How To Make Money on Poshmark Selling Things

Are you looking for a way to increase your income by selling on Poshmark? It’s a fantastic way to be able to work from home!

In this article, you’ll learn my best strategies for selling on Poshmark.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 12 years of working from home, it’s that there are no limits to how much money you can make.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one opportunity when there are so many.

Of course, if you can efficiently balance your revenue streams!

Reselling has always piqued my attention, and I’ve dabbled with it here and there throughout the years.

My husband and I recently found ourselves in a debt situation that we needed to get out of as quickly as possible.



We could probably find a few side jobs where we could trade our time for money, but there are only so many hours in a day. When you take that path, you are severely confined.


How to make a Poshmark sale

I’ve been thinking about reselling a lot lately, but I still have a lot of reservations.

We came found numerous articles of worn clothing and shoes that were in excellent condition and were high-end

brands while cleaning out our closets in preparation for an upcoming community garage sale.

I was convinced that we wouldn’t be able to sell these items for a reasonable price at the garage sale.

Seriously. Who has $70 in their pocket just in case they find a beautiful pair of boots at a garage sale?

As a result, I began to investigate other possibilities.

I was able to sell over 200 items on Poshmark for several thousand dollars in just a few months.

I’ve been able to sell over $25,000 worth of items in the last year. (This does not include sales made on other platforms like eBay, Mercari, or Kidizen.)

Not everyone will have the same experience. The things you offer, how you price them, and how active you are on the site will influence your profit potential.

In this guide, I’ll offer some of my favorite Poshmark money-making strategies and resources.

Why should you sell on Poshmark?

Poshmark pulled me in for a variety of reasons:

It’s simple. Poshmark is a mobile application. You simply take photos of your stuff and record a description on your phone. There’s no need to turn on your computer.

There’s already a buying community in place. Poshmark claims to have over 40 million users, five million of them are sellers. When looking for a marketplace, you want more buyers than sellers, thus that’s a nice ratio. Poshmark members also spend an average of 23 to 27 minutes every day in the app!

Returns are moderated by Poshmark. Dealing with returns is one aspect of eBay that I despise. Even if the return is a dud, eBay will very certainly force you to accept it. You must also deal with client service. Return requests are moderated by Poshmark. Fit refunds are also not permitted. (Yay!) Scammers will have a much harder time getting through this system. Buyers must provide evidence in the form of photographs. There are no partial refunds or keep-and-refund options, which many eBay con artists have discovered.

The ordering and shipping procedures have been simplified. Poshmark sends you a shipping label whenever an item is sold. It should be printed. It should be slapped on the packaging. Send it on its way. You are not required to have your things weighed or obtain shipping quotes. It’s a simple and basic procedure.

Negotiation is welcomed. Offers account for a large portion of my sales. Either I give a lesser price to someone who has shown interest in my goods, or the interested party sends me an offer to consider. In any case, I always price my products a little higher than what I’m ready to accept.

There is also a social component. This is both a boon and a curse. Poshmark is an extremely “social” platform, with users like, sharing, and commenting. This could be beneficial to sales. However, as is common in online forums where people are trying to establish a presence in order to generate money, a tit-for-tat exchange is expected. People want you to like one of theirs if they like your new listing.

The remittance of taxes is included. Taxes still terrify the living daylights out of me, even though I’ve been self-employed for 12 years. And the new cross-state sales tax laws have only heightened those anxieties. To be honest, it’s what has kept me away from internet reselling for so long. Posh Remit takes care of collecting and paying sales tax on all marketplace purchases, so sellers don’t have to. Thank heavens for that!

So far, Poshmark claims to have helped sellers make over $1 billion through the program (that was in May 2018). Although I am not aware of any six-figure sellers in my group (though there are others), some of my readers have shared success stories with me about how they make money on Poshmark. I pay attention whenever I can get a firsthand account.

Sellers beware: Poshmark’s negatives

Every opportunity comes with certain negatives, and it’s critical to be aware of them when learning how to sell on Poshmark:

Fees charged by Poshmark Convenience, a vibrant neighborhood, and accountancy services all come at a cost. It’s 20% off for purchases over $15 and $2.95 for purchases under $15. By some accounts, that’s a substantial sum. However, listing your things on Poshmark is always free. You just have to pay when your things are sold.

Sharing, sharing, sharing is the name of the game. Poshmark rewards users for using the app. Following other users, spreading their content, and having satisfied customers are all examples of this type of action. Poshmark also encourages you to share your own items by putting them at the top of the search results until someone else shares something similar. If you spend all of your time on this, it can be very time consuming. Making sales does not necessitate sharing. Keep track of your time to make sure it’s worthwhile.

