worth one cent.