How to make money hosting game servers

Every gamer wants to Make Money Hosting Game Servers. There is, of course, a lot of work that goes into this.

Our team of experts has put together a list of tips and tricks to help you make money hosting game servers. Let’s start with it.

make money hosting game servers

How to Make Money Hosting Game Servers

1: Choose a Lucrative Game

Keep in mind the principle of demand and supply when you host game servers to make money You can only make money if you make something people want.

When you start, the best thing to do is look for a profitable game. They are some of the most profitable PC games now.

Minecraft, Space Engineers, and Starbound are three of them.

Make sure the game is profitable before you buy it. Here are two tips that can help you figure out if the game is worth your money.

Find out how many people like the game. People who play it and talk about it on social media are included in this group, as well.

Second, you need to find out if people will pay for the game. The way to do this is to look for people who have a

big say in the field (influencers usually troop to the most successful spaces.)

2: Pick a Server Hosting

Once you have a game, you’ll need a good game server to run it. Among the things to look for in a game, server are uptime,

server locations, bonus features, and customer service. When you start making a lot of money, your users will

expect you to be there for them all the time, so you’ll need a server that can stay up all the time.

This is important because the closer you are to a server, the faster your computer will be able to do things.

People who work for the company can help you if you need help with technical problems.

Look for extra features like DDoS protection, automatic backups, and one-click mod installation as well to see if they can help you.

Some of the best game hosting providers are HostHavoc, PingPerfect, and GameServers. These are some of the best.

Ways to Earn Money From Hosting Game Servers

1. Promote Games

Getting people to play games is a simple way to make money. You should use this method of making money when you have a following.

A game company will pay you to spread the word about their new games and get people to play them.

Having an audience makes you so valuable that you may have to turn down a lot of job offers because you

can’t spread the word about them all.

You might even be able to reach out to bigger games and ask for a job with them.

2. Ask for Donations

gaming hosting server

You probably already know that good gaming skills are important to making money in this field.

If your gameplay is interesting enough, you can ask for donations from your fans. On YouTube, Twitch,

or some other site, they may be watching you play your game.

They use Patreon because it’s easy to use and has a lot of extra features, so most people use it.

You can also use less well-known platforms, like Heights, Tribe, and Kickstarter, to make your own videos and make money.

Because it’s a donation, don’t use a direct payment method like PayPal or Venmo because of legal issues.

3. Communicating and Promoting on Discord Server

Discord is a very profitable platform, and a lot of gamers are making a lot of money from it right now.

The platform lets you communicate with your team members by text, audio, or video, and you can do

this on the same platform. During games, most people use Discord to talk about their thoughts.

A game or product can be promoted to your audience, you can charge a small fee for access to your forums, you can advertise other Discord servers,

or you can even join a Discord ad network! Discord ad networks make it easy for you to advertise and make money by installing a simple bot that you can use.

It doesn’t matter if you already use Discord. Then, here is how you can become an admin on Discord so that you can have more power in this platform.

4. Sponsorships from Different Platforms

You can accept sponsorships from a wide range of places, from server hosts to retailers of gaming equipment.

Among other things, you might get money to promote gaming chairs, desks, or even keyboards.

Creative hosts think outside the box and get sponsorships from brands that everyone uses, like razors, boxer shorts, or even deodorant.

This way, they can make their shows more interesting. As long as you have a following, you can get sponsorship from almost any brand and be paid for it.

5. Advertise Exclusive Content

This is one of the best ways to make money online today. Exclusive content has become one of the most niche ways to make money.

There is a lot of beauty in the fact that anyone can host exclusive content, from YouTubers and Patreon owners to people who have a page called Only Fans.

The key is to come up with and share something that no one else has. People will follow you on any platform if you get that.

Some content is harder to make money from than others. There are many ways to make money from giving Minecraft tips,

but it doesn’t always mean people will pay you for them. If you want to make money hosting game servers,

you need to come up with unique content that can also be sold. For example,

you could stream exciting gaming sessions or roast your fellow gamers on a live feed.

6. Promote Game Server Offers

Game server hosting

People make money when you help them make money. This is how it works: You put up an offer from the server, like a discount or a gift.

The server makes money when more people buy things from them and visit their site. In return,

you’ll make money by getting a small share of their money.

Find the best deals because not all servers charge the same. Make sure you know what the rules are

before you sign a contract or promote a game server.

Earn money through Minecraft

Over 131 million people were playing Minecraft at the end of 2020. The game made more than $415 million in sales.

At least $3 must be spent by each Minecraft player. You can use any of the methods above to get money from this source.

Some of the best ways to make money with Minecraft are to charge people to join your servers, ask for donations, and sponsor products.

Providing Game Server Hosting Service

how to build money in minecraft

People who want to make money from game servers have to offer game server hosting services to other people.

In our time, we’ve seen many game hosting companies come and go. Setting up a game server hosting company is not easy,

but if you love maintaining servers and dealing with gamers, you might be able to do it well enough.

The other piece of the puzzle is how to find customers. To stay alive, you need to know about marketing and SEO.

Easy way to get a listing: If you are a new company and have no history, you won’t be able to get a listing on our site.

Our sign-up process is very long and complicated, and new hosting companies are contacting us all the time.

Fastpoint-gaming Companies like Fastpoint Gaming have shown us how risky the business can be, which is a big downside to the business.

They used PayPal to keep track of subscriptions. When they had a lot of refunds because of problems with Ark servers,

they blamed PayPal for not giving them the money they needed to pay their bills when they had to.

Before taxes, a well-run game hosting company can make a profit margin of 75%.

This means that the money will be good. Problem: We don’t have a lot of money for marketing,

so free traffic from SEO is important in our experience.


There are a lot of ways to make money from online games if you know how to do them.

It’s possible to stream your gameplay, use Discord advertising networks, sponsor products or charge a monthly fee

once you’ve found a good game server host and built a fan base.