What are the most popular things on Poshmark?

Poshmark used to be a very specialized marketplace. Clothes, shoes, and high-end handbags were all the rage. Jewelry, a Home Market, beauty products, and toys have all been introduced in recent months. It still doesn’t enable everything, but it’s getting there. Current restrictions and modifications can be found on this page.

How to Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark’s selling method is simple:

  • Open the Poshmark app after downloading it.
  • Create your personal profile.
  • Take images of the thing you want to sell with your phone.
  • Make a description of the situation.
  • Check the boxes for the proper category, size, and color.
  • Set your own pricing (and the original price).
  • To add a new item to the list, use the List Item button.
  • Wait for inquiries or a sale to come in.
  • Accept or reject any offers that come your way.
  • Print the shipping label once you’ve accepted an offer.
  • Send your sold item to the buyer.
  • The buyer has three days to mark the item as received, after which it will be automatically marked as received.
  • Get compensated.

The money will be deposited into your account the same day the seller accepts the offer (or within three days of a tracked receipt). You can request payment by cheque or direct deposit at any time after the funds have been received in your account.

Preparation work for Poshmark sales

Prior to delivery, I strongly advise you to set up an inventory system. You’ll need this information at tax time if you’re buying things to resell rather than selling personal items. It’s best to keep an eye on things.

If you want to make a profit, you’ll also need to know how much you paid for something. How will you know if you’re losing money if you don’t track it?

For my spreadsheet, I use Airtable, but you can also use Excel, Google Sheets, or even a basic notepad if that’s what you want. The most important thing is to get started.

I’m getting ready to list some products on Poshmark.

Buyers aren’t interested in buying filthy, damaged clothes that appear to have just emerged from the bottom of your hamper. Spend some time going over an item and making it presentable.

Does it have a foul odor? It should be washed.

Is it soiled? It should be washed.

Is it creased? It can be ironed or steamed.

Tips and instruments for cleaning

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky/dirty condition that you don’t know how to clean? Look it up on the internet. I keep the following tools and products on hand at all times:

Cleaning white bottoms of shoes using a magic eraser is a breeze.

Remove stickers with a hair dryer for around five seconds.

Scotty Peeler – Can also be used to remove stickers.

Balsam Balm by Dr. Martens – Excellent for cleaning leather. First, do a spot check!

OxiClean Odor Blaster – Excellent for whitening teeth and eliminating strange odors.

My Amazon Storefront has a running list of my favorite reseller tools.

Examine the items for any damage

You should also inspect the area for any damage.


Are the zippers functional?

Do the pockets have any holes in them?

Armpits with holes?

Is there any stitching that has come undone?

These factors do not rule out the possibility of selling a piece of apparel. In your description, all you have to do is disclose, disclose, disclose.

Examine the comparisons

You can set any price you want for something, but it doesn’t guarantee it will sell. Always look for comparable sold products, sometimes known as “comps.”

Let’s pretend I’m selling a North Face Women’s Denali Fleece Jacket. I’ll run a search on Poshmark and look at the sold things to see how much similar jackets have gone for.

To match your item, you can further limit it down by size, color, or “new with tags.” While I usually price my things at roughly half the retail price, I can check to see whether that is still the case. I’d still charge more than $25 for it – more likely about $45 – but be open to offers.

Each vendor has a unique pricing strategy. Over time, you’ll come up with your own. Because I always price a little higher than I desire, I can make $5 or 10% off Offers to Likers, plus a shipping discount. Don’t list at the lowest possible price.

How to advertise items on Poshmark for sale

Let’s get your thing online now that it’s clean and inspected carefully. Because I sell the majority of my clothes on Poshmark, I’ll show you how to do it. Other platforms aren’t that dissimilar, although you’ll almost certainly need to make some adjustments.

To begin, open the app on your phone.

Taking photos

Some users prefer to use their phone’s camera to capture photos, edit them, and then post them to the app. When at all feasible, I like to do everything on the app. You make your own decisions.

Keep in mind that your images will be square when posing your things. You want to get as near to your object as possible while keeping everything in the frame for your cover photo. You can either lay the item on the floor or place it on a table, or hang it on a hanger. You may wish to invest in a mannequin or lightbox later on, but it isn’t required to get started. Begin with what you already have.

