How to Get Paid $50 Article Writing For POPSUGAR

If you’ve been looking for a way to Get Paid $50 for Article Writing For POPSUGAR, you’ll need to fill out a few simple forms.

During the process of setting up your account, you may be asked for links to your work that have been seen by the public.

If you haven’t been written about by someone else, that’s fine! Links to your own blog can be used.

Another way to learn more about your writing style is to ask for published pieces. This might not be the right point, but I think this is another way to learn more about your writing.

A link to where you were written about will help your cause even more if you have been written about.

Once you’ve set up your account, get to know the platform. It’s pretty easy and easy to use!

A section called “submissions” can be found in the dashboard.

It’s easy to find because it’s called that. This is where you’ll put all of your great work.

Writng for popsugar
Writng for popsugar

How does POPSUGAR Voices Program work?

In POPSUGAR Voices, anyone can write for POPSUGAR as a member. As a regular writer on the site, you can pick up prompts, pitch story ideas, and accept assignments. After the editors like your first story, you can become a regular writer.
Getting off the ground.

How to get started with Popsugar:

How to get started with popsugar
How to get started with POPSUGAR
  • Check out the rules and guidelines of PopSugar
    Find a topic that fits your skills and experiences especially if you’re writing a personal essay (more details on the latter later). The site can help you with this.
  • Make sure your idea hasn’t been put on POPSUGAR yet.
  • Take your time while writing your story and then submit it through the voices page
  • Wait to hear from them!

When to expect feedback from possugar

As soon as 30 days have passed, you should find out whether your article has been accepted by email.

However, some editors might read your in nine days, while a few might get rejected after a thorough checkup.

Acceptance rates aren’t very high. So, be hopeful but don’t get down if your article isn’t chosen.

Popsugar monthly newsletter

The Voices team will send you an email on the first day of each month. This will have a few things in it:

  • Topics that the editors want to read about under each vertical (entertainment, fitness, smart living, et cetera)
  • Reminders for you, the people who help make this site better (AKA, how to use em dashes, the importance of deadlines, et cetera)
  • A list of movies and TV shows that are coming out that month with a form to sign up to cover them

What to pay attention to when pitching to Popsugar:

  • The newsletter is one thing to pay attention to Editors are open to writing about other things, but in theory, your chances of getting an article are better if your pitch has something to do with the newsletter.
  • The newsletter used to go through the spam folder, so you need to take note of that before your response got late

Prompts, pitches, and tasks PopSugar

There are three ways you can write another article after you write your first. You can write another article with prompts, pitches, or assignments.

Prompts: This is where editors will post story ideas that you can choose from. Some folks write from 0 to 10 posts a week, put up by chance.
Pitches: Using the Voices form, you can tell us a little about yourself (like your name and email), what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

It will then show up on your dashboard if an editor likes your pitch.
Tasks: From your previous articles or pitches, editors can tell that you know a certain subject. They might give you stories on that topic right

away if they think you’re good at writing about it. After I wrote a few articles about eating disorders and talked about my

connection to the National Centers of Excellence for Eating Disorders, an editor gave me a few stories I didn’t want to

write about, even though I didn’t pitch them.

How much does Popsugar pay writers?

You’ll usually Get Paid $50 for Article Writing For POPSUGAR, and you’ll get paid 30 days or less after the article goes live.
When you write about recipes, DIYs or other things, there are usually a lot of pictures. They’re worth $100 each.
There aren’t many $75 items. Most of the time, these are reviews with a few original photos.
Before you kickstart a project, you’ll know what the payment is.
Finally, they don’t pay you for your first article with them, but the rest of them will.

The best ways to write your first article

Table of content
If you really want to Get Paid $50 for Article Writing For POPSUGAR, There are a lot of articles on POPSUGAR about everything from fashion to food,

but the first articles I’ve seen from people who write for the site are personal essays about things like identity and family.

You can also talk about your own personal lifestyle.


