5 Ways to stop nuisance phone calls

Unwanted phone calls can be real nuisance phone calls. People who get a lot of unwanted calls will find this guide useful.

It will explain what to do if they keep coming and give you advice on how to stop them from coming again.

1. Report a nuisance call

nuisance phone calls
If you are getting a lot of nuisance calls or spam texts from a company or a number, there are a lot of places you can report them to.

These are the TPS, your phone company, Ofcom, and the ICO. They all deal with silent and abandoned calls.

It has been easier for the ICO to get involved. Companies that send spam texts and nuisance calls can now be fined up to £500,000 by the ICO.

Which? will keep working with all the different groups to make sure that efforts to stop harassing phone calls and spam texts are stepped up.

2. Register with the TPS

If you’re getting a lot of unwanted phone calls, you should sign up for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

The TPS is a free service that lets you say that you don’t want to get sales or marketing calls from people who don’t want them.

if you’ve signed up for the TPS and still get spam calls, you can make a complaint and the TPS will look into it.

But the TPS doesn’t have enforcement powers, so it can’t punish the company that kept calling you even though you didn’t want to hear from them.

The TPS can’t go to court, but it does send complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which has the power to do something.

It’s against the law for businesses to make unwelcome phone calls to people who have signed up for the TPS.

If you sign up for the TPS, you should know that people have had different experiences.

Some people say that They saw a drop in the number of unwanted nuisance calls, but some people say they still get them.

3. Talk to your phone company

how to stop telemarketing calls

If you’re still getting harassing or unwelcome phone calls, you can talk to your phone company about reporting the phone number to them.

Most providers have products, services, and advice that can help you block unwanted calls or cut down on nuisance calls. Many of these things are free.

We’ve added some links to more information from some of the biggest phone companies in the UK.

if your phone company isn’t on the list above, you can look at its website or talk to its customer service department to see what else it can do to stop nuisance calls.

4. Don’t consent to be contacted

telemarketing phone calls

Third parties can’t call you if they’re on the TPS, but some companies still do, even though they can’t.

Third-party marketing is when a lot of different companies use your information to send you marketing emails and texts.

People who want to share their information with other businesses should look for tick boxes that ask for permission.

If you don’t want other businesses to contact you, make sure the box isn’t ticked!

If you’ve agreed to get marketing from a specific company, this company can still call you even if you’ve signed up for the TPS.

But, if you ask them to stop calling you, they must. So if you’re getting harassing phone calls, make sure you ask them to take you off their call list.

5. Consider call blocking technology

A lot of phone companies offer services that can help you stop getting calls from people you don’t want.

If you want to use some of these services for free, you might not have to pay a fee each month. For others,

you might have to pay a fee each month depending on what package you have.

It shows you the number of the person who is calling; incoming call blocking stops certain numbers from

getting through; and 1471, which tells you who is calling.

There should be no need to use call blocking equipment, but this can protect you and your older or

more vulnerable relatives from nuisance calls.


There are systems that cost between £40 and £120, and they can be very good.

False calls were blocked by the trueCall system in a recent test by Trading Standards.

To find out more about the different services that can be used to stop people from calling,

check out Whichguide ?‘s to phone blocking services.