How To Make Money On Remotasks Online 2021

Are you looking for a quick way to get money by performing micro-tasks on Remotasks?

We’ll go over everything you need to know about Remotasks in our in-depth analysis, including whether the site is legitimate and safe, who can join, how much you can expect to earn, and more.

Review Process

This Remotasks review was written by Malaysian Reddit member /u/Suicidal-duck, who utilized Remotasks for roughly a month and earned $42.86 as a result.

After that, I did some independent research about Remotasks’ safety, authenticity, and reputation, added more content, and eventually edited everything together for this comprehensive assessment. Enjoy!

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a microtasking platform that compensates users (independent contractors) for completing short, simple jobs.

You’ll be assisting Remotask’s clients (both tiny startups and huge public organizations) in building and training smarter AI by completing these easy tasks (think self-driving tech, image recognition, categorization, and more).

About Remotasks

Remotasks is a legitimate company that will pay you for easy jobs in a timely and regular manner via PayPal. However, don’t expect to make a lot of money. The salary is meager. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort to make a reasonable living. You’ll also need patience, as some activities (especially the higher-paying ones) can be challenging at first.

Remotask Company Info:

Is Remotasks Legit?

Remotasks is currently legit in my opinion. They’ve been around since 2017 and have a sizable workforce; they’re active on social media (mostly Facebook/Instagram) and Discord, have a responsive support team, and, most importantly, pay.

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However, there are certain red flags:

1. Remotasks or Smart Ecosystem Inc. are not listed in the firm address building – This could simply be a Google maps error, and Remotasks is a remote company, so it’s not a major concern, but the address could be incorrect.

2. Can’t discover much information on Smart Ecosystem Inc., their parent firm – They don’t appear to have a website, and the founders remain unidentified. Remotasks was previously owned by Scale Labs, according to what I’ve read online.

3. It’s unclear where clients sign up — Remotasks is a platform for contractors to earn money. But where do the assignments come from? There was no sign-up area for clients that I could find.

4. They have mixed online evaluations – discover more in this section.
Even with these red flags — which are a little weird — I’d still think Remotasks is trustworthy because they pay. Even yet, they might not be the ideal place to work – more on that below.

Who Can Join Remotask?

The minimum age limit is 18 years old.

Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eswatini, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenia, Kenya, Kenya (source).
Laptop or PC is required as a device. It is not a good idea to perform work on a mobile device. The majority of common chores can be completed on either a laptop or a desktop computer. LiDAR operations, on the other hand, necessitate a laptop or workstation with at least 4GB of RAM, a GPU (ideally), and a fast internet connection.
Requirements for payout: a verified PayPal account.
Other requirements: Must be able to communicate effectively in English.
SSL certificate for safety inspection? Yes.
Here is the link to the privacy statement.
Remotaskers’ personal data includes their name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and other demographic information.
Address for PayPal (for payment).

Do Remotask share user data with third-parties?

Only if it’s de-identified or aggregated (ie. anonymous). They do not sell personal information to third-parties or advertisements.
Do they keep user information safe? “Remotasks employs adequate physical, technological, and administrative security measures,” according to its privacy policy.
Is it possible to remove your account and all of your data?

Yes. Please send an email to [email protected].

Is Remotasks a secure platform?

Remotasks does not appear to ask for a lot of personal information, but they do want certain sensitive information, such as your phone number. I would stay away from the site if this makes you uncomfortable.

Also, as Remotasks advises, keep an eye out for scammers while on the site. Stay away if someone (or a task) is asking for too much personal information or asking you to perform something unexpected.

As always, total privacy and security on the internet are unattainable, so proceed with caution.

Support Quality

I’ve emailed Remotask’s support service a few times now to inquire about their terms and conditions ([email protected]). They were quite helpful and straightforward.

They normally answer within a few hours, which is amazing, based on my previous experiences.

Join their Discord server if you require immediate assistance (find it in the settings section of your account). Your questions will be handled quickly because the moderators are almost always online and easy to reach.

How Remotasks Works

Remotasks operates in a straightforward manner. You can go to the training center after you’ve successfully joined up to finish classes and unlock paid tasks. The courses are normally completed in 5 to 15 minutes.

There will be a short quiz at the end of each lesson to check your understanding of that specific task.

Among the jobs you’ll be performing are the following:

Boxes are drawn around autos and other things.
Categorizing t-shirts and moderating and analyzing information on the internet
Data collection, transcription of audio, and more
These jobs are all different in terms of complexity and remuneration. Some are simple and quick to complete and pay pennies each assignment. Others are more difficult and time consuming, but pay significantly more.

