How to Run a Successful Cash Cow YouTube Channel 2021

,If you have been thinking of a way to Run a Successful Cash Cow YouTube Channel and you need tips and motivation on how you can get started, In this post, you would be able to achieve one or two things that would help you in getting started on YouTube Business.

I initially spent 100 dollars on Fiverr gigs monthly and over time, managed to create a profitable YouTube business within a few months, without showing my face or without using my voice.

In this post, I am going to give you step by step details, so that you can also use this as a guide to creating your own YouTube business, and make money on YouTube.

When you think of a YouTube video, there are several parts that must come together to create a video, First the research about the topic of the video and keywords, then the video script, the voiceover, the video footage, and editing, and the thumbnail.

Can you really do all this with just 100 dollars?

Keep reading, I will give you the details and the best Fiverr gigs, But before that what’s important is how to planned and recover the money and also make a profit from a YouTube channel, Most people who start a YouTube business do it the wrong way and end up not making any money or worse losing the money they invested!

So before you start any YouTube channel as a business, you need to identify which monetization model you are going to use. There are a few options you can use to make money with a YouTube channel, The obvious one is the YouTube partner program but this depends on how many views a video gets and the CPM.

So if you are relying on this monetization method, you need to choose a high CPM YouTube niche, I will cover that in another post and I will update this once it’s available.

How To Monetize Cash Cow YouTube Channel

Another powerful method to monetize your YouTube channel is affiliate marketing, I would be talking about this and link it up once it’s available on this website.

There are several other methods like merchandise, patron, and online courses too, But most people starting out select either the YouTube partner program and or the affiliate marketing route. If you are thinking of using the YouTube partner program it’s important to understand the AdSense program policies, otherwise, all your hard work and money will go to waste if they deny your youtube channel for monetization.

This particular YouTube channel, was based around AdSense so when it came to research, the focus was on creating videos around a high CPM niche and that worked out well.

mrmoney youtube channel
mrmoney youtube channel

This means that on average for 1000 views, the revenue is 32 dollars.

When it came to research, 50% of the videos were based on trending topics and the other was based on getting views from YouTube searches, I used this online tool, videly which I created a review video about finding trending topics and also find good keywords I could use for YouTube videos. I was able to generate about 50 plus keywords and I continued to use those to create future videos too.

Most of the views this channel gets are from recommendations, along with a youtube search.

Even though I had about 50 keywords, I wanted to create just 4 videos and see what type of video will go viral or at least get the most amount of views. Since I only had 100 dollars the first month, I knew there would be some things I will have to do myself, if I want 4 videos.

So I decided to do the research and thumbnail myself and then thought I will leave the rest to Fiverr, Now you might think that 100 dollars are not enough, but I managed to get some good discounts.

Do you want to know what I did to get those discounts?

Before you buy any Fiverr gig, contact the person on Fiverr and mention that you have a bulk order, When you say you have several upcoming gigs, you can group those tasks together and they will create a custom offer for you, which will be cheaper than buying one gig after another.

For example, I asked for 4 scripts at once, instead of just one script. Check on the image below to see the best offer for Scriptwriting gigs. You can also check on Fiverr and filter to seller with 5 star rating at your own budget. Some Scriptwriters base their service on Cash Cow YouTube Channel.

Youtube Script Writing
Youtube Script Writing
Youtube Cashcow script writing
Youtube Cashcow script writing

These are people I can recommend and have good ratings. As time goes on, I realized that the Fiverr voiceover was the most expensive, so paying so much for every video meant less budget for other things. So instead, I started using this online tool which generates human like voiceover from the text. I discussed this in a post, you can click on here to see. You can see the price for 1min voice over cost was $5-$10, now imaging recording a 10min long video.

Fiverr Voice Over service
Fiverr Voice Over service

I continued spending 100 dollars on Fiverr every month for 6 months even though the channel was not monetized. I did because I know that building a YouTube channel takes time. If you believe in something you need to persist with it.

Once the channel was finally monetized you would be happy and relieved because you will be able to recover the money you have spent and make a huge profit.

If you invest well and put all things in the right place, you would see an endless result. As time goes on, then you can increase the budget and also focused on creating more videos for a month, even though you can initially start doing the research and thumbnails yourself and outsourced all aspects since the YouTube channel was monetized.


It is very important and you should always put it in front in your mind that YouTube is a marathon. Don’t spend any money you can’t afford to lose.