When building an online business, you will often need to hire other people to do some of the work.

For small jobs, we usually hire freelancers from sites like Legiit, Fiverr, SEOclerks,

or Konker that are geared toward microservices or “gigs.”

These platforms help us with different parts of our SEO implementation process, so we can focus on business strategy and growth.

Still, not all of these platforms are the same, and some are better for certain tasks than others.

In this article, we tell you what we think about Legiit.

Legiit review

1. Background

Chris M. Walker, also known as “Superstar SEO,” is a well-known SEO who is also a friend of ours.

He started Legiit at the start of 2018. He was one of the best sellers on an SEO marketplace called Konker and still is,

but he thought he could make a better one.

Legiit as a Fiverr Alternative

2. Buyer’s Point of View

Even though Fiverr is great for some tasks that don’t have to do with SEO, we think that Legiit and Konker have better SEO services on average.

Even though Legiit is a full-service freelancer marketplace, there aren’t that many services available right now that aren’t in the SEO space.

For these kinds of jobs, we usually stick to Fiverr or other platforms like Upwork.

3. Seller’s Point of View

Even though there is less traffic on Legiit than on Fiverr, there is also less competition, so we think it is easier to get started.

We also think that the fact that the marketplace is focused on SEO makes it fair for the average service to cost a little more than it does on Fiverr.

This lets sellers make more money and not get bogged down by the “cheap” nature of services that don’t have to do with SEO.

4. An affiliate’s point of view

From the point of view of an affiliate, Legiit is way better than Fiverr.

This is because they pay out more and have stricter rules about what counts as a commission.

On Fiverr, affiliates only get paid when new users sign up, but on Legiit, they get paid for any service a new or existing user buys.

5. Platform Quality / Ease Of Use

Legiit’s design and features are mostly based on those of other gig platforms, like Fiverr, which we like.

Overall, the platform is pretty well made, and the UI and UX are pretty easy to use.

Even though Legiit’s first few versions needed some work, it has gotten better since then, and Chris keeps making it better.

We even told him to add a certain feature, which he did within a couple of weeks.

6. Platform Safety

The platform seems to work well and follows best practices for security.

It also takes payments through PayPal, which makes it easy and safe to pay.

7. Quality of services provided

Even though not every service on the platform is good, we think that overall the services are better than those on other platforms.

This is especially true since Chris sells his own services on the platform.

8. Payouts

Like other platforms, Legiit works well with PayPal and Payoneer, which lets you use both credit cards and PayPal.

Using PayPal is convenient, but it also makes the platform safer for customers because if they need to,

they can file a dispute with PayPal to get their money back.

9. Help/Support

legiit support
legiit support

Legiit has a support portal that is run by Freshdesk for people who run into problems or need to ask questions.

It’s easy to use, but we haven’t had much contact with their customer service.

10. Selling on Legiit

There isn’t a lot of competition on Legiit, so it’s a great place to sell your services.

To get started, all you have to do is set up a store on the platform and add your services.

Make sure your service is a specific task and not something vague like “I will help you with SEO.”

Services that say clearly what they will do, like “I will make 200 citations,” do better.

If you’re having trouble getting your first few orders, we suggest advertising your services in

some Facebook groups but make sure the group allows it before posting.

Also, if you sell your services on another site or your own website, you can offer a discount

to your current customers if they buy from you on Legiit and leave a review.

11. Affiliate Program

Legiit gives affiliates a 15 percent cut of the services they promote.

Even though the average ticket price on the platform isn’t that high, the commission is usually a lot higher than the

4% to 8% that Amazon’s affiliate program gives.

The platform also has a good reputation in the SEO niche, so if you send people there with a cookie,

you have a good chance of making a sale.

12. How to Market Offers

You can promote Legiit’s services by ranking blog posts like this one, making YouTube videos,

sending links to your email list or Facebook group, suggesting services in Facebook groups

(when people ask for them), sending paid traffic to them, and more.

If you choose the right keywords, promoting SEO services is easy and the competition is low overall.

Legiit Review Conclusion

Legiit is a great platform to use if you want to start making money with SEO, whether as a buyer, seller, or affiliate.

This is especially true right now when the site is still young and competition is low.