8 Methods To Make money from WhatsApp

How can you make money from WhatsApp?

We’ve heard from people who want to find out how they can make money from WhatsApp.

Is it possible to make money from WhatsApp?

It is our job here to help and teach our readers how to make money online, and we do it with a lot of fun. This is our job.

Here are some ways you can make money from WhatsApp today, and we will show you how.

In fact, Facebook bought WhatsApp a while back and used it for a long time.

For a while now, Facebook has let content creators make money by working with them on Facebook.

This hasn’t been the case with WhatsApp.

It turns out that people are more interested in WhatsApp than even Facebook.

There is always a way for people who work hard. You can make money with your WhatsApp account even though WhatsApp doesn’t show you how.

There are ways to make money with WhatsApp.

Lists of friends and large groups are both good things to have.

Because you need people to make money anywhere.

You won’t be able to make money from WhatsApp unless you have a lot of contacts and a lot of groups that like what you post.

8 Methods To Make money from WhatsApp
8 Methods To Make money from WhatsApp

Here are some 8 Methods To Make money from WhatsApp:

You can make money from WhatsApp with the methods listed below.

1. ySense (ClixSense)

Make Money from clixsense
Make Money from clixsense

There were times when ySense wasn’t on our list. We will keep testing and updating this list, as we said we would do.

Our number one way to make money from WhatsApp is now ySense. After we tried it, it was already there.

If so, have you heard of Pay to Click (PTC) sites? Do you know about survey websites and all that other stuff? Many of them are scams. Test this one first because they don’t pay. We tried it out and it worked!

Do surveys, watch videos, play games and more on ySense! They will pay you for all of these things as well. What’s the point of this list? Then, keep reading.

You can get paid to do things like take surveys, watch videos, and so on, but it also pays you money when you refer people to ySense.

When you sign up for ySense, you’ll get a referral link. You can then get on WhatsApp and share this link with your friends and family, so they can sign up too.

More people you invite, the more bonus points you get.

If you can, make sure you try to fill out the surveys. It’s not going to be all, but you’ll be able to get some. Keep an eye on things.

When we took our test, we didn’t qualify for the first four surveys. Later, we were asked to take a survey by a big company, and we spent less than 4 minutes on it.

We earned $1.25 for taking the survey. It was worth it!

When we looked into ySense, we saw proof that people had made more than $10,000 with the company.

It took them a while to get there. It could be months or even years, depending on how much work you do.

To join, you don’t have to pay. There are many ways to get your money in 5 days. Skrill is the best way to pay.

They will move the money into your Skrill account. Then, from your Skrill account, you can transfer money to any bank account that you want to.

You can go to Nigeria, India or the United States.

You can also go to any place in the world! Everything we’ve tried has worked without a hitch!

Click here to open a Skrill account. In general, Skrill is like Paypal, but it lets Nigerians and people from almost every country get money, which is not the case with Paypal.

Sharing ySense referral links and getting your friends to sign up for it is a good way to make money on WhatsApp.

From our research, we think it’s worth the time. Those who are quick to give up or aren’t willing to put in any work may not like it.

In this link, you can learn more about ySense.

2. Short-links

How to make money from WhatsApp easily
How to make money from WhatsApp easily

Using WhatsApp to send short links is the easiest and most common way to make money, and it’s also the most common.

It used to be number one. Short-links might be something you’ve seen before.

You might have clicked on one and didn’t know the person was making money from it.

What is a short-link? Short links are links to a website that are very short.

There are two types of links: one that is very long, and one that is very small.

If you click both links, you’ll get to the same story, but one will be longer and the other will be short.

People in your contacts or groups will enjoy reading news, tips and information that you find.

This way, all you have to do is look for things that they’ll enjoy reading.

Then, copy the link, go to an Url Shortener, sign in, paste the link, and shorten it.

This is how you do it: To do this, copy the shortened version, open WhatsApp, and share it with your contacts and groups, then go back to your phone. ::

When your friends and family click on the link, it will show them some ads before it shows them the story or information. That’s how you earn money.

In the long run, this will make you money even if you have a lot of people who like your writing.

Then, you can also put this on your WhatsApp “Story.”

People I know use WhatsApp all the time, and they belong to a lot of groups.

Every morning, he will send links to the most important stories. Many people read it.

If that man used a link shortener, what would happen? This way he will make money, too.

If you want to use a link shortener, it is very simple to do. Go to any website, sign up, and copy any link you want to share.

Then, login to a link shortener, paste the link, and shrink it down. Share the short link with your friends and family.

The link shorteners that pay are Link Shrink, ADF, OUO, and Shortest.

You can click on any of them to sign up and start making money.

As a way to make money from your WhatsApp Status, try this method: In your Status, you can put short links.

3. Affiliate links from WhatsApp

Start Affiliate Marketing From WhatsApp
Start Affiliate Marketing From WhatsApp

It’s also possible to make money from WhatsApp by setting up affiliate links. If you have high-end contacts or belong to high-end groups, this method can make you a lot of money.

It’s very simple. If you belong to a group that talks about one thing, like fashion. There is a dress that is very popular right now, and you can talk to the group about it. You can tell them that people are very excited about the dress and that celebrities are wearing it, too.

