Top 7 EASY Fiverr Gig Ideas With No Experience

Okay so you guys have asked and I’m going to deliver in this youtube video. 7 EASY Fiverr Gig Ideas With Little to No Experience. Now when I say little experience,

I understand that there are some people who went to school for this and feel that that’s not true. And I might get some hate for it below in the comment section.

But I’m okay. I’m prepared for it. I think most things in the world can be done without any schooling. I’m not talking about being a doctor or a lawyer right now.

I’m talking about everything else.

So I’m gonna go over 7 different ways you guys can make money on Fiverr with no prior experience and no college degree in this video.

Let’s do it. Okay, so I’ve carefully chosen 7 different Fiverr Gig ideas that span a variety of skill sets and interests. This is not just for writers since you guys know

I always talk about writing. I’m going to go over many different things that I have personally seen people open on Fiverr and make money on Fiverr doing it.

And most of them had no prior experience and certainly no college degree. So if you’re watching this and you feel that you’re not prepared for this or

you feel you don’t know what you’re doing, this is a perfect video for you because this is for the beginners out there who want to get in on the action

and have no idea where to start.

Top 7 EASY Fiverr Gig Ideas With No Experience

All right guys, so it’s time to dive into 7 different ways you’re going to make easy money on Fiverr with little or no skill. And we are going

to start with my favorite:

1. Beta Reading

Beta Reading is when a non-professional looks over someone’s piece of writing or a book and gives their honest opinion

on it before it is published officially. So the whole point of being a beta reader is that you are not a professional.

You don’t work at a publishing company. You’re someone who is just willing to give your opinion on whatever this person has written

before they post it or publish it. I can say I have used beta readers before with my own ebooks and with my own articles

that I have written. So… It’s a very valuable thing that people are willing to pay you for.

So as you guys can see here.

Beta Reading on Fiverr
Beta Reading on Fiverr

Scrolling through here are all a bunch of different level 1, level 2 sellers selling beta readings.

So let’s look at this person. They have a ton of reviews and they are charging $10 to $40 to $70. It looks like to beta read a novel and

here’s how they have described it. And people are loving it in the comments section. So it looks like for a 25k to 80k word book,

she’s charging $70. That is gonna come out to somewhere probably around $15 an hour for this. However, you have to

understand that this is such a low-risk low stressful job that this is probably enjoyable for this person. She can read a book

a day and make $70 doing it and that can really add up especially if she has other gigs on here you know this might just

be one of the gigs she’s offering. And it’s pretty cool because you get to read about you know other people

and what they are writing.

You get to be tipped off to a book maybe before it’s published which is awesome. Here is the Fiverr pro version of that which as

you can see is a lot more expensive. This woman’s charging you know $350 for that exact same service. And it looks like people

are buying it which is awesome. And that’s a nice living right there. Making $350 a day reading books. Doesn’t sound

too bad to me. Here is how she has described the gig for it. Just to give you guys a look at it. And yeah I mean if I had

to guess, this woman is making at least 10k per month doing this and she probably offers a bunch of other things

as well which is really cool.

Okay so another thing that I came across the other day which technically requires no prior experience is

2. Website User Testing or App User Testing

it’s the same type of concept where this person is going to come in and you’re going to experience a new website or an app before it launches.

And they are going to observe you doing it which means what you’re going to do is either on your laptop or your phone you are going to

screen record yourself going through the app. As someone who’s created an app, this is really really helpful to them because they see

what buttons you go to click, what buttons you don’t go to click and it helps them make the app as user friendly as possible because

if the app is not user friendly people are going to just X out of it and not go back into it.

So user testing is so so important for these startups and app teams and you don’t need to be an expert at all. They’re actually looking for your

common sense you know exploration inside of the app. They don’t even- They don’t care if you have a master’s degree or not. You can see

this person charges $10, $20, $30. People are loving it. I’m not surprised. Here’s another one.

A test website for five minutes live for $25. 10 minutes for $35. 15+ minutes for $45. You guys can see this stuff can add up to very easily making

you at least $100 per day and you can literally get started on offering this type of service tonight. As always guys, I always say go check out

your competitors on Fiverr first. So go look at how they’re wording this stuff. Go look at the portfolios that they have uploaded because

it’s going to help you set up a gig that is going to be as strategic as possible. This is one I saw the other day. I probably would do this

honestly if I wasn’t writing on Fiverr.

3. Ebook covers Design

Well, I’m not a professional graphic design artist’. That’s okay. You’re gonna tell the client that you’re not that. You’re gonna also tell them that you are

designing this ebook cover in Canva and that’s why you’re not gonna charge $5,000 for it. So this person right here is only charging $15 and these

are 100% Canva covers.

Ebook covers Design
Ebook covers Design

I can tell you right now from looking at them. Here is how they have worded the gig. They say- ‘I decline offensive and sensitive publications, yep!’

I mean you’re allowed to be upfront with what you will and won’t do in your gig. This is your storefront! Combination print ebook package $45.

This is awesome. You can… Literally, go on Canva and just type in ebook covers. It comes right up and look it’s already formatted for you guys in Canva.

This is nuts to me. I think it’s a really easy way to make $10, $15, $20 and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do a logo. For example,

a vector image? Yes you do. But, for an ebook cover? Absolutely not! The same thing holds true for social media covers,

social media banners, Instagram stories.

The same thing holds true for literally all of them.

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4. Virtual Assistants

The virtual assistantship is blowing up right now. So many people are coming online that they need admin help. I’m one of them. I have two virtual assistants.