Following the rules, most articles are between 800 and 1200 words long, according to the rules.

People write personal essays that have anywhere from four to eight paragraphs inside of them.


Topics that the editors are interested in right now:

  • essays and hacks on how to raise your kids
  • First-hand fitness tests
  • Beauty product reviews and how-tos
  • in-depth personal stories people in Generation Z and people who were born in the 1980s and 1990s have a
  • Useful tips for living a better life
  • People who write shopping guides
  • A story about a relationship, a wedding, or the birth of a child is called a story
  • TV or movie ideas
  • Creative and relatable “listicles” on any subject

Popsugar guidelines pages

Check out the guidelines page for POPSUGAR Voices before you send in your work. They’re linked all over the place.
How to write a story, how to send it to the site, and what to do if you have a question.

Don’t forget to do…

As with any piece of writing, remember to:

  • Check the rules often
  • You should read your article out loud a few times to check for flow, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and other things that might make it hard to read
  • Make sure your idea hasn’t been on the site before
  • Make sure you haven’t already written that story

How to Make Pitches Work on Popsugar

What a good pitch looks like…
As a first step, check out how other people have formatted their articles to figure out how to do the same thing.

Keep in mind these things that I’ve found helpful or read about on their pitch form:

  • The number of words or paragraphs in a text post, or the number of slides and the number of sentences in each paragraph for a picture gallery post.
  • If you need quotes from an expert, what kind of expert will you use, and how many? In most cases, 1–2 is needed.
  • Your point of view: How important is this? What’s your point of view? What kinds of information will you put in?

In addition, be as specific as possible all the way through. Four to five sentences should do. If you can, add any links that might be helpful. Only pitch what you can write.

Getting ideas from here is a great way for you to get ideas that editors are more likely to accept.

Sometimes, the newsletter comes with very specific ideas that don’t really need much more work from you. This saves you both time and brainpower.

How to figure out what PopSugar editors really want

While it’s a good idea to check the newsletter, many of your pitches might not be newsletter ideas, but topics that editors were interested in.
This included things I saw a lot on the app and pitches that worked well for me.

In general, pay attention to what you see and what editors often accept!
Besides, when it comes to entertainment articles, I’ve written these kinds of articles for a lot of different shows and movies (but not every time I’ve pitched them).

Tips for PopSugar Content Submissions

There are a lot of ideas for content that you can choose from through the Voices platform at any given time. For example, they might want

to see more lists or product reviews on the site, or they might want to see different story ideas. Check out this list, but here is what

I think is the most important thing I learned from this blog post: Write something that only you can write.

Everyone can write a listicle on how to have a safe holiday during COVID-19. This means that anyone can write one. It’s up to you

to tell how Covid changed your trip, your plans, and your relationship with your loved ones. Get to know each other.

People enjoy reading the stories of other people. It makes us feel less alone and see. It makes us think.

As well as the editors know about this fact.

PopSugar Content Submissions
PopSugar Content Submissions

Does POPSUGAR pay their contributors?

People who help out get paid for their work, as we said above. To be honest, when I first started this program, I couldn’t figure

out whether or not contributors were paid, so I didn’t know for sure. One of my stories had been published,

but I had not sent in any tax information and no one had asked for my bank account.

I looked into it. You can find a lot of information about POPSUGAR on the internet. I found a forum where someone said that

they started getting paid for their content once they had two articles on the site. People reached out to them after they had their

second story published. They were asked if they wanted to be part of the contributor team. After reading this,

I was inspired to keep going and see what happened.

As it turns out, I had the same experience as the person who wrote the forum post about the same thing. I was asked to join the POPSUGAR team after my second piece was published. Afterward, a second employee reached out to help me get set up in the contributor dashboard and get tax information. Again, the team made it easy.


If you want to get into POPSUGAR, it’s not easy, but it can be done. You should do some research before you go, and know that I’ll send you good luck and positive vibes.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.