Once you begin performing assignments, they will be verified for accuracy before being added to your account and paid out by PayPal the following Thursday.

Remotasks Potential Earnings

Here’s what Remotasks users have said about their earnings:

The highest hourly wage is $20.
Avg. $/hour: $0.05 Lowest $/hour: $0.05 $3.63 per hour
The most expensive month is $400.
Monthly minimum: $0.58 Avg. monthly minimum: $0.58 Avg. monthly minimum: $0.58 Avg. monthly minimum: $0. $119.72 per month
As you can see, revenues on this site change a lot. This is attributable to a number of factors:

1. Work volume: Our reviewer discovered that projects on Remotasks were virtually always available. The more projects you participate in, the more tasks will appear in your work queue. The majority of Remotasks users we questioned said they received work a few times per week or a few times per day.

2. Pay per task: Task pay varies depending on the task type. Language and 2D tasks pay very little ($0.01-$0.15) but take only a few minutes, whereas 3D tasks pay more but take much longer. So the trick is to try them all out and figure out which ones are worthwhile.

3. Accuracy: The amount you receive from each activity is determined on how accurate you are (ie. how well you do the work). To collect the entire amount of your money, you must be 100% exact, which, in my opinion, isn’t that difficult if you pay close attention to your duties.

4. Practice: Once you’ve mastered an activity, it should come naturally to you, and you’ll be able to accomplish it faster.

Proof of Payment

Here are some payment proofs from my PayPal account to further establish that Remostasks is legitimate and not a scam:

In the last month, I’ve cashed out twice for a total of $42.75. There were no delays, which surprised me. Payments were received in a timely manner.

My first cashout came in less than a day, but that was only because I was recruited to join one of their high-paying projects. (I’ll go through it in more detail below, as well as how you can participate in these projects.)

Overall, I believe this is strong evidence that Remotasks is genuine.

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EARNINGS POTENTIAL 1.5/5: According to real user data, you can expect to make roughly $3.63 every hour.

Work Volume 4/5: There are always plenty of projects to pick from, but the quantity of jobs you receive will be determined by how many projects you choose to train for.

Payout Options 4/5: At the present, PayPal is their only method of payment.

Payout Minimum 5/5: There is no minimum payout.

Payout Speed 3/5: Payments are provided regularly, and I’ve never had any problems with them.

Accessibility 3/5: Remotasks is only available in a few countries and requires fluency in English.

Support 5/5: I’ve contacted the Remotasks support service via email a few instances, and they usually respond within a few hours.

Usability 3/5: The site can be a bit glitchy at times. Beginners may find the dashboard complicated and difficult to navigate at first.

How to Earn Money on Remotasks

1. Remotask Training Courses

As previously stated, you must finish the necessary training classes before you may begin working on paid projects.

When you finish most of these courses, you’ll get a modest reward:

2. Tasks

Completing tasks is the most common way to make money on Remotasks. You can find tasks in your task queue via the user dashboard after finishing training courses:

Check again later if your task queue is empty.

The tasks are divided into three groups:

2D and 3D language tasks

On Remotasks, language and 2D tasks are the simplest and fastest ways to make money. They normally take no more than a few minutes to finish.

When compared to language and 2D tasks, 3D tasks are more difficult and take longer to accomplish, but they pay more. These 3D project courses are often more difficult than the rest.

You’ll need a good laptop/computer, a stable internet connection, and, most importantly, patience to complete 3D tasks. Beginners will find these tasks difficult at first, but with enough practice, anyone can master them in no time.

Take your time completing the tasks. As previously said, your accuracy will have an impact on your earnings. More money per task equals more accuracy. Keep in mind that poor accuracy could result in you being barred from similar activities in the future, so be cautious.

3. Reviewing Tasks

You can earn extra money as a Remotasks reviewer once you’ve achieved enough experience.

The role of a reviewer is to ensure that taskers complete their assignments accurately. You’ll need to assess jobs and look for any potential blunders.

To become a reviewer, you must complete as many tasks as possible while maintaining an average accuracy of 90% or higher.

Because of the detailed nature of their labor, reviewers are usually paid extra.

4. Bonuses for referrals

Participating in the Remotasks referral program is another method to earn money. Simply share your link with other users to refer them:

You and the person you refer will each receive $5 as an incentive, but only if the person you refer earns at least $10 in the first two weeks after joining up.

Earning $10 in two weeks isn’t impossible, but it won’t be simple, especially for newcomers, in my opinion.

