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There are some drawbacks to using cloud email marketing services to manage your promotions.

First of all, you must comply with their policies. For example, some services have rules about what you can promote and what you cannot promote.

Second, many cloud services have restrictions on importing subscribers in order to protect their delivery rates.

So if you are moving to a new cloud service, you may be forced to have all of your subscribers sign up for your newsletter again.

That scenario can make you lose subscribers.

And last, but perhaps most importantly, email marketing services in the cloud can be very expensive.

A service like Aweber charges $ 49 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers, $ 69 per month for up to 10,000 subscribers, and $ 149 per month for 10001 to 25,000 subscribers.

On the other hand, using a self-hosted email marketing solution and sending emails through an SMTP relay service like Amazon SES costs $ 0.10 for every 1,000 emails sent.

Switching to a self-hosted email marketing platform could save a business thousands of dollars each year.

What does self-hosted mean?

Self-hosted means that you install the email marketing software on your own web server. You can pay for server space through a hosting company like GoDaddy or Digital Ocean.

The advantage is that you have more control over your promotions with a self-hosted email marketing platform.

As a disadvantage, you will have to perform maintenance and take responsibility for your promotions when something goes wrong.

Here is a list of self-hosted email marketing tools that will help you send, track and manage email campaigns easily and efficiently from your web server.


herramientas autohospedadas mailwizz

MailWizz is a self-hosted email marketing software that is written in PHP and MySQL.

This application is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Provides a detailed overview dashboard that allows you to manage your emails with ease.

This app is available for purchase from Codecanyon for $ 69.


herramientas autohospedadas acelle

Acelle is a direct competitor to Mailwizz that offers similar features.

Accelle has a great user interface compared to MailWizz, while MailWizz has more features compared to Accelle.

You can find this app on Codecanyon for $ 64.


herramientas autohospedadas sendy

Sendy is another self-hosted email marketing application that offers limited functionality compared to Acelle and Mailwizz.

However, its main advantage is the ease of integrating it with Amazon SES.

With Amazon SES and Sendy, you can improve the deliverability of your emails and significantly reduce shipping costs.

It is available at the price of $ 69


Email marketing software | MoonMail

Moonmail is another alternative to Sendy that allows you to send cheap email with Amazon SES.

In addition to being open source, it also offers cloud-based services, so you can use Moonmail as a software-as-a-service.

Its price starts at $ 44


herramientas autohospedadas interspire

This application has been out of date for a long time, however it is still used.

The price of this app is significantly higher compared to the other paid email marketing apps, costing $ 495 per user.


Campaigns is an email marketing solution designed to create, deliver, and monitor email campaigns.

With a free plan, you can create emails in minutes using the pre-designed templates, layouts, and drag-and-drop editor.


herramientas autohospedadas mautic

Mautic is free and open-source email automation software.

The software has all the essential features like lead management, campaign management, contacts, emails, and responsive email creation.

Mautic also introduces features that are not found in all email solutions, such as creating landing pages and signup forms.


herramientas autohospedadas mailtrain

MailTrain is a very popular, modern and open source email marketing and autoresponder application based on Nodejs.

You can create your email list, as well as send, track, and manage email campaigns.

This software is compatible with email services such as Amazon SES.

You can download this software from its repository on Github for free and later host it on your server.


herramientas autohospedadas phplist

Phplist is another free email marketing software that offers a similar set of features to Mailtrain.

With Phplist you can manage your email list, send and track your email newsletters.

Phplist is written in PHP which is a very popular open source web scripting language, it can be easily hosted on any PHP based server.


herramientas autohospedadas openemm

OpenEMM comes in different sets of versions, which have different features, but the most widely used version is the open source version.

Being open source, it can be hosted on your server to send emails and newsletters.


herramientas autohospedadas dadamail

It is software written in Python and has a paid version and a free version.

In the free version you can have up to three mailing lists and 100 subscribers per mailing list.

While its paid version offers you an unlimited email list, its price starts from $ 99.95 per year or $ 199.95 one-time.

As you can see, there are many email marketing solutions that you can install on your own server.

I hope this guide has helped you find the right email marketing tool for you.