13 Successful Faceless YouTube Channel For Cash Cow

So you are wondering if its possible to make money on YouTube without showing your face?

Yes, it is and to support this claim we will be sharing with you 13 faceless youtube channels and exposing their niches. This post will clear all of your doubts of starting a faceless YouTube channel and at the end of this post, we will share you tools that will help start and run a faceless cash cow YouTube channel army!

The first channel that we chose is into the Knitting niche. If you know how to knit or maybe you know someone who knows how to knit, then you have everything you need to start this kind of channel, All you need is to record mini-tutorials on how to make accessories.

1. Yay For Yarn Faceless YouTube Channel

This is faceless youtube channel is getting more than 140K views per month, If we take a closer look, Yay for Yarn has nice playlists for viewers and some community posts, The overall difficulty of this kind of channel is medium because it requires a specific skill set.

Yay for Yarn Faceless Youtube Channel
Yay for Yarn Faceless Youtube Channel

2. Nukes Top 5 Faceless YouTube Channel

This Nuke’s Top 5 is a faceless youtube channel that is focusing on the horror niche. Here we can see that almost all videos have a ghost in the thumbnail, This niche has a super large audience because almost all of the videos have 1 million and more views.

Nukes Top 5 Faceless YouTube Channel
Nukes Top 5 Faceless YouTube Channel

In social blade, it was analyzed that this channel is getting 15 million views per month which is huge, this specific niche does not require any specific skillset and all of the material can be found on the internet.

3. Daily Dose of Internet Faceless YouTube Channel

Chances are that you have seen this channel already, This is an example of how simple ideas are sometimes the best ones, this channel does not have to do anything – people send content to the creator and allow to use it for commercial purposes.

Yes, that means Daily Dose of Internet is just making a 10 seconds voice-over and making bank, 64 million views per month with 2.8 Billion views in channels lifetime demonstrates the power of entertainment, To create this kind of channel you will need entertaining content, consistency and time.

Daily Dose of Internet Faceless YouTube Channel
Daily Dose of Internet Faceless YouTube Channel

4. Dark Skies Faceless YouTube Channel

The Dark Skies is a faceless Youtube Channel that focuses on old airplanes, Catchy thumbnails, and informative content make this channel super successful, 3M views per month and 300K subscribers suggests that this niche has high potential.

Furthermore, it’s an example of how hobbies make you a lot of money. If you like cars, airplanes, or have specific knowledge of anything else – give it a try! The difficulty of this kind of channel is higher, however, due to its difficulty competition disappears.

5. RoCars Faceless YouTube Channel

This channel is into the Car Youtube Faceless niche whereby a person simply walks around the car, films it and starts the engine, Simple tours showing off automobiles catches the eye of the viewer, the concept is extremely simple, They never show their faces which makes this channel faceless.

Furthermore, in most of the videos, nobody is even talking which means even a voice-over is not necessary, The requirements are only cameras and cars to film.
On social blade, it was analyzed that numbers are sky-high, All things considered, it’s a great niche to make videos on.

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6. PD Evolution Faceless YouTube Channel

This is a creative faceless youtube channel that talks about supercars, Focusing on only very expensive, fast automobiles allows to reach broad YouTube audience. Lot’s of Top10 lists and evolution videos keep the viewers attracted to the content.

On Socialblade we can analyze that PD Evolution gets around 860K views and has 228K subscribers, This niche is extremely broad and does not require any special requirements, Simply make lists of new/old supercars and make a voiceover.

PD Evolution Faceless YouTube Channel
PD Evolution Faceless YouTube Channel

7. USA Military Power Faceless YouTube Channel

Just from the channel name, we can assume that the niche is Military, specifically USA military. The unique detail about this channel is that they use Text To Speech software to make a voiceover. Unfortunately, this YouTube channel does not show subscribers publicly, however looking at the views we can see that this channel is getting tons of views.

8. Mr Luxury Faceless YouTube Channel

With 236 uploaded videos, 626K subscribers, and 1.4M monthly views this channel proves that the Luxury niche is still going strong, this broad niche allows almost anyone to start a YouTube channel using this topic.

Furthermore luxury is evergreen, which means you will never run out of topics to talk about, Everything that is needed to create a channel like this is already on the internet, Find some luxury sub-niche like expensive houses, yachts, planes and go for it!

9. Mr Money Faceless YouTube Channel

Making money online is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now, Unfortunately, too many people are trying to get rich using this topic with zero knowledge.
If you have some experience in making money online, it’s a great niche to build a YouTube channel on. The requirements are simple – knowledge and patience. Even though MrMoney has only 39K views per month due to super-high CPM in this niche, the channel makes a lot of money.

10. Exotic Carspotters Faceless YouTube Channel

The car spotting niche is easy to start and grow on YouTube, All you need is a camera and go to the local car meets, Usually, no one complains that you are filming cars in the car meet because it’s all about the showoff.
There’s no talking or showing faces in their videos, only cars, and sound, This channel gets more than 4M views per month which is huge! The automotive niche has high CPM, so if you have a camera and like cars, go ahead and create a YouTube channel on this topic right now!

Exotic Carspotters Faceless YouTube Channel
Exotic Carspotters Faceless YouTube Channel

If you can’t find any car meets locally, you can always ask a car owner to film the car they are driving, Most of the high-value car owners will happily allow it.

What If Faceless YouTube Channel

Channel What If is answering theoretical questions that are interesting to a broad audience like What if your tongue were twice as long or what if you woke up 20 years into the future.
These type of questions keeps the viewers wondering and attracts a wide range of audience. Furthermore, this channel does a lot of research on the topics that they talk about.

In SocialBlade analysis shows they are getting almost 18M views with 600+ uploaded videos which is impressive, 5.4M subscribers mean that content is good enough for viewers to come back and watch more of their videos.

12. Second thought

The second thought is a channel that creates content on politics, If you are into politics then it does not matter which country are you living in, You can go ahead and start making content on this topic, There will always be people who are interested in the politics that you are talking about.

In social blade, it was analyzed that Second thoughts are getting 4M views with 255 uploaded videos which is a really good result and on top of that the channel has 1.1M subscribers.

Second thought Faceless YouTube Channel
Second thought Faceless YouTube Channel

13. Tasty recipes

If you like to make food, there is great news for you, Creating a faceless youtube channel in this niche is extremely easy, Tasty recipes is the channel that demonstrates just that, Simple recipes and no one is showing any face on the videos, What you need is a camera and love for food, 5M views in the last 30 days demonstrate that the audience loves this kind of content even though it’s super simple.

Tasty recipes Faceless YouTube Channel
Tasty recipes Faceless YouTube Channel



Video making process of this content is very simple too, Tools that will help you to create faceless YouTube channels:
If you don’t have confidence in your speaking skills, we recommend Talkia Text To Speech software, This software is based on AI which generates human-like voice, YouTube cannot tell the difference between this software and human voice so your channel will not get demonetized.

Doodly Software:

This software will help you to make explainer videos, Whiteboard videos are interesting and could be valuable for viewers.


This tool will help you write scripts for your videos, The high tech intelligence will help you write video scripts in a few minutes rather than hours. This tool can also be used for writing blogs and making landing pages.

For youtube keyword research we recommend using VidIQ, With this simple tool you will be able to determine keyword difficulty and traffic volume, the Free version is available for everyone.
For content downloading we recommend using a 4K video downloader, You can use material from YouTube but do not forget to transform it.