What Is YouTube Cash Cow Channel And How It Works

If you have been searching through blogs and watching different types of videos on Youtube just to understand

What Is YouTube Cash Cow Channel is And How It Works, then you have found the right post for yourself.

We will be discussing how you can earn money with a youtube cash cow channel.

What Is YouTube Cash Cow Channel?

YouTube Cash Cow Channel is the simple process of making a youtube channel 100 Automated,

meaning that you don’t have to do any of the work, When you make a youtube video there are five main processes that the

creator must go through, these five processes must be done before the video is complete.

These processes are as follows:

  • Video Idea
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice Over
  • Video Editing
  • Thumbnail Design

Now, let’s explain each process in detail:

1. Video idea:

The initial narrative that the youtube video will take is one of the most important processes,

Whatever your video idea is we’ll determine exactly what way the video will go.

2. Scriptwriting

This process is how the video will go, what topic will the video cover? What will you talk about?

For how long would the video duration be, what points will you make and what will you reference.

3. Voiceover

The voice of your video is the human touch who’s going to be the voice for your content,

what accent or tone of voice do you want your viewers to hear.

4. Video Editing

This is very important as it’s the part where you capture attention to the actual chunk of the video,

how you edit the video will determine whether or not people watch more of your videos

and determine if your video goes viral.

5. Thumbnail design

This is also a very important part, this is what your viewers will see before they click on the video,

designing a thumbnail that captures a potential viewer is very important and designing a thumbnail that accurately represents.

What’s in the video is also important, now YouTube Cash Cow Channel at the idea is to get all these processes

done by somebody else and then in most cases, it’s usually done by a freelancer hired through websites, like Upwork or Fiverr.

So the idea is to make every single video on your channel without actually ever doing any of the work yourself.

This can be achieved when the channel is making a monthly profit for example if you have a youtube channel that is

fully a YouTube Cash Cow Channel and it earns ten thousand dollars per month and you hire people to

produce all the components of your video which costs up to three thousand dollars per month.

You are left with seven thousand dollars in profit from doing very little work because others have now done the work for you

it leaves you with more time. with this time you can either enjoy your life and the money you have created or scaled.

the channel up and growing profits by increasing your video production rate.

YouTube Automation Load

This means that if you upload 14 videos a month by yourself when you have hired people you can now upload 28 videos a month

because they are covering some of the workloads.
This means more videos uploaded and thus more profits, it sounds very easy in theory but very hard to put into practice.

Unless you know how now when people hear YouTube Cash Cow Channel or Youtube Automation they instantly think that this is

something that is really easy because when people hear of a business model that is %100 automated.

It makes you think that the business model doesn’t take much time or much effort to run, however,

this couldn’t be further from the truth youtube automation is definitely a hard Business to make work.

This is because the initial stages of building a youtube channel are possibly going to be the hardest part of building the youtube channel.

Once you’ve got your youtube channel up and running, automating isn’t hard at all, it’s the initial stages that get everyone.

This is because building momentum on youtube is actually pretty hard but once it gets going, it’s actually relatively easy to grow a channel.

How Do You Start Youtube Automation?

There are two main ways you can start youtube automation,

1. You must have an existing Youtube cash cow channel and use the profits from that to automate it

2. Use your existing savings to fund a new channel

3. Start a new Youtube cash cow channel and plan to automate it.

Let’s go over how you do either one

1. YouTube Automation Method

The first one is going to be using an existing cash cow channel and using the profits from that cash cow channel to automate your

channel and scale the business with more youtube channels.

This is by far the easiest method to get into youtube automation that exists right now.

This is because there is less risk of you losing money because your channel is already generating a profit.

So in our first method, we have our existing cash cow channel this could be a cash cow channel in any niche on youtube, and let’s say for example

that this cash cow channel every single month brings us around five thousand dollars $5000 in profit because this cash cow channel

has regularly been bringing us around five thousand dollars in profit.

We can now use this figure to start hiring employees to take off some of our workloads since there are five processes in the youtube video creation process.

Who can start by picking the process for us that is most difficult and time-consuming for many people, this would be video editing

meaning that our first step would be going over to fiverr.com or upwork.com and searching for a freelancer that would be able to edit videos for us now.

Once we’ve hired a video editor we would need to incorporate those costs into our monthly budget.

For example, we would set a monthly budget at probably around one thousand dollars to produce a month’s worth of videos

which would leave us with a month’s worth of profit of four thousand dollars.

