How to Start Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing

Digistore24 is the new kid on the block for affiliate marketers

Digistore24 affiliate marketing is a digital and physical goods affiliate marketing platform. Who are trying to represent digital products They are new to the US market, despite being one of Europe’s largest partner networks That is a good fit for your affiliate marketing business. Some of the more lucrative evergreen categories include:

  • Plugins
  • Fonts
  • Templates
  • Training Courses 
  • E-books

They also offer tangible products such as nutritional supplements, which can be used for affiliate marketing in the health and fitness industry.

Historically, huge affiliate networks such as ClickBank, JV-Zoo, and Warrior Plus have been the primary marketplaces for these products. Digistore24 is a newcomer to the US market, having been formed in Europe in 2012.

Digistore24 is an affiliate marketing network that appears to be more mainstream and “cleaner” than other affiliate marketing networks.

For a variety of reasons, I am a great lover of the downloaded type product market segment:

• They have a lot of profit margins. This makes sense because there are no production costs like there would be with real things.

• They are frequently impulsive purchases for customers.

• They’re a great place for affiliates to learn about items and develop their own.

• If you warm up the prospect, you can get a good conversion rate.

If you have your own products, you can be both an affiliate and a merchant. At 7.9% of the gross sales price, the fees for qualifying partners are fairly reasonable. This is a fairly reasonable price for an internet marketplace. They provide an extremely versatile payment system that allows your customers to pay using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and bank transfers.

Though I have only looked at the product listing form, cross-sells, and other options online, they appear to be quite supportive of their affiliate partners.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing
Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing

Creating an Account for Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing

Signing up was simple and seemed to happen automatically. Simply go to the registration page and fill out the required fields. I have approved right away. Joining as an affiliate or influencer is entirely free. There don’t appear to be any requirements for initial affiliate traffic.

It can be tough for international affiliates to join affiliate networks based in the United States. With a simpler approval process, Digistore24 is one of the top affiliate networks for smaller non-US affiliate marketers in these categories.

You can log in and access your dashboard and other account features when you register and validate your email. To get affiliate commission payouts, you will need to confirm your phone number.

The user dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all of your Digistore24 products as well as your affiliate transactions. The option to create a custom dashboard is a fantastic feature. So, if you’re merely an affiliate, you can quickly get rid of the vendor information clutter.

The most prevalent payment options are Paypal, bank transfer, and Payoneer. They allow you to choose from weekly to monthly payouts and have a standard hold-back time to account for potential returns.

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Reporting and other business activities are other useful features of Digistore24. It’s extremely reliable, and you can quickly determine which merchants are providing the best results for you. The following items are included in the report:

  • Transactions
  • Commissions
  • Payouts
  • Analytics
  • Clicks

Support for several currencies is one of the user dashboard’s additional features.

· Effective Fraud Protection

· Support for joint ventures

· Vaults can be downloaded

· Keys to the license

· Tracking conversions

· Analytics


ClickBank and JV-Zoo both have a large number of merchants seeking affiliates, however, Digistore24 does not. They are, however, nicely arranged by vertical category. Almost all of these Digistore24 affiliate marketing schemes are CPA marketing (cost per action). When you make a sale, you get paid. The following are the categories with the most products:

• Business & Investing — 50

• Health & Fitness — 65

• Hobbies and crafts — 30

• Internet Marketing — 30

• Self-improvement — 33

• Social Media — 20


Digistore24 Affiliate marketing provides excellent email assistance.

Affiliates might benefit from fast start tips to help them succeed.

· Find money-making partners for your expertise, among other things

· Make the most of affiliate links.

· Getting the most out of your tracking

Digistore24 has a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 on Trust Pilot, which is quite high for this type of affiliate network. JV-Zoo, for example, has a score of 3.7, whereas Warrior Plus has a dismal score of 1.7.

Promoting with Digistore24 Affiliate marketing

To attract traffic to their specialty website, most people will utilize SEO (search engine optimization) and content management. You can, however, begin marketing with landing pages or other affiliate channels.

If you’re a new affiliate looking for alternatives to your own website, such as video marketing, landing pages, paid advertising, a Facebook page, email marketing, and so on, check out our article on affiliate marketing without a website.

This is not a passive source of money; in order to boost SEO traffic, you will need to create content. You should, ideally, take a multi-channel strategy to the products you represent. Don’t expect to gain a lot of conversions by just sending cold visitors to a product or service provider’s sales page.

These products may have slightly different sales methods. Top affiliates in this field know how to profit from these types of products online. Before attempting to convert a buyer, they develop email marketing, PPC ad campaigns, landing pages, and generally present a lot of information about the product. They understand how to select an affiliate program that appeals to their target demographic. Not the one with the highest rate of conversion.

You want to warm up the lead before delivering the buy offer, unlike Amazon or Ebay’s partner network. The prospect is more likely to buy because of your advice than because of the affiliate offer marketplace.

Although your sales volume will be lower than if you were selling tangible things, your affiliate business will ultimately make more money per transaction with Digistore24 than it will with Amazon.


