Best Free Online Movies Sites

Best Free Online Movies Sites Watch in 2022  -Weekends are mostly for movie nights. It feels awesome to stay at the comfort of your house with your snacks and enjoying your favourite movies on the big or small screen. 


In this article, we will be discussing the best free online sites watch. You will also get to see the complete reviews on some Best free Online Movie Sites to watch as well. 

Have it in mind that not every site that claims to be a free movie site is actually genuine and free. That is why this guide is available for you to follow.

Best Free Online Movies Sites Watch in 2022

Solar movies 

Though new to the industry, solar movies are gaining audiences for the content they deliver. 

This website receives approximately 495k monthly visitors with good friendly user categorization. Another thing about this website is the arrangement, every movie is arranged in Genre and according to the country. 

It provides you with high quality links that will serve you for the best. All videos are 100% free. To protect yourself, always make use of VPN. 

Follow this link to the site:




This is one of the best free online sites watch. It serves you  all kinds of movies without subscription and sign up. Just like other sites, tubi comes with ads but not to worry, it won’t disturb your streaming moments. 

Having over 720k monthly visitors, tubi is also available on all platforms like firestick, iOS, and Google play..  

The only thing about this website is that it is only available for those in the US, so for you to stream, you need a VPN. 

You can get to this website using this link:



The first thing to bear in mind is the fact that this website does not display anything that is not a movie. This is to say that all kinds of TV shows will not be available here. 

With 334k monthly visitors, Go stream video plays automatically so long you have clicked on the link. 

It has high video quality, good Library and it is very fast in loading which is why it is one of the best free online movie sites

Aside from not showing TV shows, this is the best website to stream your favourite channels.

Get to this website using this link:


This is still one of the finest creations of Amazon.  This streaming platform offers good services like documentaries, movies and TV shows. It is available in the US on the IMDb website, and the app is Available Amazon. 

It is totally free though ads supported but won’t disturb your entertainment. In the registration procedures, the website expects you to have an Amazon account before you can access the site. 


This website is legit free, has good loading time and gives you information about the movie, documentary or TV show.


The only issue here is that there are so many annoying ads and the content Library is small. 


Here is a link to the website:


Movie star 


This is the only new TV in the list, with 32k monthly visits have been able to get fans glued to their website on first visit. 


The website is very much user friendly with a Great catalog of movies. The videos here are equally easy to stream. 


The only issue they have is, slow in content upload but with time, it will all balance. 


You can watch movies here using this link :


Vudu TV 


This is one of the most popular TVs in the United states with over 500k monthly visitors. 


This is the only TV that gives you an endless number of channels on movies and TV shows. The best part of the website is the no registration rule but has a paid and free subscription. 


You can either choose to use the free subscription or paid version. In all, it is very easy to use. 


The website is not Available for those outside the US but you can still stream these movies with the help of VPN which changes your IP address and protects your online presence. 


Stream movies from this site using this link :


Yes Movies 


The first thing you should know about this sites is: First it has a clean interface, secondly it supports personalization and lastly it has a large catalog of movies. 


All movie streams are shown in HD. The 245k monthly visit streaming website have the little issue of ads which sometime interferes with your streaming moments


Another thing to take note of is, watching movies on this website might be a little tricky. You will need to click on the play and stay here tab many times before it will finally work. 


It has a news tab for latest updates on movies, events and trending TV shows.


The annoying ads you will encounter in the site are meant to be exchanged for something free in the site.


Watch movies on this site using this link :


Conclusion on Best Free Movie Sites

In my view, most of these websites are Available for people who are just based in the US, you need to get a VPN to be more secure in your stream. 

This is just but few of the best free online movies sites watch, we still have other wesites like YouTube, kanopy and FilmRise. You can check these sites out and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you and dont forget to share.