6 Tips To Get Your First Sale On Fiverr Within 30 Days

Getting your first sale on Fiverr can be hard at some point when you don’t know what you actually need to do, If you’re new to Fiverr or you found it hard to know what you need to put in place in order to get your First Sale As Soon As Possible.

In This Post, I would be sharing with you the 6 Tips That help me land my first sale on Fiverr in less than 30 days.

Although there are many things that can help you in landing your first sale on Fiverr but below list are the main 6 tips that would help you to land your first sale on Fiverr within the next 30 days if you start counting from today or as you take action with these tips.

First Sale on Fiverr with Fiverr congratulation mail
First Sale on Fiverr with Fiverr congratulation mail

1. Fiverr Profile Settings

There are many sellers maybe like you if you’re reading this post when you are trying to set up your profile account on Fiverr, you need to make different research before you started setting up your profile on Fiverr if you are a kind of person who has no idea on what to do.

  • You need to make sure you have your profile picture on your account
  • write your profile description to be well detailed on the service you’re offering on Fiverr
  • Don’t forget to add keywords/tags/skills on your Profile when setting up your Profile






2. GIG Setting Up

When you are setting up your Fiverr gig, you need to check on your competitors who are already offering the service on Fiverr, Check in the gig title, Tags/keywords, and Description. See what they have in common and what is strange about their gig.

Fiverr GIG title tips
Fiverr GIG title tips

Read reviews from buyers and comments about their service, that would help you as a tip to know what you need to include in your gig when setting up your account.
make sure you have at least 2-3 keywords that talk about your service on your gig title, DOn’t forget to add those 2-3 keywords on your tags as well because it would tell Fiverr Algorithm what your gig is all about.

The same thing goes for your gig description, No buyer is interested in your certificate but how can you solve their problem for them, You need to explain how your service would help them and why they should buyer/order from you.

3. GIG Thumbnail Design

I believe we all know how amazing we feel seeing something that looks so attractive when we see one, GIG image is the first thing a buyer would see before they decide to click on your gig.
There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr and some have an attractive gig image and they are not selling, Am not bolding saying thumbnail would rank your gig but it would definitely help your gig if a buyer found it attractive.

If you have no idea how to design a Fiverr gig image for yourself, you can click on here to watch how to or better still you can hire someone on Fiverr to Design one for you at Fiverr lowest gig cost.

Fiverr GIG Image design
Fiverr GIG Image design

4. Fiverr GIG Promotion

Basically, many people don’t do this, they believe once they publish their gig, then the order would start rolling in and leave everything to Fiverr to perform their magic.
I used to promote my gig using social media platforms most especially on Facebook, I have joined multiple groups and pages on Facebook.

Not random pages or groups but groups that I can offer my service in there, I join those groups to find who might be interested in my service and get me sales as soon as possible.

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5. Staying online On Fiverr

These as been one-of-a-kind tips that help me land my first message on Fiverr under 24 hours publishing my gig, Although I was unable to convert the buyer due to her budget it help me in getting my gig noticed on Fiverr search.
Buyers want to hire a seller that is available online to discuss their project and know if they are a good fit to do business together.

Fiverr Online sellers
Fiverr Online sellers

6. GIG Limit

As a new seller, you need to make sure you did not have more than 3 gigs on your Fiverr account, make sure all your gigs are in different sub-categories, which would help the Fiverr algorithm to notify your gig and rank better on Fiverr search.

Fiverr give a limit for 7 gigs but believe him if you don’t want to depend on the Fiverr Buyer request option before you make a sale, make sure you have nothing more than 3 gigs and that is the best, you can increase it to 5 after you have achieved your level badge.



Upon all the above-listed tips on how to get your first sales on Fiverr Under 30 days, am not giving you 100 percent assurance that you will get your sales but I have tried this method often and often and it has never failed, I help 3 of my friends to set up their gigs and give them other tips to follow and they all come back with expected feedback.

If you have any questions, you can make use of the comment section and I would be happy to answer you.