Best Items To Flip for Profit on Ebay in 2021

Do you want to know the Best Items To Flip for Profit on eBay in 2021? You’re in luck because I’m about to reveal some of the most profitable things to sell online.

Reselling is a fantastic way to make money! It’s one of the sources of revenue that has allowed me to fully support my family with

my self-employed earnings. Even if you don’t want to make it a full-time job, reselling stuff online is a dependable method

to make some additional cash.

However, getting started can be challenging if you’re new to the concept. One of the most difficult challenges is determining

which items are the simplest to sell for a profit?

If you don’t know what the greatest things to resell are, you risk wasting money and effort on products that won’t make you any money.

A reseller’s ability to recognize what products to look for when buying is crucial. You’ll know what to buy to be lucrative if you know

what to sell on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and other sites.

But keep in mind that “easy” is a relative concept here. Items can differ in terms of how easy they are to find depending on

your region and the resources are accessible to you.

This list will feature things that are more difficult to come by but have a higher profit margin. There are also things that are

easy to come by yet have a lower profit margin. The majority of successful resale businesses are a good combination of the two.

1. Products that have been discontinued

Perfume, scented lotion, spices, and seasonings are among the things that have been discontinued. Some of the best things to resell are

discontinued items! They’re no longer available in stores, so your consumers won’t be able to pick them up at Walmart.

Many people become acclimated to a certain flavor or odor, and when a product they use on a daily basis is abruptly removed, it can lead

to a surge in demand. In situations like these, you can command a considerably higher price because you’re one of the few people who can

provide a specific product before it vanishes forever.

Discontinued products are a good example of products that are tough to come by yet can yield a lot of money.

This is the first Best Items To Flip for Profit on Ebay in 2021

2. Products that are in season

Seasonal items, like defunct products, can be some of the best things to resell on eBay or other online markets because of their rarity.

Items that are only accessible during specific holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, might be quite valuable to those trying

to purchase them outside of those occasions. Christmas and Fall coffee blends from Starbucks are among of the best things to resell

when it comes to seasonal commodities, since they can fetch prices upwards of $40 to $50 when out of season in

some circumstances.

I purchased a bunch of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for roughly $3 each in 2019 and sold them in bulk on Ebay and Mercari.

This is the number two among the Best Items To Flip for Profit on Ebay in 2021

3. Selling Shoes

When it comes to reselling, shoes are always a safe idea, but be careful what you buy. Everyone wears shoes, and there will always be

a market for them; the difficult thing is figuring out which ones have resale value and which ones don’t.

Reselling shoes does not usually entail spending days scouring thrift stores for high-end designer shoes. Instead, I like to hunt

for high-quality sneakers or hiking shoes in secondhand stores for $5 to $10 that can be resold for anywhere

between $30 and $75.

There are, of course, high-end shoes and sneakers that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, these are in high

demand and usually necessitate a significant financial investment as well as expertise on how to recognize counterfeit things.

4. Selling Clothing

Apparel Although some people will avoid resale clothing, it may be a very profitable sub-category of reselling.

When it comes to reselling clothes, you’ll need to conduct a lot of research on clothing brands, styles, and sizes, among other things.

When it comes to reselling garments, the profit margins are extremely variable.

Selling clothing is one of my favorite things to do because everyone needs it and it’s simple to store and transport. Unlike shoes or

larger products, most clothing may be packed into a poly mailer and sent for a minimal shipping fee.

5. Selling Furniture

Furniture I’m not advising that you sell furniture on Ebay, though plenty of people do. Local marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace,

Letgo, Craigslist, and Offerup, on the other hand, are excellent for reselling furniture.

You could make a lot of money quickly if you’re already outsourcing inventory at yard sales and thrift stores and come across a wonderful

deal on a couch you know you could sell for $100 or $200, and you have a way to get it home as well as a place to keep it.

Many folks looking for used furniture aren’t as diligent as you are in scouring yard sales and thrift stores. Instead, they’re hunting for

bargains on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, and they’re willing to spend a little more than you did.

6. T-shirts for bands and concerts

Band tees, as a subcategory of clothing, will offer a wide range of profit potential. Some will be able to sell for $100 or more,

while others will only be able to sell for roughly $20. When you’re outsourcing, keeping an eye out for band and concert tees

and looking them up to see if they’re worth anything is always a good idea.

This Jerry Garcia band shirt, which was actually my father’s, was an example of a shirt I sold for $100. We all saved a few things

when he died, but he had a lot of music and sports memorabilia that I sold on ebay so that fans might enjoy them

as much as he did.

This is number three among the Best Items To Flip for Profit on eBay in 2021

7. Memorabilia and Sports Shirts

Sports shirts and sports memorabilia, similar to band tees, can command a high price depending on the team, sport, and person.

Keep an eye out for sports-related things from time to time, since they tend to sell well to dedicated fans prepared to pay a

premium for the correct merchandise.

8. Selling Mugs

Now, most people would not anticipate mugs to be on a list of the top things to resell for a profit, but mugs, surprise, can perform incredibly well.

When I initially started reselling on Ebay several years ago, one of my first fantastic finds was a pair of mugs.

Of course, most mugs aren’t worth anything, but it’s worth searching the shelves for a couple that appear unusual and seeing whether

they’re worth anything. Many people dismiss mugs because they are typically low in value and more difficult to ship, but if you

find one worth $100 or more, it is well worth the effort!

This set of mugs, which I found around the time I started reselling as a side business as a stay at home parent and sold for

$59.99 to $148.42, is a fantastic example. One of my all-time high scores!

9. Perfume

Perfume is another item that can be sold for a great profit. Having a rare perfume that’s hard to come by, like certain defunct items like

seasoning or scented lotions that people have become fond of, puts you in a strong position to resale for a profit, even if the perfume

or cologne is used.

Rare fragrances and colognes are not uncommon to sell for hundreds of dollars. Next time you pass by a perfume at a yard sale,

thrift store, or wherever you source your items, double-check the brand and do some independent research to determine

whether you’ve found a nice item to resell.

Even better if the scent is no longer available, like in the case of the one below. I purchased eight of these for $1 each.

They went for $75 to $300 each because some were used and had damaged boxes,

while others were still shrink wrapped!

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10. Cookware and the Kitchen

The majority of kitchen and cookware items found at yard sales and thrift stores are low-cost, low-quality items that can

also, be found in places like Walmart.

When it comes to cookware, though, there are a few gems in the rough. Similar to mugs, there are a few high-end designer

and luxury kitchen and cookware manufacturers that sell items for $200 to $300, and in some cases, whole sets of designer

cookware from companies like Le Creuset.

Saladmaster was a brand I had never heard of before and was surprised to learn was worth money. Check out some of the

items I sold when I helped a friend of a friend move and clean up her apartment.

It would be an understatement to say that keeping a lookout for kitchenware the next time you’re outsourcing is

well worth your effort.

Hopefully, this list has opened your eyes to new stuff to look for when sourcing items to flip for profit.