Digistore24 Affiliate marketing is a trustworthy affiliate network that specializes in digital products. They are not a fly-by-night organization, with over $250 million in transactions in 2019. They have a solid payment history and some high-quality products. Digistore24 can undoubtedly assist you in establishing a successful online business.

They may not offer as many products as Clickbank, but the ones they do have are more trustworthy. Smaller affiliate networks, such as Digistore 4, will be able to provide you with more assistance and attention.

I’ll be advertising a couple of these and will update this post with the results of actual transactions and conversions.

It’s wonderful to see less garbage than the ClickBank’s of the world, and it’s worth looking into as a digital product vendor or affiliate. For every online merchant or affiliate marketer, Digistore24 has a high possibility of becoming one of the greatest affiliate networks.

If you sell digital products you should definitely consider Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing

Begin earning money online with the greatest affiliate network, which may help you earn over $1000 each month. It’s completely free, and there’s no need to request permission to use the account. You may easily use this fantastic affiliate network without having to create a website. It also contains a sufficient number of products in a separate category that may be useful to you.

This is a similar affiliate scheme to ClickBank. Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing is the name of the company. Yes, this is the best affiliate network for earning a lot of money online.

Why This Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Is Best?

Because this affiliate program offers so many benefits to its affiliate marketers. You can, for example, receive payment more than once per month. There’s also a full analytics table to keep track of your progress. It’s completely free, and there’s no need to get permission to promote any goods.

Many users, like those on Clickbank, are unable to use that affiliate network in a number of nations. As a result, this can be the greatest choice for Clickbank. Many ClickBank affiliate items had also relocated to Digistore24. Isn’t that fantastic?

What is Digistore24 Affiliate marketing all about?

This is the most well-known affiliate network in Germany. This can be used to advertise a wide range of products. As a result, the product promoter receives a tiny commission on the sales he generates. There are numerous products on Digistore24 where you may earn up to 80% commission on a single sale. In addition, there are other subscription items that can be used to earn money online through affiliate marketing.

This affiliate network is rapidly expanding, and a large number of internet businesses are promoting their products and services through it. Which you may profit from by advertising it through your affiliate links.

What Is The Best Way To Begin Digistore24 Affiliate marketing?

It’s quite simple to get started over here; even a novice can make an account and begin promoting these products.

· First and foremost, join this affiliate network.

· After that, you’ll have access to the affiliate board.

· After that, go to the market.

· You will find a wide range of products here. Pick one that you can promote.

· Locate your Affiliate link on the right-hand side of the page.

· After that, begin promoting it how you see fit.

To market affiliate products online, you can utilize a variety of free approaches. That’s what we’ll see over here.

Many customers use paid tactics such as starting a Facebook ad campaign, Google ad campaign, or any other ad network to promote Digistore24 items. This is especially handy if you only need to invest a small quantity of money. However, if you cannot afford this option, you may use the freeways.

Before we get into that, let’s look at how to choose a product that sells well and that you can promote easily.

Using a Digistore24 Affiliate marketing filter to find the exact high-converting products over here.

So, to do so, follow these steps:

• The first look at the marketplace page.

• Then you’ll see the product that’s being heavily advertised by affiliate marketers.

• You can also use these products if you like.

• There will be a filter over that page that says Sort by.

• There is a selection to be made there ( Sort By Cart Conversation ).

• You will be able to find things that are easily sold this way.

• However, the product should be old and the cancellation rate should be low in this case.

So, using this strategy, we will promote a product that can easily be converted into sales. Digistore24 affiliate marketing will pay us a good commission as a result of this. You can also acquire the thing here, which presumably has a low commission rate. However, those things are the greatest to promote because they will directly convert into sales for you.

You can use some of the greatest freemium tools to email the people who are interested in your items if you want. Get Response is the best e-mailing tool, and it offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. As a result, you can utilize this to email your customers and convert the product into a sale.

Where Can I Get Free Traffic via Digistore24 affiliate marketing?

Social media and question-and-answer sites are the most common sources of free traffic. Only from here can you generate a large amount of traffic for your product, which can then be readily purchased by the audience.

You can use the best social networking account here.

  • Pinterest – This will take time, but if you work for at least two to three months, you will be successful. Following that, you should be able to witness a significant increase in visitors to your website or items.
  • Instagram – One of the best ways to generate free traffic to your product as well as high-quality traffic to the product you’re promoting. It just takes time to gain a large number of followers on your account over here.
  • Facebook – Increase traffic to your product by posting your product and linking to as many Facebook pages and groups as possible. To avoid being banned by Facebook, simply post on 10 groups from one account in an hour

You may receive great traffic for free with these social traffic strategies. These solutions, however, will necessitate the creation of a website. You may simply accomplish this on Wix, Blogger, or Google sites. Also, you may effortlessly connect the affiliate goods straight on Instagram.

You can market your link and write answers to some questions in your area over here. You will receive high-quality traffic from Quora for your products as a result of this.

Medium – You’ll need to create a large blog and drive traffic to your affiliate products in this category. It will take some time to see results, but it will be well worth it.

These are some of the most effective ways to acquire free traffic to your items or website. So give it a shot right now and see how easy it is to generate money online with Digistore24.