Top 20 Ladies Business Tips in Nigeria

We have 20 ladies Business Tips in Nigeria who want to make money on the side. As a lady, you should read this post if you’re looking to start a business.

A lot of young people in Nigeria don’t have jobs and become more depressed every day because they don’t have a job.

Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa.

If you want to make a lot of money, you can start a profitable business in Nigeria and make money every day.

It’s possible to do some of them online, but not all of them.

There are a lot of different businesses you can start on the side as a side job in this list.

A list of 20 ladies Business Tips in Nigeria who want to start a business is below.

Ladies Business Tips in Nigeria
Ladies Business Tips in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are 20 ladies Business Tips in Nigeria who want to start their own business.

1. Start a Frozen Food Shop

The best ladies Business in Nigeria is to open a frozen food shop, like this one. A frozen food store is a place where different frozen foods are sold,

and it can be run anywhere in Nigeria.

The frozen food business also grows quickly. The risk is still there. The country has a problem with electricity, which adds to the cost of running the business as well.

So, when setting up a business, one should think very carefully about some things. As long as you can get everything done right,

you can expect to get a lot of good business and make money.

The average standard frozen food store makes between #70,000 and $150,000 a month.

2. Start Cosmetic Store

It’s next on the list of ladies Business Tips in Nigeria who want to start a cosmetics store. There are a lot of different types of beauty products that can be found in stores across Nigeria.

It’s one of the businesses that can’t go out of style because it plays a big part in our lives and can’t be replaced. All of us use some kind of cosmetics.

These include soap, shampoo and deodorant. We also use pomade, perfume, and hair dye.

It all depends on how big of a business you want to start. The start-up capital for this type of business can range from #50,000 to #100,000.

You can start your own cosmetics store now and then grow it into a bigger business.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing in Nigeria
Freelancing in Nigeria

One of the best ways for ladies in Nigeria to make money online is to work as a freelancer, either full- or part-time.

Graduates who write for blogs, newspapers, and other online media outlets are especially good at this.

In the case of big companies, you can make a lot of money by writing for them. You can start right now by emailing the company you want to work for and telling them about your skills.

In addition to writing, freelancing can come in the form of design, such as graphics and web design. Only if you have the skills to do so.

4. Cooking Gas Business

Ladies in Nigeria who want to start a business can sell cooking gas. We are now seeing changes in how much cooking gas we use.

In Nigeria, one of the problems is that there isn’t enough electricity for people to use. However, most people would rather use electricity in their kitchens.

Many of these people, then, used kerosene instead.

Cooking gas is becoming more and more popular because it’s easier and faster to use than kerosene. Not only does it cook food faster, but it’s also cheaper in the long run.

To sell cooking gas: You can sell cooking gas to other retailers, or you can sell it and refill it for people who use it.

A lot of people make money with this business, and it doesn’t cost much to start. It is possible to start small and grow big.

5. Pastry and Baking

Pastry and Baking business in nigeria
Pastry and Baking business in nigeria

There is always money to be made in any kind of business that sells food, especially if the business model and strategy are well taught.

Bakers who are good at making things like birthday cakes or wedding cakes can charge more for them.

If you like cooking and want to start your own business, you can start a baking business.

You can sell specific items or make custom cakes for events that aren’t in your kitchen.

This is a good business idea for women in Nigeria who like to bake.

6. Okrika Business

Okrika, also known as Tokunbo, can be used for clothes, footwear (slippers, shoes), and bags that are mostly from other countries,

like the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and so on.

Okrika’s business means a lot to a lot of people, especially the young, the poor, and people who like fashion.

In Nigeria, one of the best business ideas for ladies is to sell Okrika clothes. It is a business that anyone can start with a good chance of making money

and a low risk of failing. When you start this business, you don’t need a lot of money.

A small amount of money, like $5,000, can start your business. You’ll be able to grow your business over time as you make more money.

If you want to buy Okrika products, you usually don’t have to pay as much as you would for new ones.

7. Production and sales of detergent

Ladies in Nigeria also like to sell detergent, which is a good business idea for them to start. Demand for detergents has risen as the population has grown in the last few years.

Detergents are some of the most important things in every home, no matter how rich or poor it is. But most of the well-known brands that make these things charge a lot of money that many people in Nigeria can’t afford.

As long as you can give up some things in order to learn the skill, you could start making your own laundry soap. As a first step, you can sell to your friends and family.

