Contra freelancing

Contra freelancing is a platform that wants professionals to make profiles that show who they are based on their projects, instead of their roles,

like you would on LinkedIn. It was made for what Huffman thinks is the future: digital knowledge workers.

This is what he calls tech workers who work for different companies or gigs on their own.

A Contra profile looks like the front of a business run by an independent creator.

The first thing you’ll see is the project experience page, where you can switch between the services that are currently for sale,

recommendations from the referral network, and the About page.

Contra Freelancing

Founder Ben Huffman thinks that his platform, Contra, will be the best way for independent workers to explain

and make money from what they are working on.

This is true whether your Twitter bio says you are working on something new or your LinkedIn bio says you are self-employed.

Huffman says that one of Contra’s goals is to help freelancers build high-signal referral networks so they can find new jobs and gigs.

When a user adds a new project to their resume, they can list the people with whom they worked as collaborators.

It’s not like LinkedIn, where you can add anyone you meet and they become a “connection.

how does contra work

Contra requires you to have worked with people in your network, which makes the referral network a high-signal network.

Contra puts recommendations at the top of profiles, like the MySpace Top 10.

Referrals as the main way to get jobs could hurt Black and brown founders, who have been left out of networks,

more than white founders.

But Huffman says that Contra doesn’t just rely on referrals; it also helps show that a person is more than just their resume.

“AI filters out most resumes today, which has been bad for BPOC candidates in the past,” he said.

We help undiscovered talent get ahead by focusing on projects instead of roles and education credentials.

Huffman has first-hand experience with resume bias because he dropped out of college with no credentials and is from a rural area.

He thinks that his tool can help fight bias in a good way. The best-case scenario would be if Contra could show

a talented designer’s work in a city like San Francisco or New York and help them get a job there.

1. Commission fee

Contra commission fee

Contra freelancing charges zero percent from freelancers all over the world as they want freelancers to enjoy rewards on every stress

they went through on any project they work on.

Contra freelancing claimed to also work hard to make payments accessible to everyone!

Payments are currently supported in the US only, with global support rolling out in the new year.

2. Success Stories

Contra Freelancing has lot of success stories on the platform based on hundreds of works that have been completed by freelancers to

clients from Design, Engineering, Tips, News, Community, Content, and many more categories from the platform and thousands of

dollars are been spent on different projects through contra freelancing platforms.

3. Contra Community

Contra freelancing set up a community aside to help freelancers connect and improve their profile and land different jobs from the platform,

the community would help new freelancers to know how they can enhance their profile and connect with more freelancers across the world.

4. Contra Discover

Contra discover

Contra freelancing has a page called “discover” which is a feature that would help freelancers to get jobs as soon as possible since the page

would appear to a lot of people or clients who need a job to be done regardless of the kind of service needed.

5. project showcase

Contra projects

Contra freelancing allows freelancers to showcase their past projects on the platform which will help you and the clients to know what you’re capable of doing

without asking you to send your previous project again. with this, I believe if a client contacts you after seeing your profile, you’d know that the client is

really interested in your service.

6. Contra Mission

Contra freelancing mission is to give everyone the opportunity to work independently on their own anywhere, anytime around the world, and earn full

money on what you are hired to do on the platform.

7. Service listing

Contra freelancing allows you to list all the services you’re offering on the platform and the price you charge on each of the services listed on your profile.

This would help clients to understand what you do and what they can get from you in the end.

is contra legit?

Contra freelancing is a freelance platform for everyone to work around the world at their own convenient time and a lot of projects have been done through

the platform and over %90 projects completed with no rejection.

Is Contra A good site?

So, all in all, we’d recommend Contra to any freelancers, whether they’re experienced or just starting out.

It feels like it was made for the job, and with a subscription-based account, your earnings are rightfully yours,

and chasing invoices might be a thing of the past.

How does Contra make money?

Contra doesn’t take a cut of your earnings, so it makes money through a $29-a-month SaaS subscription that gives you

benefits like same-day payouts and more visibility on the platform, which can lead to better opportunities.



If you want to work on your own without depending on anybody or you want to work on a platform that pays you your full money on what you charge a client

with no commission fee or what so ever, then working on contra would be the best option you’d ever consider working on.