How much money can I make with Remotask?

You can expect to make between $30 and $40 each month on average. This is when you only work a couple of hours per day. However, if you want to make it a full-time job, the pay isn’t awful.

How does Remotask make money?

Remotasks uses PayPal to pay its taskers. The payout for each work varies depending on the task’s complexity. The hourly cost might range from $1 to $2. The minimum winnings are $5.

How long is Remotasks training?

LiDAR annotation and LiDAR semantic segmentation are the most popular types of training we provide. We’ll train you on several scenarios over the course of ten days. Following the instruction, you will be able to do these chores effectively at home on your own.

What is Remotask lidar, and how does it work?

Light Detection and Ranging, or LIDAR, is a type of remote sensing technique that allows users to inspect a surface and its elements using light. Unlike radar, which detects objects via electromagnetic pulses, LIDAR employs pulsed lasers.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Remotasks

Remotasks users can only pay out using PayPal, which comes with a 2 percent transaction fee.

As long as you’ve entered your payment information on your account page, your earnings will be paid out automatically every Thursday.

The finest feature, in my opinion, is that there is no minimum amount required to withdraw your money. It’s possible that you’ll be compensated in cents!

1. Discussion boards for the community

Remotasks offers a dedicated forum where members of the community can communicate with one another. You can acquire basic information, ask questions, discuss ideas, and connect with other taskers right here.

2. Use the Discord server

Remotasks also offers a Discord server where their taskers can communicate with one another. The server is really active, and it’s a great location to hang out and meet new taskers from various backgrounds.

In comparison to forums, queries are answered faster here because there are so many active people. They also have a monthly award system in which they nominate excellent taskers each month, with the winner receiving a reward.

Remotasks will frequently post announcements in their Discord server when they are looking for taskers for projects. These projects pay exceptionally well, so keep a watch out for them.

3. Bootcamp for Remotasks

Average Customer Reviews

“I abandoned the site because the assignments were [too] challenging for me. Remotasks, on the other hand, pays well for challenging work. You get paid peanuts for easy ones, and there are times when there are no assignments available.”
“It’s a decent and legitimate site, however the pay isn’t very good.”

Negative Feedback

“Their directions are clumsy, repetitive, and poorly worded. I don’t have time to read all of those instructions again. They should have communicated those directions more clearly. When you first start working, these so-called “reviewers” don’t provide you any input on the job. They simply inform you that you performed the job incorrectly. If they don’t tell you about your faults, you won’t be able to learn that way.”
“It’s a waste of time since you have to complete 1000 activities and then they’ll add another claiming you have to complete this work for further instructions, and their directions are terrible…”
“I was not compensated by Remotasks. I needed the money and didn’t get paid, despite the fact that I worked a lot.


Many of the recent Remotasks evaluations I saw were overwhelmingly positive. Some users appear to be having success with the platform, claiming that it has recently provided them with much-needed revenue.

However, there were a few lengthy bad reviews thrown in for good measure. Inadequate assistance, late payments, irregular hourly rates, poor training, and lousy job reviewers were among the complaints. The Remotasks Bootcamp is a 5-day, 7-hour-per-day paid training program (available in English and Spanish) that will teach you all you need to know about making money on Remotasks.

How to Get Started with Remotasks

It’s simple to get started with Remotasks. Here’s how to accomplish it step by step:

Step 1: Create a Remotasks Account

To begin, go to and create an account using your Facebook or Google account. You will be eligible for a $5 sign-up bonus if you sign up here.

Step 2: Finish a course

You’ll be taken to your dashboard once you’ve signed up. To get started, go to their training center, choose a project, and enroll in the course:

A quiz will be given at the end of each course. You must pass the quiz to be eligible for the tasks, but don’t worry, you may do it again if you don’t pass the first time.

Step 3: Begin earning

You’ll start receiving work for that specific project after you’ve completed and passed a course. Simply go to your dashboard and click “Launch your task queue” to begin tasking.

From your dashboard, you can see your earnings, attempted tasks, and completed activities. Best of luck!


Remotasks would be a terrific service for generating extra money if the hourly pay/pay per task wasn’t so minimal. The UI is appealing, and the assignments are intriguing, but the pay is appalling. Some users claim to be paid pennies an hour.

Still, the site is legitimate, and they pay out on schedule, so give it a go if you want to test it out.

Have you ever utilized Remotasks? Please submit a short Remotasks review in the comments section by clicking here. Thank you for your assistance; it is really appreciated.