GreenGeeks Affiliate Review

Through GreenGeeks affiliate program, all of its affiliates can send customers to the company and makeup to $100 per sale.

Joining the affiliate program is simple, quick, and free. You can get a unique tracking code for your websites and start earning commissions.

About GreenGeeks

Greengeeks hosting

The people who run GreenGeeks have been doing this for more than 40 years, so they know how to offer high-quality, low-cost website hosting.

GreenGeeks has been in business for more than twelve years, so it knows what its customers need.

It has put together a complete solution to help its customers get their websites online quickly and easily and to promote them.

GreenGeeks has an unbeatable reputation for providing quality green energy web hosting with great support services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at a reasonable price.

This video shows what GreenGeeks’ green web hosting means for their clients and the environment:

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

The GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program is one of the most profitable ones on the Internet right now.

You can join more than 10,000 affiliates and help spread the word about one of the Internet’s web hosting brands that is growing the fastest.

You will not only be promoting a great web hosting service, but you will also be spreading a green message to help make the Internet a greener place.

When you send customers to GreenGeeks, you’ll get a cut. You’ll get a unique tracking URL so you can keep track of who referred you.

Just copy and paste it onto your website or send the URL to the people you want to refer.

When someone you sent to GreenGeeks makes a purchase, the company will automatically track the sale and add a commission to your account.

When a referral uses your tracking link to sign up, you get up to $100 per sale. You get paid every month by check or PayPal.

When you send them more referrals, you’ll make more per sale.

Greengeeks pricing

Rates of commission

$50 – $100 per sale

  • If you can generate 1 sale, you will get $50 per sale
  • If you can generate 2 sales, you will get $60 per sale
  • If you can generate 3 sales, you will get $70 per sale
  • If you can generate 4 sales, you will get $80 per sale
  • If you can generate 5 sales, you will get $90 per sale
  • If you make at least six sales, you’ll get $100 per sale

If you sent GreenGeeks one new customer every day for a month, you would get paid $3,000.

GreenGeeks also gives out special rewards and incentives. Get in touch with Trey Gardner, who is the CEO and affiliate manager,

to find out what kind of special rewards you might be able to earn.

Why Join GreenGeeks Affiliate Program?

GreenGeeks Affiliate Review

  • Team of dedicated affiliates
  • Lots of creatives, content, and banners to choose from
  • Unique tracking URL for each affiliate
  • Targeted landing pages
  • Custom tracking of campaigns
  • Detailed statistics in real-time
  • Commissions that are competitive for performers

For a sale to be linked to your affiliate account, a cookie must be set on the computer of the web hosting buyer before they buy hosting services.

For this to happen, the potential customer must either click on your affiliate link (which can be an image or text link)

or type your affiliate tracking URL into a browser.

Your own unique affiliate URL will look like this:

(Where “your-username” is your real username in the affiliate program). This is the link you want the potential customer to click or type into a browser so you can track them.

Check out How to use Landing Pages with the GreenGeeks Affiliates Program to learn how to send your visitors to other parts of our website, like our Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, VPS, or Canadian Hosting pages.


If you are a website developer or you have a blog or website about hosting, you can make money by sending people to GreenGeeks and having them become customers.