Therefore meaning that our next stage is now to keep producing videos and when our revenue increases once again hiring someone

to do one process of the youtube video creation since we’ve already hired a video editor.

The most difficult part after this is most likely a scriptwriter, the reason I like to hire scriptwriters instead of voice over artists is

because script writing takes a lot of time and a lot of research in some niches.

Whereas recording a voiceover is a basic skill that can be done by yourself.

Fact About Script Writing

The level of skill needed to write a decent script is actually relatively high and you will actually benefit from hiring a scriptwriter because

of the level of content, you’re going to be able to get from someone else that’s researched the content.

Well is going to improve the level of your videos a common mistake people make is that they don’t understand that people don’t care how you sound.

They care about what you have to say, So our move here is to hire a scriptwriter that understands our niche entirely now when hiring a scriptwriter.

You can go to two main different sites the two main sites that most people use are Upwork and Fiverr.

Hiring a scriptwriter from these websites will usually cost anywhere between fifty dollars to hundred dollars for one thousand words. Now,

this is a base cost you have to understand that this cost will vary depending on your niche.

If your niche is very complex, one like personal finance then it’s going to cost a lot more to get 2000 words compared to if it’s a niche based on entertainment.

Where the content costs are a lot cheaper so now that we’ve hired a video editor and scriptwriter.

The last steps of our process would be to automate the rest of the processes and the rest of the processes would be

our video ideas the voice over and the thumbnail.

Once all these processes are done and now the channel is fully automated and still makes a profit.

We can then focus on starting our second youtube channel or focus on scaling this one.

Unlike most people that focus on starting multiple channels.

I like to focus on starting one big channel and scaling that to the moon and seeing how far I can take it

so then you have a channel and then you automate all the processes of it.

This can usually only be achieved when you have a channel that doesn’t show face or doesn’t really have a personality attached to it.

A channel where viewers are simply just there for the content and this means that the content is the main focus of the video.

Channels like this are the best because they allow you to scale much more effectively as the viewers are there simply for the viewing value and not

for the creator.

2. YouTube Automation Method

The second way to start youtube automation is to simply use your profits to invest in hiring people from the

However even as an experienced youtube cash cow automation creator, I regularly don’t do this the reason you don’t want to

use your existing savings to create a youtube cash cow channel from the start is simply because

starting a youtube automation channel isn’t something that always brings a return on investment.

At least not initially when you start a youtube channel and in a new niche ninety percent of the time you’re creating content

that you don’t know whether or not it will succeed and because you don’t know whether or not it will succeed you can’t budget for success.

Meaning that if you decide to spend six thousand dollars on four months’ worth of videos.

You have no idea whether or not those videos are going to bring a return on investment, also you need

to understand that when you’re building a youtube automation channel.

Unless the channel that you have is already monetized you don’t always know if you’re going to get accepted straightaway

into the youtube partner program sometimes youtube can experience delays.

With a youtube partner program meaning that if you’ve invested money into your youtube automation channel and if somehow

you don’t get accepted straight away, your channel could be burning your cash very quickly, in order to keep the channel going

and unless you have lots of money stashed away in the bank.

This isn’t something you can do for long so starting a youtube automation channel with a small cash reserve isn’t advised although

it can be done it should only really be done.

If you are an experienced individual and have a monetized channel, This is because having a monetized channel

reduces the risk of losing money on your initial investment.

So what’s the best way to start a youtube automation channel?

The two best ways to start a youtube automation channel which is also called YouTube cash Cow Channel

is to either pay someone to do it for you which is going to incur a high cost.

Which usually starts at around twenty thousand dollars and you may not see that money back for a long time.

So the best method that I continually use is to start a channel which you don’t show your face and a channel

that has features which means it can be automated in the future.

So the best bet would be to start this channel cheaply by working on it yourself and doing the work initially by yourself,

then once the channel has gained some initial traction and some initial revenue, then you can then start to automate some

of the processes of the youtube channel depending on how quickly your channel grows you can then start to automate certain parts

of the channel such as the video editing process, the voice over, the scriptwriting process eventually.

Your channel reaches a point where every single part of the youtube channel will be automated and you’re just telling people what to do and sending files to and from each freelancer whilst this channel is automated.

You will be collecting a nice monthly profit, Which you can do whatever you like with so that basically covers the youtube automation process.
1: Start a faceless channel
2: Grow the channel
3: Monetize the channel
4: Outsource some of the processes
5: Automate all processes
Step 6: Rinse and repeat

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