Make Money with Rain Sounds on YouTube

Rain sounds on youtube are a kind of music or sound that is meant to help you calm down. It is sometimes called “white noise.”

Rain sounds have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that YouTube creators made them popular.

So, do you want to make easy money with a YouTube channel? Start a channel and post videos with the sounds of rain to calm and relax people.

At least, this is what many people who call themselves GURUS tell you.

Make Money with Rain Sounds on YouTube

How do you feel?

Is it easy to make money on YouTube with rain sounds?

Really, it’s not as simple as it looks at first.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds can help you make money.

When you look for ways to make money on YouTube, you’ve probably seen a lot of tutorials that show how easy it is to make relaxing videos with ads and make money from them.

People who post videos of rain sounds on YouTube and make good money from them are telling you their stories.

They come up with the idea of making money with rain sounds by taking advantage of a niche that hasn’t been taken advantage of yet, and they do so successfully.

It seems so easy.

Just get a rain or calming sound from a YouTube library and a free rain video from Pexels. Then make a video loop.


It’s quick, easy, and costs nothing.

Wait… It isn’t that simple.

Let me tell you why it’s not easy at all.

The market for relaxation and meditation is already full.

How Does Make Money with Rain Sound?

When you start a YouTube channel, you should always find a niche that isn’t as crowded. There is a smart method called “niche down,” and you should use it.

If you put your video in a niche that is already full, like relaxation or meditation, it will probably be hard to get people to watch it.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that have rain sounds, so the question is: how different would your video be from the ones that are already out there?

I think you already know what to do.

Your video will be the same as the others because a lot of people who want to make easy money on YouTube have already made videos just like yours.

So, how can you grow your YouTube channel if people can’t find your videos?

You can see how competitive the relaxation niche is by searching for “rain sounds” on YouTube.

Sounds of rain

You are in competition with channels that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Livestreams are also in your market.

Good luck with what you are doing.

How can you earn money from your videos if no one can watch them?

make money with rain videos

And how can you join the YouTube Partner Program if your videos aren’t being seen? You need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

Getting paid is a difficult process that takes time and work to get started.

But if you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your videos will be automatically monetized and you will start making money right away.

How to Make Money Off Your Videos of Rain Sounds

Most people who start YouTube channels do so to make money, make a significant amount of extra money, or start a business.

Let’s say that you get into the YouTube Partner Program and that all of your videos get paid for.

I’m sorry to tell you this. One of the lowest CPM niches on YouTube is relaxation and meditation.

In other words, you make less money per thousand views than videos in other niches.

But your hour-long videos can get tens of thousands of views?

Yes, it is possible if you have a popular channel, but you can’t do what others do and put multiple ad breaks in a longer video. How can you put an ad break in the middle of sounds that are soothing and relaxing?

The best things for you are donations, memberships, and affiliate marketing.

But if you want to make a lot of money with these ways to make money, you need a big audience.

And now we’re back at the beginning. You need people to watch your videos, a lot of people.

Instead, what should you do?

earn money with rain sounds on youtube

If you still want to get into the relaxation and meditation market, you have to be different from everyone else. You have to make videos that look great and are different from anything else out there.

Lucky for us, there are a few channels that get it right. Ambient Renders and MeditaCine.

Just by taking a quick look at the Ambient Renders channel, you can get a sense of how different it is. They are mixing soothing sounds like rain or music with amazing animations of luxury apartments, cars, and other things.

Ambient Renders channel

The truth is that these videos aren’t easy to make, but they look amazing when they’re done.

If you want to see an example of a channel with simple videos, you can check out MeditaCine.

MeditaCine channel

They are making videos with a theme that last an hour and only have one or two pictures and soothing music.

Just look, you can meditate with Dr. Lecter in Hannibal, with Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts, and so on. You can even make videos that are popular with a character from a new blockbuster.

To stand out, you need to be creative, share your ideas, and give good content. Here are two great examples of how to increase your chances of being seen and rewarded on YouTube.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about starting a YouTube channel is finding a niche.

And I think you should stay away from the relaxation and meditation niche.

To be honest, there are a lot of YouTube channels about meditation and relaxation, so it’s hard to stand out. In this niche, there are so many channels that it can feel hard to get your name out there.

Ad CPM rates for video makers are often very low, which makes it hard for them to make a living.

And you still want to get your YouTube channel up and running!

Okay, but come up with a unique plan and something new. I’ve already given you two examples of channels that are going in this direction.

Don’t forget that it’s not easy to make videos with unique twists. Be ready to work hard, and be ready to fail.