Natural sunshine is your best buddy when it comes to light. In most circumstances, it will provide your items the best color and texture representation. Try to snap your shots in the daytime and near a window if at all possible.

Also, if you have the opportunity, invest in some daylight light bulbs. If you’re a selfie enthusiast or a YouTuber, you might even have a glowing ring. Those will also work.

You may upload up to 12 images per item on Poshmark. If you need to, fill those up. Take photos of your things from various perspectives. The front, rear, sides, top, and bottom should all be obtained. Take photos of the label as well as the size tag. Get close-ups of any defects, most importantly. Give your buyer as much information as possible so that they can make an informed selection – and so that the item is less likely to be returned.

Descriptions and titles

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization if you’re a blogger or run an online business (SEO). The majority of internet shoppers on these sites are looking for something specific. If your item is a good match, you’ll want to make sure it’s presented. As a result, be sure you’re using the proper keywords.

Include the following in your title:

If at all feasible, give your brand a name.
There will be no acronyms, emoticons, or simply labeling an item as “nice top.”

Poshmark listings appear in Google searches, which is another reason to choose the appropriate keywords. If someone searches for Coach Bellini flats and yours is correctly titled, it is possible that they will appear in Google search results.

Any damage should be disclosed

Any damage, holes, stains, thread pulls, scuffs, or other flaws should be clearly and honestly disclosed. You should also photograph any damage up close. If a consumer claims there was damage that wasn’t stated, this will assist you defend against “item not as described” (INAD) claims.

What about the numbers?

This is a common question I hear from resellers. Is including measurements in your descriptions really necessary?

I didn’t mention measurements in any of my descriptions when I initially started selling clothes. I just wanted to get it up on the internet as soon as possible.

Poshmark, on the other hand, does not accept returns for fit. This is beneficial to vendors. It isn’t ideal for purchasers.

As I began to receive more requests for measurements while I was away from home – or sleeping – I began to provide them whenever possible when listed products. It saves me the trouble of having to dig anything out, pack it up, and so on. I’ve also got a couple of returns for hemmed jeans that I didn’t disclose.

Some people will warn you that if you don’t list the measurements, no one will ever buy your items. That isn’t accurate, in my opinion. I’ve sold a lot of things that didn’t have measurements. However, the subject will be brought up.

What should you keep track of? The following are the most popular measurements:


Tops/Jackets with a Waist Rise and Inseam

When placed flat, armpit to armpit
Dresses from the shoulder to the hem

From the armpit to the armpit
hem to shoulder
You may provide a lot of dimensions for each item, but keep it simple. I’ve only been asked for a thigh measurement on jeans a couple of times out of over 1,000 sales. You don’t have to go all out. is a great useful website/app that allows you to generate sizing templates and shows you how to measure garments if you’re not sure about your measurements. Its Starter plan is completely free and contains all of the essentials. It also includes some quite useful guides.

Offers and markdowns are used to sell items

When you’re learning how to sell on Poshmark, you’ll also need to know about offers and markdowns.

Likers’ Offers

Users can now “watch” or “like” items they’re interested in on most websites, including eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. These sites will notify you when customers are interested in your products, and you can then send them a special offer. Rather of lowering the item’s price to the general public, this is usually a limited-time offer available only to them.

It’s the same thing as when you put products in an online shopping basket and then get an email saying, “Still interested in that stuff?” If you buy within the next 24 hours, you’ll get a 20% discount.” Exactly the same situation.

Poshmark gives purchasers 24 hours to take advantage of a “Offer to Liker” at the time of writing this piece (OTL). It requires you to give a 10% price reduction as well as a $2.12 or $7.99 shipping discount (making the buyer’s delivery bill $4.99 or free, respectively). This can be a tremendous incentive, so make sure you leave enough room in your selling price for these special incentives.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever Another reason is that purchasers can give you offers on products that they are interested in. After that, you can accept, decline, or counteroffer.

I’m not opposed to haggling over a price. Poshmark and Mercari have the advantage of showing you exactly how much money you’ll make on each given offer. You can make informed, lucrative decisions without having to perform a lot of arithmetic if you keep good track of your investments.

What are the “closest clean out” markdown events on Poshmark?

Poshmark hosts a lot of “Closet Clear Out” events, during which customers can get a cheaper shipping charge if they buy within six hours of you publicly dropping a price. You, not Poshmark, are responsible for the difference.

I used to do this a lot when I first started selling on Poshmark, but not anymore. It’s a lot of work, and if you’re shipping OTLs on a regular basis, you’ll soon have to start slashing your prices.

