How To Partner With Zalora Affiliate Program

Zalora affiliate program is the most popular online fashion destination in Asia. As the largest and fastest-growing fashion-focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia,

we are constantly expanding our product offerings. They began operations in Singapore in early 2012 and now have offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei,

as well as the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Offer Information of a general nature

There are no conversion limits for this deal.

It is not permitted to make more than one conversion per click.

This deal is only valid for traffic from Malaysia.

For this offer, you must only use creative materials that have been posted to your InvolveAsia dashboard.

Any self-produced material should be authorized by The Advertiser in advance of publication.

The cookie expiration period is seven days.

It might take up to 7 days for the publisher to approve your submission.

It is prohibited to convert using an Affiliate Exclusive Voucher/Discount Code that has not been officially provided to you by the Advertiser.

Keywords for SEM Bidding that are password protected Publishers are not permitted to bid on ZALORA keywords or any

variations of ZALORA keywords.

When marketing in any search engine, it was necessary to use negative keyword matching for protected keywords.

There will be no direct linking in any type of promotion.

What is Zalora affiliate program?

When using email marketing, it is important to make it appear that the communication is coming from the Partner and not from ZALORA directly.

In the subject line of the email, the Partner is not permitted to utilize the ZALORA brand name. ZALORA must authorize all emails before they are sent.

You should avoid using your company’s name in any of the following: HTML, image links, destination links, image name, text mail.

Affiliates are required to host their images on their servers. The partner is responsible for filling in his or her name.

All social media marketing was authorized ONLY IF the Zalora affiliate program granted authorization to a publication.

Advertising on Facebook was not permitted unless granted permission by ZALORA. There are no sponsored

Facebook advertisements for the ZALORA brand. There will be no development of Facebook fan sites associated

with the ZALORA brand. To promote ZALORA, publishers cannot use the hashtag #ZALORA on their

personal Facebook profiles. There is no direct Facebook link (publisher must link to their website, not ZALORA).

Coupons and Promotional Codes are two types of codes that may be used to save money. The usage of discounts and promotional

codes by publishers is restricted to those that are offered solely through the affiliate program.

Important restrictions about the Zalora affiliate program

InvolveAsia will not allow any affiliates or conversions that come in as a consequence of non-compliance with the criteria outlined in this section. Affiliates who violate this policy will be barred from participating in InvolveAsia offerings, and their accounts will be subjected to a formal audit, which may result in account suspension or deactivation, as well as payment forfeiture, if applicable.

The guidelines listed below are highly recommended, and it is your exclusive obligation to become familiar with and adhere to these standards, which you should do immediately. Any subsequent disagreements will not be considered. If you want any more clarification, please contact your Affiliate Manager.

Zalora is the most popular online fashion destination in Asia. As the largest and fastest-growing fashion-focused online retailer in Southeast Asia, they have more than a million active customers. Zalora was established in early 2012 and is currently present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, as well as the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Those who are interested in becoming Zalora affiliates must first register for a free account with Involve Asia, which is available to anybody who qualifies as an influencer.

The second step is to complete and submit your application for the Zalora Affiliate Program.

Zalora is concerned with ensuring that only the most qualified affiliate marketers are marketing their products. That is why you will need to apply to participate in their paper jam affiliate program.

Select Partner from the drop-down menu on your Dashboard of the Zalora affiliate program

Select Advertiser Directory from the drop-down menu that appears. One is for locating Advertisers, while the other is for locating Countries. According to the default settings, it will automatically populate itself based on the nation you are currently in when you join up with Involve Asia. Remove the nation from the search field to broaden the scope of your search.

After you type “Zalora affiliate program” into the first search window, you will be presented with several possibilities. This is a list of the five nations where you can exclusively advertise the Zalora affiliate program. They are Singapore (SG), Indonesia (ID), Malaysia (MY), Hong Kong (HK), and the Philippines (PH). Following the application of the button, a pop-up window will appear requesting approval. You’ll be asked to complete a few surveys in this section. Your website’s URL, marketing methods, and other information will be sought after by the software. Once you’ve finished answering the questions, click Save.

Following a successful submission of your request, you will see the message “*Application submitted successfully” under the form.

You may now begin promoting yourself, which is great news.

What it does work with Zalora Affiliate Program?

Commissions and Reimbursement

New clients receive a 6% commission per transaction; returning customers receive a 4% commission on each sale.

How Long Do Cookies Last? • Sale validation takes place 60 days following receipt of the transaction

Get a raise in your commission based on your success and during campaign seasons

Our outstanding affiliate staff is standing by to assist you.

Materials for the Campaign

Banners We provide a variety of creatives in a variety of sizes, and you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Vouchers We supply two sorts of vouchers: Onsite Voucher Code and Affiliate Voucher Code.

Onsite Deals We provide two types of deals: Onsite Deals and Onsite Voucher Code.

We will give you a schedule of forthcoming and existing onsite campaigns, as well as discounts.

Deeplink If you are unable to locate the appropriate campaign to promote from the list we offer, you may create your deep link.

Product Feed This service is intended for Aggregator Websites, which allows you to access our product catalog.