I could probably use four if I’m gonna be honest. And it’s totally worth it to me to pay someone $15, $20 an hour to do something that now freed up

my time to go do something that’s gonna make me $100 an hour. So the virtual assistant people are never going to question paying you for this.

Believe me! Here’s her about this gig.

Fiverr Virtual Assistants
Fiverr Virtual Assistants

I mean it’s not even a really good description at all. And it clearly doesn’t matter. People are loving this gig. They’re giving her tons of five-star reviews.

It can seriously add up. I’ve seen a lot of people go on to build their own virtual assistant agencies off of Fiverr by having this much success on it.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You can also open a Fiverr business account where you manage an agency within Fiverr.

Duh! Any business smart savvy business person has help and Fiverr even understands it so much that they allow you to manage teams on Fiverr now.

So sorry. Take the- You gotta take the hate elsewhere. You have to find something new to come at me for. But yeah I mean here’s just another way

this person is describing it. People are loving it. I can’t tell you how popular virtual assistant work is right now. I can just tell you that these

people are having orders fly in while we’re- while I’m talking about this to you. Another one,

5. Transcribing

A big one is people need their podcast transcribed and this then helps them turn it into blog posts, youtube scripts. A bunch of other ways that they then go to repurpose it.

So if you will listen to a 45-minute podcast and write it out for this person, they will pay you for it. This person has kind of a low rate of $5 for 20 minutes.

Not terrible. Let’s see what this person is charging. They’re starting at $5 moving up to $90 moving up to $150. So if I had to guess this one is

low price because these people are using AI software to do the transcribing and then they’re just going in and editing it if I had to guess.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing that so long as you are delivering the product that you promised to the client. When it’s all

said and done you have not done anything wrong. So this person’s gig looks awesome. If I was them, I would put their personal

face into this to establish a little bit of trust.

But they might not even need to at this point because they have so many five-star reviews. They’re pretty much bulletproof and that’s definitely how Fiverr goes.

Here all of the glowing reviews for this person. So… Yeah I mean transcribing is like really easy mind-numbing work like you can almost do it

while you’re watching TV type of thing.

6. Blog Writing

Blog Writing on Fiverr is next on the list. People do not care if you went to college or not to write a blog for them. And I can say of all the

different writing services I offer on Fiverr, blog writing is definitely the easiest.

Fiverr Blog Writing
Fiverr Blog Writing

It does not take a rocket scientist to learn how to write a blog. You come up with a title, a subtitle, an intro paragraph, bulleted points, and a conclusion.

You do not have to have some fancy degree to do this and if you’re brand new starting out, you can start by charging $10. And you can even let the

client know that you’re brand new. And then you’re not even lying to anyone about anything. So this guy is starting at $35 for 350 words.

$60 for 800 words. That’s pretty good. I charge like $150 for 800 words. So he is at a level one seller and people are buying this.

There’s a lot of money to be made in blog writing. It is so worth it to these companies to hire somebody else to write these blogs

like let me tell you it is saving them hours of work to outsource it to you guys. And they will gladly do so. Here’s one top-rated seller.

$45, yes $60, $100 for a thousand words. This person can probably write this in one hour.

So they’re taking home, after the 20%, $80 per hour writing blogs from their laptop anywhere in the world. You guys have heard me talk about this extensively.

I’m not trying to make it sound like an MLM. It is true though you can see it right here. Proof in the pudding right here guys. I mean these people are sweeping,

sweeping. Learning how to write a blog is just a general skill set that I believe is gonna advance you in any business that you do because you’re always going to

need to have written content and whatever it is you do. And I think blog writing is a really easy way to get your foot in the door with copywriting.

7. Shout Outs on social media or influencing

You might say to yourself- ‘Okay well, I don’t have 100,000 followers, So I can’t do that.’ If you look at some of these gigs, these people

are giving shout outs on their own podcast. They’re not even mentioning how many subscribers they have on it. They might have four.

People are giving shout outs on their Facebook page to their 2000 Facebook friends from their high school. You can get clever here.

If you want to start at just $5, $10 because you’re only going to give a shout out to something with not a large audience. That’s fine.

It’s going to take you one second to do it and then you’re done.

Oh my God, I love this one. I will shout you out on my 51k Viral Dogs Instagram page. I love people. This- This is like- This is why I do this. This person…

Has… Put their dog on social media successfully and now they’re profiting from their dog’s popularity in shout-outs. $15 per shout-out.

Freaking brilliant, guys. This is a beautiful time to be alive. If you are not… Pumped up with me right now, I hope you now are after seeing this Corgi.

I also love Corgi so… That’s why I’m maybe a little partial to this. Anyway… you do not have to be a massive social media star to give shout-outs.

However, this should inspire you after this video to go put some effort into your social media because you can monetize it so freaking easily.

We got LinkedIn on here. We got Instagram. We got youtube… Shopify. I mean… you dream it, people are listing it on Fiverr and that is

something that I really really love to see. Okay guys so if you like videos like the one I just did, please let me know below because


I can definitely do more of them. After 7 years on Fiverr, I probably know about over 200 different ways you could be

making money online just using Fiverr. And Fiverr is only one of many many freelancing marketplaces out there from

Contra and Continuum to Upwork, 99designs, cloud peeps you name it.

You have so many options when it comes to freelancing so I’m just here to awaken you guys and enlighten you to

all the different ways that you could be making money online today.