The discounted pricing for CCO events must be at least 10% cheaper than your lowest historical price while still being $10 or more. Buyers will only be offered cheap shipping after that. If you don’t want to maintain your item at that low price, you’ll have to return after the CCO event has ended and raised your prices again. If you have a lot of things, it might be a tremendous pain. It has the potential to function. You simply need to conduct your business in the manner that best suits you.

How does Poshmark’s shipping work?

Poshmark also distributes everything via Priority Mail, which is a huge plus. You won’t have to think about USPS, FedEx, UPS, Priority Mail, First Class, or any other shipping options. That decision has already been made for you. As a new vendor, I really appreciated that.

You must ensure that you obtain the appropriate shipping supplies for the platform. As previously stated, Poshmark ships everything via Priority Mail. That’s great news for merchants, because the USPS offers a lot of free Priority Mailing supplies. You can order them through the USPS website or go to your local post office to check what’s available.

What are the best places to obtain more shipping supplies?

USPS — As previously stated, the website offers a variety of complimentary Priority Mail supplies. Make sure you select the appropriate ones for your selected platform – Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate, or Priority Express. There is no way to use these interchangeably, and there can be a significant price difference. If you send something the wrong manner, you can get a refund or a very dissatisfied buyer if the buyer receives a notice that postage is due.

Amazon – When it comes to delivering most clothing products, many vendors use poly mailers. They’re not the ideal choice for shoes, but they’re a quick and easy method to send shirts, pants, jackets, and other items.

Poly mailers are available on Amazon in a range of sizes and designs, ranging from basic white to seasonal designs, and from very little to quite large. For shirts and pants, I usually go with a size 1013 or 1215, and for larger goods like coats, I go with a size 1419. In my Amazon Store, you’ll find a few possibilities.

I frequently see people who have recently relocated offering away their moving boxes for free on Facebook Marketplace. Keep an eye on such buy-sell groups, or start your own “In Search Of” thread.

Local businesses — To obtain free shipping materials, many resellers collaborate with local businesses. Many firms receive regular shipments and just discard the boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap in which they arrived. These companies may be more than willing to give you the boxes and materials.

Your own shopping — Like those firms, you may receive a few parcels from your online buying on a regular basis. All of my Amazon, Chewy, and other boxes are saved and reused.

Getting paid when you sell something on Poshmark

When you sell something on eBay, you get paid right away. You don’t get paid until a consumer receives and accepts a purchase on Poshmark. This is normally three days after the consumer receives the goods.

You must request payment by check or direct deposit once your profits are accessible in your account, depending on the platform. It’s vital to keep in mind that these exchanges are not banks. The FDIC will not insure your earnings if your account is hacked. You don’t have to cash out every day, but you shouldn’t have more money in your account than you’re willing to lose.

Deadbeats are a pain to deal with (returns, bad feedback, etc.)

I enjoy it when my consumers give me great, individualized feedback. I despise negative people. They will, however, occur.

You must have a thick skin in order to succeed in life. Remind yourself that it isn’t always a personal attack against you. That person has never met you before. And you don’t know who they are. You have no idea what they’re going through in life or what personal challenges they’ve had to deal with that day. It’s far easier to lash out at a stranger than it is to lash out at a loved one.

As a result, it’s advisable not to retaliate. You’re unlikely to persuade them to change their beliefs, but you could make things worse. Move on if it’s something you can’t change, was a small bit your fault, or is just plain ridiculous. Your time and efforts are better invested on your next client.

Poshmark’s best-selling brands

I’ve spent a lot of time in reddit forums and reading Poshmark vendors’ blogs, and major labels like Gucci, Levi’s, Carhartt, and Torrid appear to be all over the place. Some merchants will claim to sell a brand like hotcakes, only to later claim that they are unable to give the same brand free.

If you have a successful brand that you know like the back of your hand, sell more of it. That’s how I operate my company. Also, stick to what you’re familiar with. Many brands are imitated. It is against the law to sell counterfeit goods. If you don’t know how to recognize a fake Christian Louboutin or Burberry, be cautious when purchasing items that need a significant financial investment. Before selling them, you may need to get them validated, which could be an additional cost.

Top tip: Do you know everything about selling on Poshmark?

When it comes to buying and selling some commodities, you must exercise extreme caution – counterfeit items in particular. It’s up to you to understand what you’re selling. If a complaint is filed against you and your item is found to be counterfeit, you could lose both your money and your item. The majority of these artifacts are destroyed.

