How To Build YouTube Cash Cow Channel

With different types of youtube channels, it can make you think about How To Build YouTube Cash Cow Channel

Why would anyone want to create a regular Youtube channel when they can create a cash cow?
Cash cow Youtube channels, for the uninitiated, are a thing, and they’re hot right now.

It’s not due to the content. However, it has gained popularity as a result of other “how-to” and “side hustle” YouTubers pushing

it and claiming that earning $10,000 per month is simple.
And, yes, I did forget. All you have to do now is purchase their course.

What is cash cow youtube channels?

It’s all about establishing a new language that people will find appealing. These aren’t brand-new channels.
Have you seen those Top 10 cash cow YouTube Channels or those that display stock footage with random

celebrity gossip or other voice-over telling strange facts? They’re the money-making channels.
These types of channels have been available for quite some time. So, if you’re wondering why it’s so popular right now,

it’s because they’ve figured out a new way to package and sell garbage.

Other names for these include:

  • Hands-free Youtube Flow of Cash
  • Figure 6 Youtube Automation Method
  • Youtube Academy
  • YouTube faceless Channel
  • Youtube Automation Cash Cow

How do they persuade others?

Social blade analytics and screenshots If you have even a little understanding of the internet, you are aware of how simple it is to make phony screenshots.
Unfortunately, the majority of people are not. These top10 networks, celebrity gossip, and interesting facts are watched by both young and old individuals.
They’re both gullible when it comes to dodgy techniques. These hustlers don’t even need a large audience to promote these courses.

If you have 10,000 subscribers and 1% of them convert, you’ll make $20,000 if you sell a $200 course. And most of these

channels have between 50k and 800k subscribers, with some selling courses for as much as $997. is a YouTube channel that posts weird listicle videos, and they’re now advertising a $197 leadership mentality course.

There are almost a million subscribers to this channel.

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Anyone familiar with social blade understands that the numbers they project are far from accurate. If they say a channel produces

$500–$7k each month, they’re usually talking about an average of $500–$1k.

The classes, on the other hand, adopt a more upbeat approach. They display the social blade pages of other similar channels,

highlighting the greatest number, and then flat out lie to you that such channels are producing $7k per month.
And they’d give some ludicrous forecasts about views and AdSense and how much money you could earn if you just started

a channel out of their arse.
If you don’t know what social blade is, just keep in mind that their numbers are never to be trusted. It’s just incorrect.

For some, the forecasts may be accurate for a few months.
I discovered a great trick that can be utilized by any Youtuber, not just the “cash cow” types.
The majority of people have trouble breaking through the commercialization barrier.
There are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time.
Because you’re a new channel and Youtuber hasn’t indexed your page yet, it doesn’t know where to suggest your videos,

according to the course. As a result, until you submit at least 15–20 films, your view count will be quite low.
Make utility videos on new topics in your niche to explode your account in the early days.
In basic terms, people are constantly browsing YouTube for “how to do something.”
To take advantage of this, research the most recent developments in your niche and create tutorials or review videos on them.

So, no matter how big or little your channel is, it will show up when people search for “how to do X” or “X reviews.”
Keep up with all of the newest news and hot topics in your field.
Make a video that is instructional, a review, or an opinion.
This would greatly improve your discovery and speed up the completion of your first 4000 hours.

Top 10 cash cow YouTube Channels

  1. Ecommerce
  2. Real Estate
  3. Insurance
  4. Stocks
  5. Mortgages
  6. Law
  7. Trading
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Beauty & Fitness
  10. Make Money Online

Examples of Cash Cow Youtube Channels

1. Finance on The Offense
2. Finance Girl
3. Money Flow Academy
4. Cashina
5. Digital Cash Flow

How can you create a $10K/month cash cow channel?

The steps are simple, and they are what everyone performs when creating a regular channel. So I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible.

Step 1: Decide on a Niche

When all of your videos are about the same thing, it’s simple to expand at first. Youtube will have an easier time indexing your channel. Later on, you can expand out.

Step 2: Find lucrative niches. Choose one of these options

Ecommerce — Real Estate — Insurance — Stocks — Loans — Mortgages — Law — Credit Cards — Software —

Trading — Digital Marketing — Beauty & Fitness — Make Money Online.

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Step 3: Go from zero to 1k subscribers

Your sole goal should be to be discovered. As a result, create relevant videos on the most recent and popular topics in your industry.
Keep up with all of the newest news and hot topics in your field.
Make a video that is instructional, a review, or an opinion.

Step 4: Get a 1k to 10k subscribers

70% of the themes are now trending, while 30% are perennial.
Evergreen subjects are those that will remain relevant in your niche regardless of the passage of time.

Step 5: After you’ve reached 10,000 subscribers

Topics are split 50/50 between trending and evergreen. You’ve created a community. Interact with them to learn about relevant issues in your area of expertise.
Step 6: Increase the click-through rate of your website.
Focus on catchy names and interesting thumbnails to achieve this.

Step 7: Standing out as a brand

Keep your thumbnail branding constant and unique. Select two colors and a single font and stick with them throughout.

Step 8: Stick to a list or story format to extend your watch time.

Step 9: Upload during non-working hours

depending on your timezone. It’s best if you do it in the evening.

Step 10: Look at your analytics page’s retention graph

See where visitors are abandoning your video, To enhance this, create hooks or develop a better script.

Step 11: To get into the habit of generating regular videos

Focus on making the bare minimum of videos, these videos do not require a high level of production.

Step 12: For a high CPM, make sure your films are aimed at western English-speaking countries

So those were the measures to do in order to start earning money with AdSense. You’re told to outsource scripting, voice-over,

and editing to other people for cheap on Fiverr or Upwork until your monthly income reaches $2–3K.

You can now concentrate on creating more channels using the same structure. With 4–5 channels, you may easily

earn $10–20k per month while doing very little labor.
This is, at least, what they tell you. There’s no denying that listicles and other “top ten” channels are popular.

But, in my opinion, that industry is incredibly saturated, and it’s difficult to stand out now unless you can

bring in a new aspect or put a creative spin on it.

Would you be willing to give it a shot? Please let me know in the comments section.