With the right business mind, experience, and knowledge, you could grow your business and become a brand that people would be afraid to do business with.

8. Ice block business

Ice block business
Ice block business

Nigeria is in the tropical climate zone, where there is a lot of heat and sunlight. Unfortunately, the electricity supply isn’t very good,

which makes it hard for homes to keep enough cold water in their refrigerators. You can make money by making ice blocks.

Keep your water and drink cold with ice blocks. Your plan includes people in your neighborhood, stores, restaurants, and bars that need to keep their drinks cold at all times.

9. Jewellery Design and Bead Making

Jewellery Design in Nigeria
Jewellery Design in Nigeria

This is another one of the great business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that you can quickly spread through word of mouth. You can do this very quickly.

There are many ways to make money with bead-making, and it’s a very good business idea. Beading doesn’t take up a lot of space or require a lot of training,

making it a good home business idea.

There are a lot of people in Nigeria who like bead necklaces and hand-made jewelry. If you know how to design and make jewelry, you can start making money.

As long as you have some ideas, you can make bead jewelry. Any fashion house will teach you how to make beads for two weeks.

10. Skin Care Business

Skin Care Business in nigeria
Skin Care Business in Nigeria

It might be good for ladies in Nigeria to start their own line of skincare products and then sell them.

People are more interested in natural and organic products these days, so a skincare line that is both effective and high-quality could be a good move for the company.

You should think about the products you want to make when you start a skincare business. There are many things you can make, like soaps, bath salts,

fragrance blends, lotions, or a mix of all of them. Even if you have a small budget, you can still buy organic skin products and get glowing skin.

11. Start a Boutique Store

It’s possible to start a boutique store as a small business if you want to. This is a good business idea because you can start small if you want.

The clothing store (boutique) industry is made up of small stores that sell only a small amount of clothing and accessories.

They can only sell clothes from one designer or they can sell clothes from a mix of different designers (brands).

12. Open Eateries or Restaurants

Next on my list of business ideas for ladies in Nigeria is to start a restaurant, which is a good idea for ladies. People want to eat good food,

but they can’t cook because they have a lot to do.

By making ready-to-eat meals, you can build a big customer base. As time goes on, this can lead to a restaurant and many other business opportunities.

Even if you want to open a small restaurant, the location is one of the most important things to think about.

There isn’t always a good place for a restaurant to open up. A good place for a restaurant is hard to find, whether it’s in an outdoor mall,

a sports venue, a park, or any other place where a lot of people go. Food kiosks are a must.

If they are simple, they can just sell cold water and drinks, as well as packaged snacks. With the right location and the right products, you’ll be sure to get a lot of business.

13. Production and Sales of Plantain Chips

I think this is a really good business idea for a ladies in Nigeria who has very little money. It’s a business you can start with just $5,000 or even less.

Instant money comes from making plantain chips. You can never be broke if you stay in the business, so long as you keep making the chips.

A plantain worth #1,000 costs you about #3,000. If you buy it, you make a gross profit of about #3,000. Following your costs of sales or production,

you can be sure that you will make at least #1,500.

Business ideas for ladies in nigeria 2022

14. Start selling Used Rings

15. Buy and sell used phones

16. Flip old home appliances

17. Start a small delivery business

Cheapest business to start in nigeria

18. Start home lessons

19. Start a real estate agency

20. Open a POS shop

Start your business from scratch with these tips

Capital startup: Many people are afraid to start their own business because they think they need a lot of money to start. A small business can start for less than $30,000.

Find business ideas: For example, you might want to sell earrings, rings, necklaces, or handbags.

Source for supplies: As long as you have the right tools and enough training, you can make your own pieces from scratch. If not, you can buy them from the market.

Brainstorm a name for your business

  • If you want to make it legal, you should You can register your business name with the Corporation Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Organize and promote your business: Get business cards that you can give to your friends and family.
  • When you’re ready to start selling your products, you can take them to family gatherings, office gatherings, social events, and more.
  • A hard job at first, but it will pay off. You are the best person to sell your goods to.

The following are some business ideas for women in Nigeria.

If you want to run a small business, go out and start one.


In the end, it’s only you who can think about your background, skills, knowledge, and funding options to figure out what kind of small business is most likely for you to start.

There are a lot of ladies Business Tips in Nigeria. I hope you liked this post.

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