Many well-known brands are heavily counterfeited, including:

Louis Vuitton is a fashion house founded by Louis Vuitton
Nike \sCartier \sHermes
Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co.
Lacoste \Chanel \Gucci \Rolex
Religion as it should be
Always scrutinize products thoroughly before purchasing them. Is anything not quite right?

There are numerous resources available to assist you in identifying a fake. If the object is valuable, it may be worthwhile to get it validated before attempting to sell it. Poshmark may need you to send the item to it for authentication if the price is over a particular threshold.

I enjoy selling jeans, however, there are many counterfeits on the market. I’m a member of Jeans With Joy, a premium membership organization where you can obtain feedback and learn more about recognizing fakes.

Top Tips To Selling goods on Poshmark

Before I go in, I do a lot of research. I’ve learned a couple of things from my previous resale attempts and study.

Make sure the name is correct: The headline of your listing is really significant. If feasible, insert the brand name and item name in this essential space. If the style name isn’t printed on the goods, I’ll check for a style number and Google it to see if I can locate the name. You want to make sure your listing appears in a search if someone is looking for a pair of Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boots.

Take a ton of pictures: I attempt to imagine what I would seek for in a purchase. When I list shoes, for example, I photograph not only the tops and sides of the shoes, but also the soles. That’s where you’ll be able to tell how much they’ve been worn. I take close-ups of pocket designs when selling pants. I also make certain that the knees are included in the photograph. This is another area where wear and tear can be seen.

Make the background bright and neutral: If at all possible, choose white. The best lighting is natural sunshine.
Make your descriptions as detailed as possible. When I listed jeans, I quickly discovered that purchasers were interested in knowing the inseam and rise. I’m going to put that information up front from now on. (You may use to make simple measurement templates.) Include any stains, holes, or other damage in your description (include pictures of that as well).

Do some price comparisons: On Poshmark, you may price your things whatever you wish. If you’re not being competitive – or realistic – it doesn’t mean they’ll sell for that. Look for “comps,” or similar things. Look through the app to see whether and how much similar products have sold for. Simply search Poshmark by brand and filter Availability by Sold, then join Posh parties. Poshmark hosts a number of parties each day. Each Posh party focuses on a different theme. If your products are appropriate, bring them to the party. Also, share stuff from the party with others. This is excellent publicity.

Offer a discount if you buy more items: If you’ve ever bought or sold secondhand stuff, you’re probably familiar with the allure of a “lot.” If you find a vendor who shares your sense of style and size, you’re likely to buy multiple items from him or her. Poshmark allows merchants to give shoppers a discount if they buy numerous goods at once. If you’re wanting to clean out your closet or cut down on the time you spend packaging and shipping products, this could be beneficial.

Keep an eye on the trends: Because a certain brand of jeans and shoes sold so quickly, I’m going to make an effort to supply my store with more of those things. You should also keep an eye on whatever products Poshmark uses in its parties. These are frequently brands that are hot on the app. Poshmark also posts videos highlighting upcoming seasonal trends.
Continue to be active.

You can keep listings as drafts and then release them gradually. Frequently reshare your listings. Others can be followed, liked, and shared. Poshmark isn’t like eBay in that you can’t just list anything and forget about it. Poshmark encourages sellers to use the app.
If you’re reselling, take it slowly. We didn’t take long to dip our toes into the flipping pool, but we took it cautiously. We stayed with brands we were familiar with. We attempted to duplicate our previous sales. That way, we could estimate how much an item would sell for on Poshmark and make sure we weren’t paying more than we expected to make.

Poshmark vendors should follow these time management recommendations

Reselling might take a significant amount of time. To find something to sell, you must go shopping. You must check and clean items, as well as conduct market research to determine how to price an item. Then you must complete the listing, which includes taking images, writing a description, and setting a price. If you’re on Poshmark, you’ll need to devote some time each day to showcase your wardrobe.

As a result, learning to manage your time is critical. Otherwise, you’ll certainly find yourself overwhelmed and buried beneath a mountain of items that need to be sold but have never been advertised.

I prefer to process my listings in batches and to stick to a timetable. The majority of garage and estate sales, for example, take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in this area. Those mornings are set aside for sourcing. On Saturday and Sunday, I make a list of everything we bought. My blogging days are Monday through Wednesday. I normally devote my resale time to sharing the Poshmark closet, sending offers, and packaging orders on such days.

When it comes to listing, I use the app to picture, measure, and create drafts for all of my things at the same time. After that, I go to my desktop to check up style names, pricing, create descriptions, and publish the products. I can also enter my things into my inventory sheet as I go, ensuring that everything is completed on time.

