Business Benefits of Mobile Apps

The mobile application is an essential tool for a company to communicate with its customers and increase engagement. Complementing the website, the mobile application is a real added value and has many advantages. Discover in this article, written by our Magina experts, the 5 main advantages for your business!

OptimizatIon Of User Experience

One of the main advantages of developing a mobile application is that it provides a better user experience.

Indeed, navigation on an application is easier compared to a website on mobile. This is explained by the fact that sites are often designed for a desktop version and then adapted to mobile via responsive design. While the applications are directly developed and designed for mobile phones.

Thus, access to information is adapted, simple, ergonomic, and accessible.

Customer Loyalty

The mobile app is engaging and helps build customer loyalty. It creates links and interactions between consumers and a brand.

Downloading a mobile application is already a first sign of engagement on the part of a customer. Then, he will see the application on his mobile every day (or almost)! It will therefore be easy for him to click and navigate the application rather than opening an Internet page, searching for the site, and then surfing.

In addition, it is also possible to send push notifications to communicate and attract the attention of consumers.

Improvement Of The Company’s Image

Owning a mobile application improves and strengthens the image of the company. It reflects the image of an innovative, evolving, attentive company. A company close to its customers, which adapts according to changes in their consumption habits.

Developing a mobile application is also a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Indeed, even if many companies have a responsive website, few also have a dedicated application.

Use Of Mobile Features

The advantage of a mobile application is that it can integrate the functionality of phones and tablets. It thus makes it possible to offer new experiences and services to consumers.

The most useful is the push notification, that is to say, an alert message displayed on the screen of users’ smartphones. It can take the form of a sound message, a vibration, a banner, or a badge on the application icon. It is thus used to inform and interact with customers.

There are also other interesting tools such as geolocation, camera, microphone, etc.

Create Bridges Between Digital and Physical

The fashion is “click and collect” and the brands want more and more to create a link between their on-line and off-line systems. Thus, after a purchase in store, you can send a notification to the customer to rate the product or service on the dedicated application; thanks to the geolocation system, you can send targeted promotions to customers who approach the point of sale …

Better Online Visibility

Owning a mobile application increases the visibility of a company. This is an additional way to make yourself known on different platforms. Indeed, the application is referenced on mobile stores (Apple Store, Play Store) as well as on Google.

Finally, the launch of an application is an opportunity to launch a communication campaign. This campaign often has more impact on an application launch than on a website redesign. In addition, the campaign will be able to publicize the application but also the company.