Then, go to an affiliate network to find out how to make money. Become a member of them. Find a company that sells this kind of dress. Share the link with your group. Any one of them who clicks on the link and buys something will earn you money. There are 400 people at the event and 20 of them bought something. That is enough money for a day.

Check to see if the conversation is going to be useful before you send links to things. If you have someone who likes to go on trips. Talk to him or her.

Then you say, “Hello, Sir.” The British airways are giving 10% off to everyone who travels in the next three months. I know you like to travel. Then go here: (paste link). I just thought I should tell you.

That’s it. If he clicks and buys, you get paid. Easy!

It doesn’t matter what you buy or how you use it, you can do this. People will be interested in them if you send them something.

Don’t be rude and don’t give too much to people.

Always make sure that the product you are sharing will be able to be delivered to the place where your friends and family live.

You can sign up for any of these affiliate networks and find as many products as you want to share with your friends.

Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, and Jumia Affiliate are three places where you can earn money when people buy things through your links.

By reading: How to make money through affiliate marketing, you can find out more about how to make money through affiliate marketing.

This method for making money on WhatsApp can help you make money with a group of people.

Then, especially if the group has people who want to buy what you sell.

4. Market your own products or skills

Product marketing from WhatsApp
Product marketing from WhatsApp

As an alternative to sending out affiliate links, you can choose to market your own goods.

This is one way you can make money with WhatsApp, and you will be in charge.

People who know you can get a business card and send it to them.

You can tell them how much of a discount you’re giving them and how to get in touch with you.

The people or groups you talk to should always be interested in what you have to offer.

If you don’t own any goods but would like to, all you need to do is set up an online shop.

When you start an online store, you can copy products from your suppliers and put them there.

If you use WhatsApp, send the links of these products to your friends.

In this case, if any of them click on the link and go to your online shop to buy something, the suppliers will send the

goods to them and you get your money! In business, it’s called “drop shipping.

How to make an online store with Shopify is a good place to start if you want to learn more about this subject.

You can also sell your skills. People who know you as a fashion designer should see your work.

Join groups based on the skills you have, no matter what they are. You might get a big job there.

This is a simple way to make money on WhatsApp by sharing your skills and products with your friends.

5. Start a WhatsApp Marketer for businesses

WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses
WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses

This might sound weird, but this is real! A lot of businesses have people who get paid to talk about them on WhatsApp.

First, you need to be in groups with a lot of people. Have a lot of friends, too.

Then, use forums, social media, and any other way you can to show off your skills and get more work.

People say things like “I can help you reach 1000 new customers through WhatsApp.” If you want to talk to me, do so.

If you do it right, you will get people who will reach out.

As soon as you get, all you have to do is figure out how to talk about their products or services with your WhatsApp group about them.

6. Pay per download program

Is there a way to make money from WhatsApp? This one isn’t used very much.

This is how it works:

You can put things like pictures and videos and music and games on these websites, and when people download them, they pay you for them.

Isn’t it weird? Before the person can download, the sites will probably show them surveys or ads.

After they finish the surveys or watch the ads, they can download them.

How do they make money to pay you?

It’s easy to make money with WhatsApp if you want to join groups or make friends with people who like a certain kind of thing.

Then, you upload the content to one of the sites, share the link, and people download it. You make money when they do that.

There are groups for games and groups for funny videos that you can join.

Publish funny videos on any of these sites and then send them to people who like comedy.

You will get paid as they download.

Uplod.org, Fileice.net, and many other websites offer these services.

7. Drive traffic to your blog

They make money by getting people to visit their blog from WhatsApp. People start by having a blog.

One of the best ways to make money online is by blogging. To make money from your blog, you need a lot of people to read it.

People who read your blog are called “traffic.” Whatsapp is there to help with that.

Let’s say your blog is about a relationship group. You can make a group on WhatsApp called “relationships.

You and your friends should invite people over. Make the group very interesting.

Then, whenever you write a new post on your blog, share a short summary of it with the link at the end on your relationship group.

If you write a summary for your WhatsApp group, people who are in the group will see it.

They might also click and share it with their friends. On WhatsApp, it can get a lot of attention and make a lot of money.

8. Refer your friends to apps

Referral WhatsApp program
Referral Whatsapp program

In the Play Store, there are apps that will pay you for referring friends to use them. They will also give you recharge cards and other things as a reward.

This is a very easy way to make money, but who doesn’t like coke if they don’t have to pay for it? Get the app, invite your friends, and earn money.

This page doesn’t have a list of apps that pay you to refer friends. You can search for “apps that pay you to refer a friend” on Google.


Why you can’t make money directly from WhatsApp, but it’s a platform that you can use to make money and get more people to use it.

There are some passive ways to make money on this list, but they won’t make you much money unless you’re lucky.

It can make you a lot of money if people buy your product through an affiliate link or if you sell your own product.

Remember to stay the same. We will try to add to this list if we find a way to make money from WhatsApp.

So, keep up with this page. For now, you can learn how to make money online by reading: How to make money online.