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Why Should You Participate having the consequences of the Zalora Affiliate program?

Zalora affiliate program is a well-known online fashion shop in Malaysia, with a large following. It has unquestionably established itself as

Asia’s premier online fashion destination, and it is currently not only the largest fashion-focused e-commerce site in the South-Eastern Asian area,

but it is also the fastest-growing. ZALORA’s online brand presence in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei,

Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines is unique for a company that was founded less than a decade ago in 2012, according to the company.

In addition to being vast, the platform’s product portfolio offers are also noteworthy, with more than 500 popular worldwide and local brands

from throughout the ‘current fashion spectrum’ represented. The product range provided by the Zalora affiliate program includes

up-to-date accessories, apparel, shoes, as well as beauty and personal care goods, which are available for both men and women.

The company’s strategic 30-day free returns policy and extraordinarily rapid shipping, along with free delivery offers and a wide

range of payment options, have given Zalora affiliate program a significant competitive edge over the company’s

immediate competitors in the marketplace.

Consumer security is taken extremely seriously by the Zalora affiliate program, and even though there are a plethora of payment choices available,

including invoicing, prepayment, and debit/credit card, all of them are safe and encrypted. Customers are constantly informed about the progress

of their purchases through the use of tracking codes, which they may use to maintain track of their purchases until they are delivered to them.

What is it about the Zalora affiliate program that makes it the preferred shopping destination for consumers?

The platform’s user-friendly navigation structure and intuitive operation mechanisms are among the primary reasons why ZALORA MALAYSIA

has emerged as the “consumer’s preferred shopping destination,” according to ZALORA MALAYSIA. This online store’s whole structure has

been meticulously designed with an eye on optimization and ‘ ease of use.’ The ZALORA website provides a step-by-step guided tour

that explains how to search for products and complete transactions in a matter of clicks, making it quick and simple

for first-time visitors.

zalora affiliate program indonesia
zalora affiliate program indonesia
Overview of the Zalora Affiliate Program in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the ZALORA Affiliate program stands out from the crowd because of the numerous enhancements that have been made to the program’s structure.

The sale validation period has been set at 60 days following the acceptance of a specific purchase, allowing affiliates plenty of time

to plan their marketing campaigns.

Support for affiliates is available in a variety of forms, including upsizing commissions, which are granted depending on affiliate

success during campaign seasons, among other things. Affiliates can access ZALORA’s product catalog through the use of

creative and attractive banners in a variety of sizes. Onsite voucher codes, affiliate voucher codes, onsite deals, deep-links,

and product feeds for aggregator websites are all part of the unique support structure that makes everything easier.

Affiliates from Zalora affiliate program versus Affiliates from LAZADA

When compared to Lazada, which offers retail e-Commerce services related to a variety of business activities such as logistics,

warehouse management, fashion, online payment processing, and consumer electronics, ZALORA focuses on a

specific area of E-Commerce, which is fashion and online retailing, providing affiliates with a specific

focus on which to work.

Affiliate programs are selected based on the amount of income earned, the items offered, and the ‘ease of use of the platform. Each of these

online marketplaces are extremely popular not only in Malaysia but throughout the whole region, and anybody who has ever purchased

anything on the internet is likely familiar with either Lazada or Zalora affiliate program.

Lazada is the largest marketplace in Malaysia, mostly because of the fact that they sell a wide range of things, ranging from automobiles

to electrical gadgets and baby diapers, providing affiliates with a broader range of niches to choose from. However, the rivalry among

Lazada affiliates is unusually fierce, and their support system leaves much to be desired in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

On the other side, the Zalora affiliate program has established itself as the largest online clothing store in Malaysia and maybe the entire region, and with as many well-known brands as are affiliated with ZALORA, it is tough to go wrong or deviate from the company’s strategic direction. Although the commissions provided by the Zalora affiliate program appear to be ‘lower than those supplied by Lazada,’ when comparing goods within the same category (fashion clothes, shoes, and accessories), the Zalora affiliate program gives greater commission rates than the competition. For attentive affiliates, the large assortment of apparel items, accessories, and shoes from numerous top brands at reasonable costs makes it simpler to ‘push’ things to their customers and clients. We also have some valuable advice on how to generate money online in Malaysia in this post that you may find beneficial.

zalora influencer program
zalora influencer program
Who is the right kind of person to be a part of the Zalora Affiliate Program?

Individuals who have social media profiles and are also interested in fashion

Individuals who have created an audience base that is interested in fashion or fashion trends

Individuals who have built an audience base that is interested in fashion or fashion trends

People who have used or purchased from the Zalora affiliate program.

Those who have no qualms about distributing ZALORA’s discount code information to the public

The fact that Malaysians are seasonal shoppers makes it critical for affiliates to understand when to strike.

Because successful businesses are built on bringing the right product to the right people at the right price and at the right time,

here are some of the best times or seasons to promote Zalora affiliate program campaigns in Malaysia.

Where to Look for Zalora affiliate program Discount Codes in the Online Shopping World

In addition to offering discount coupons on a variety of platforms, the Zalora affiliate program also offers affiliate partners

incentives to encourage users to make purchases, which benefits both customers and affiliate partners.