Step By Step to start shopclues affiliate program

Shopclues affiliate program is India’s most popular online shopping portal, specializing in low-cost items. When Shopclues originally opened their website, they advertised “Jaw-dropping deals.” For example, I got three torch lights with batteries for Rs.30, which was a great price. However, because this was a promotional offer, you can still get a reasonable price by comparing other eCommerce sites.

However, if you maintain a blog or have information on your site about coupon codes, price comparison, recharging, or any other site, you can apply to be an affiliate partner.

Joining the Shopclues affiliate network allows you to earn a flat commission of up to 7% on each successful transaction made through your link.

shopclues affiliate program
shopclues affiliate program

How Do I Get Involved in shopclues affiliate program?

After registering, you will not be able to access the affiliate dashboard.

To become an active affiliate partner, you must first apply.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Shopclues affiliate program first.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Become an Affiliate.”
  1. Complete the affiliate registration form.
  1. Press the “Submit” button.

Filling Out Forms:

You must include information about your affiliate website.

The fundamentals are as follows:

Company URL – This is the URL of your website where you will promote Shopclues offers and discounts.

Would you mind specifying whether your affiliate is a network or a single publisher?

Select the type of website (Blog/Cashback/Recharge/Content or price comparison) and the content details (Blog/Cashback/Recharge/Content or price comparison).

Monthly Visits – Mention your monthly visits, which begin at 1000.

Company Information – Fill in the company’s name and address.

Contact Information – Include your contact information (Name, Email, phone number, work phone, etc.)

Payment Information for the shopclues affiliate program

This section is very significant since you will be paid to your bank account.

  • Enter the account number and the name of the bank.
  • Would you please provide your PAN (Personal Account Number?

You can skip it if you don’t have one, but you’ll have to supply PAN information later by Indian government regulations.

In essence, affiliate marketing is enlarging one’s marketing team by enlisting the help of third-party organizations, who are compensated only when leads are generated, and revenues are produced.

Shopclues Affiliate program has become a popular alternative among organizations and brands in a world where marketing techniques and methods are bombarding them from all sides.

Affiliate marketing isn’t just gaining popularity among businesses. As this infographic shows, it has grown into a large global industry worth well over $12 billion.

Affiliate marketing has many benefits that small, medium and large businesses are attempting to capitalize on. So it’s no surprise that it’s gaining traction over email marketing, which was once the unquestioned monarch of digital marketing operations.

Affiliate marketing generates nearly as much revenue as email marketing. Furthermore, it accounts for 15% of all revenue generated through digital marketing activities.

Here are some of the shopclues affiliate program


Budgeting for advertising that works

Affiliate marketing saves money on advertisement allocation because it is a performance-based marketing strategy. It is well-known that marketing is all about boosting the return on investment (ROI) for potential clients, and affiliate marketing is no exception.

Because the quantity of money spent is less, the danger of a poor ROI is reduced.


The Shopclues Affiliate program, like other marketing tactics such as email marketing and website development, may be tracked. This is likely its most significant advantage.

Its programs allow customers to see things like click-through rates and site visits due to reading an affiliate web page.

This is a critical component in establishing an affiliate program. It works because it identifies which affiliates are effective and which are not.

It also uses multiple marketing techniques, such as a link placement or an ad banner, to emphasize performance on various affiliate websites.

It is acceptable to have multiple affiliate programs because this allows a select few effective ones to be chosen from a large number of programs available.

SEO should be improved

Most internet sellers are passionate about this topic. Through various backlinks from affiliate websites, blogs, and (indirectly) social media pages, affiliate marketing can help your site’s SEO. This is especially true if you’re collaborating with higher-ranking partners whose audiences distribute content about your product or service on many channels.

Boost brand recognition

Customers prefer to buy from businesses they are familiar with when making online purchases rather than pitch their tent with an unknown label or unknown face.

It enables new businesses, large and small, to expand their brand awareness by increasing their audience base and obtaining clients who have never heard of them before.

It goes beyond single product advertising by working with a chosen group of affiliates who have a knack for your specialty. As a result, your brand’s awareness has grown, and you may now advertise it to new leads and audiences.

Gain access to international markets

Affiliate marketing is an effective technique to tap into the global marketplace if a product can be sold globally.

Local expertise can be leveraged to advertise products to overseas audiences utilizing techniques adapted to the unique location by using professional affiliates abroad.

Aside from that, it’s a low-risk way to see if a product can be sold elsewhere. Affiliates can also join worldwide affiliate networks to help with this global reach.

The ShopClues Affiliate Scheme is a commission-based program that allows you to earn money whenever someone visits ShopClues through your tracking or affiliate link and makes a purchase.

On your blog or website, you must advertise ShopClues deals, banners, and discounts.

How can I become a member of the ShopClues Affiliate Program?

Sign up for the ShopClues Affiliate Program at After you’ve completed the enrollment process, promote their offerings using your affiliate (tracking) link. You’ll get paid a commission if people click on your links and make a purchase from


The ShopClues Affiliate Program offers a variety of options and many ways to link your website to

How do you keep track of your referrals?