Let’s talk about this sharing thing now. Poshmark is primarily a social media site. Instead of paying to have your listings promoted to the top of search results as on eBay, you get your things to the top of Poshmark search results by sharing.

By default, Poshmark search results are displayed in the order in which they were last shared.

The greater the number of items you have, the longer it takes to share them. We have roughly 600 active and available items for sale on Poshmark at the time of editing this page. These days, sharing can take quite a long time.

Sharing at least morning, lunch, and night if you have a small closet

Other than sharing from a laptop or desktop if it goes faster for you than sharing on your phone, there’s not much time you can save through closet sharing.

Poshmark Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap off this report, I’d want to address some frequently asked questions concerning Poshmark. All of these are things you’re bound to come upon at some point.

Someone is attempting to communicate with me by email or SMS. Is it a ruse?

Yes. This is especially true for new vendors and expensive items like designer handbags. Off-platform transactions and communication, regardless of platform, are against the terms of service and put you at considerable risk. Only connect with buyers using the platform’s messaging system, and unless you want to be scammed, never attempt transactions outside of the system.

I recently sold something. Is it necessary for me to use a USPS box?

No. Any box will suffice. The only restriction is that the box’s maximum combined length and girth must not exceed 108 inches. Priority shipment is governed by USPS policy.

Is it required that I add a thank-you card as well as a complimentary gift?

No. I ordered a roll of thank-you stickers from Amazon because I always include one with my gifts. Without spending all of my money on beautiful packaging and stationery, I’ve gained a lot of positive feedback on Poshmark over time. I placed the item in a plastic bag, attached a sticker, and placed it in a box.

I don’t think free presents are a good idea. Typically, free gifts are rubbish that vendors are trying to get rid of. I don’t appreciate receiving extra clutter as a buyer.

Return requests are also a possibility if something spills, a consumer doesn’t like the smell, or he or she believes you made a mistake. There is no such thing as an unpunished good deed. Maintain a straightforward approach. Only the items that were purchased are shipped.

My buyer isn’t a member of Poshmark. Is this a rip-off?

No. Don’t worry if the purchase was done through the Poshmark app. Keep in mind that Poshmark items appear in Google search results. Your customer most likely found your item through a Google search. Buyers can check out as guests without creating an account on Poshmark.

On my stuff, people are making ridiculously low offers. Is it necessary for me to accept them?

No. A cheap offer can be countered, declined, or ignored, and it will expire in 24 hours. Never feel awful about declining a bad offer.

On an item, a buyer has just opened a case. So, what’s next?

Poshmark has the advantage of resolving disputes. You will be able to present your case and, if necessary, offer photos. Poshmark will then decide whether to issue a refund or release your cash. There’s no point in arguing with a disgruntled customer. Allow Poshmark to take care of it.

Is selling on Poshmark worthwhile?

Yes, I believe so. Although its prices are more than those of some platforms, such as eBay or Mercari, it also offers benefits that other platforms do not, such as return mediation.

What method do you use to get paid on Poshmark?

You have the option of receiving payment via direct deposit or check.

On Poshmark, who pays for shipping?

By default, the customer is responsible for delivery costs. When issuing offers, you might provide a delivery discount or free shipment as a seller. You are responsible for the additional charge if your item weighs more than five pounds.

What’s the best way to get started with Poshmark?

It’s straightforward. Simply download the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do you handle goods that don’t fit according to the manufacturer’s specifications?

Wearing one size in one brand and a different size in another is not uncommon these days. You can give measures such as armpit to armpit when placed flat, waist, rise, inseam, and shoulder to hem if you know an item fits differently than it is tagged.

I would advise against discussing fit with potential purchasers. Every person’s body is unique. True to size is entirely subjective. Poshmark does not accept returns for fit, however discussions regarding fit can be used against you in the future. Simply state that you can’t guarantee how an item will fit because everybody, foot, and so on is different.

These things can take time to develop. When I first began out, I kept things simple. If a buyer requests a specific measurement, he or she will specify it in a comment.

Poshmark and other similar apps

Many of my community members who sell on Poshmark also post their things on Mercari. I haven’t tested this app yet, but it sounds interesting. You might also look at this collection of clothing-selling apps.

Are you ready to begin selling on Poshmark?
If you haven’t joined up with Poshmark yet, you can use my invite code to get a $10 store credit toward your first buy. Simply download the app (from the Apple Store or Google Play) and sign up.