Truehost Honest Review, Is Truehost legit, Truehost review

Truehos is a hosting provider in Nigeria and in this article, we will be checking at truehost review and why you should host your nest website on the platform or not.

Truehost is a hosting provider in Nigeria where you can host your website, buy a domain, VPS, and other features.

I shared my honest review about the platform and if you should host your next website with them or not.

There are lot of hosting in Nigeria but how would you know the right one to choose when you want to host your website on the internet?

I understand the fact that we all want to have a website that would be fast responsive, mobile friendly and also keep the users live on the platform

Would you be able to get everything you need by using the trusthost platform?

Truehost is available in over 24 countries in the world and with that, you should be able to see the list of countries that truehost has been serving.

Also, I understand about the domain and hosting cost, you might just want to start a blog and look for something affordable that you can just use

to start for the main time before turning to an expert in the field and going bigger.

Truehost also helps businesses to come online and have a great time online with domain registration, web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, website security,

emails, and other cloud hosting services.

We are your best bet to keep your website online.

Truehost Pricing

Truehost has over 8 different packages available on their website and you can choose the one that suits your need from the listed package on the website.

Truehost pricing starts from 400 naira per month and you would have access to:

  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Maximum Domain Hosted: 3
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Shared IP Address
  • Cpanel

Truehost also has a bronze package which cost 175 naira per month which is only:

  • Applicable for Domains Registered at Truehost only
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 30 Day Trial Period
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
  • 1 Email Accounts
  • 1 FTP Accounts
  • 1 Databases
  • Your own Cpanel
  • Free Script Installer – softaculous

Truehost domain pricing

You can purchase any type of domain extension on truehost and for 1,200 naira you would be able to get ( domain and it cost 5,000 naira to buy a (.com) domain extension.

Truehost domain pricing
Truehost domain pricing


Truehost Cloud Server

Truehost has over 14 features for the cloud server and you can choose one that best suit your need if you need Fastest Cloud Servers with LiteSpeed Servers.



Truehost FAQs

What are the main features of Truehost?

The key features of Truehost are as follows:

  • Dashboard
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Continuous Backup
  • Carrier Access Billing

Which mobile platforms does Truehost support?

Truehost support any type of mobile that has internet access

What payment method does Truehost support?

Truehost supports naira and dollar payment methods

Truehost Location

Truehost located in Nigeria



If you’re looking for a reliable place to host your website in Nigeria, then you can give truehost a trial for the first 30 days and see if they actually worth doing business with them, also

don’t forget they offer a money-back after 30 days if you’re not okay with the platform.