Your affiliate account can be used to track conversions. Conversions from your affiliate link will be reflected in your affiliate panel as they occur.

You can also examine conversion details by going to your dashboard. The Clicks Report, Conversion Report, and Sub-Affiliate Reports will provide you with complete insight.

Earn money by referring others to ShopClues Affiliate Program

By sending a referral link to your friends and relatives via SMS, WhatsApp, or email, you can earn up to 700 INR. In addition, you will both receive CluesBucks worth 700 INR after your referral registers with the ShopClues mobile app.

Would you please keep in mind that your referral should not already be a Shopclues customer? Also, a referral code will only work on the app, and a current client will only receive CluesBucks if they join using the ShopClues app.

What are the different types of commission structures?

Affiliates must promote ShopClues deals and products. An affiliate earns a predetermined commission when a visitor is redirected to the ShopClues website through an affiliate link page and purchases any offers or products.

ShopClues maintains a defined commission structure; the image below gives you a good indication of the commission in each category.

How may tracking links be used to promote an offer?

Any deal or product on the ShopClues website can be converted into affiliate links. First, you must select the URL for the product or category page and add tracking parameters.

Then you may use the link to promote and send traffic their way.

Is it possible to promote offers via mobile?

Yes, you can advertise ShopClues offers on your phone. Since. The Shopclues Affiliate Program is available on the Shopclues website and the Shopclues WAP (mobile) site.

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Is it free to join the shopclues affiliate program?

Yes, there isn’t any membership cost. You don’t have to pay anything to join the ShopClues Affiliate Program. All you have to do to become an affiliate is register on the ShopClues website.

You can use ShopClues to promote your items, offers, deals, and discounts. You must, however, have a functioning website from which to market requests.

What is the duration of cookies, the minimum threshold, and the payment method?

The duration of cookies is 24 hours, and the monthly minimum threshold limit is 5000/- INR. Payment will not be given for a month if an affiliate does not reach the required threshold commission. Fellows in the ShopClues Affiliate Program get paid commissions via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

What billing information does the Shopclues affiliate program need to receive payments?

You can enter your billing information by filling in the appropriate fields:

Name of the Payee/Company: This is the name of the bank account holder.

Account Number: The bank account to which the payments should be transferred.

Name of Bank: This is the name of the bank where your account is held.

PAN (Personal Identification Number)

When do the monthly reports and payments arrive?

Monthly reports will be delivered by or before the middle of the following month for the preceding month. Please notice that during the previous month, ShopClues erased all canceled and returned orders.

The ShopClues affiliate marketing program staff should receive invoices for the total amount by the 30th of every month.

For example, the monthly report for March will be sent by the 15th working day of April once all canceled and returned orders have been removed. By April 30th, invoices should be received.

Payments will be made based on the invoice amount and will be made within 30 days of the invoice date. For example, prices for March will be made by the end of May or the first week of June.

Important Reminders:

1) Where applicable, GST will be paid separately.

2) Affiliate commission will be levied on the customer’s net payment amount.

3) When making payments, TDS will be deducted from the final invoice amount.

The ShopClues Affiliate Program appears to be an excellent one. It is gaining popularity among consumers due to its simple promotion strategies. So, if you have a popular website or blog, you can join the program and start marketing their deals on your site.

You may also contact us if you have any questions about the ShopClues Affiliate Program. In addition, you can get the Shopclues affiliate team for assistance in resolving your concerns.

Shopclues Affiliate Program’s Frequently Asked Questions

Shopclues Affiliate Program Benefits:

You’ll get a user-friendly dashboard with all the details on affiliate marketing.

The performance can be monitored in real-time.

They provide a simple transaction validation process as well as a widget with the most recent offers.

How much does it cost to become a member?

It is entirely free to join their affiliate program.

All you have to do now is wait for their response, which will tell you whether your application has been approved or rejected.

What are the products that are eligible for commission?

Almost every product qualifies for a commission.

When products are purchased using your link, your account is credited.

What is the purpose of the shopclues affiliate program tracking parameter?

The parameter merely relates to your product link’s unique tracking ID.

What is the bare minimum payment amount?

To get money, you must have at least INR 1500 in your account.

If you earn less than Rs. 1500/- in a month, the balance will be carried over to the next month until Rs. 1500/-.

What is the method of payment?

Electronic Fund Transfer is the only payment method available on Shopclues (EFT)

Is it possible to join without a website?

Shopclues currently only accepts applicants that have blog or website material.

Who should I contact if I have a problem?

Any issue can be resolved by contacting the Shopclues affiliate staff.

If you have any questions about the program, you may contact them at [email protected].

In conclusion

Shopclues affiliate program marketing is difficult, but it is necessary for success. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective and flexible

technique for promoting your business and generating new leads. It also cuts down on the amount of money spent on advertising.