How to make money as a girl in Nigeria

Looking out to make money as a girl in Nigeria, still trying to survive, I understand some kind of challenges you might be facing even though if you learn handwork,

you might actually find it difficult to convert it and start making money with what you learn.

But here in this article, I will try my possible best in giving you the best tips as a woman like you on how to make money as a girl in Nigeria,

because I have once been in such shoes before, I defiantly know it feels.

The first reason is that the internet has a lot of ways for women in Nigeria to make good money.

It will also depend on your own preferences and how good you are at what you do.

make money as a girl in Nigeria

How to make money as a girl in Nigeria

1. Join online surveys

Surveys are one of the best ways to make money online, especially for girls in Nigeria.

Filling out surveys for different businesses that are doing research about customers is what it comes down to.

Most of the time, these sites give their users money if they do well in surveys.

Surveys are paid based on how much you care about the subject.

You should check to see if the site allows surveys for people from Nigeria before you go ahead with it.

2. Create and sell apps

In Nigeria, building apps is one of the best ways to make money as a girl.

If you have the skills, this is one of the best ways to make money. So, you offer your skills and get paid.

App developers also make a lot of money, but you’ll need to be very good at what you do to be successful in this field.

3. Start a podcast today

how to make money in nigeria as a lady

Podcasts are one of the most recent ideas for small businesses that doesn’t require a lot of money, like a lot of other ideas.

You pick a subject first, then talk about the most popular topics.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are like radio shows, but they can be downloaded and streamed at any time, just like radio shows.

If you have good content, your channel could make money in a short amount of time through sponsorships

and other ways that the platforms allow you to make money.

4. Proofread Documents

Demand for proofreaders isn’t as high as it used to be because more people are writing more content than ever before.

In this case, if you don’t have the skills to write or you write but don’t want to make the same mistakes again,

proofreading might be a good choice for you. As a freelancer, you can work from home and look for a job at a local business.

5. Start a niche blog

A blog is basically one that talks about one thing. People say that, but they say that it’s more personal and maybe about entertainment

or lifestyle as well as attracting people who are interested in that.

If your site gets enough traffic, you can pay to advertise or even make money from AdSense as Google places ads on your site.

6. Freelance on Fiverr

Fiverr is still one of the best places to find work and make money as a freelancer.

However, you need to be good at something and be able to charge for it.

The minimum amount you can earn with Fiverr is $5, and the platform takes a cut of that money.

Be aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to make money on Fiverr.

This is one of the greatest ways to make money as a girl in Nigeria.

7. Graphics design

Graphics design is a skill that is in high demand these days, and it is an art form.

Because you could do it as a freelancer or apply for a full-time job, you could make money from it.

People who are good enough can make it in the field.

8. Content writing

Writing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, and it’s also one of the areas that people are looking for the most.

In writing, you can make money if you can connect words in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be the best at everything right away,

but you can learn the art quickly if you have the drive.

9. Start your online store with drop shipping

It is one way to make money as a woman in Nigeria without having to pay a one-time fee.

What this means is that you could work with a wholesaler or manufacturer to sell their products and make money.

Instagram and Facebook are two places where you can do this, but there are many more.

When you place an order, you tell the seller, who will send the item to the customer.

It will then be time for the supplier to pay you back in the form of money.

10. Start Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing and product sales are both good ways to make money in the same niche.

Amazon and other online marketing giants like them will need to be linked to your website in order to get people to go there.

This means that you’d get a cut of what they buy when they shop on your website.

11. Website designs

If you want to make money as a woman in Nigeria, one of the best things you can do is learn how to make websites.

You’ll have to go through a lot of instruction and practice, but after that, you’ll make a lot of money that makes the work worth it.

12. Create and publish eBooks

This could be one of the least fun ways to do it, but it still works.

Publishing and writing Ebooks can make you money if you’re a good author and creator.

But, you have to keep going because no one knows who you are.

Over time, you’ll be able to get a lot of people to read your work.

As a bonus, you could also sell your book on sites like Amazon.

13. Earn money through Google AdSense

The first thing you need to make money with AdSense is a lot of traffic.

If you figure out how to get more people to your site and make a lot of money by paying Google to show people ads, you should do that.

In addition, with AdSense, you don’t have to sell or make money from your products.

Relax and make money.

14. Video editing

In Nigeria, the best way to make money as a woman is to work as an editor for videos.

As someone who can edit video, you could get a piece of the money that is out there.

If you want, you can learn how to work as a freelancer or make it your job.

15. Influencers on social media

Influencers make money in many different ways.

It’s one of the easiest ways for a woman in Nigeria to make money, from paid ads to influencing what people do.

But, you also have to build up your followers, which takes time and is the most difficult part of the job, too.

There is one thing, though. Once you have a lot, the rest will be easy.

16. Start a YouTube channel

earning sites in nigeria

When you start your own YouTube channel, you could make a lot of money.

This is even more true if you can provide enough value to get a lot of views and followers in little or no time.

In addition, you could also choose to show ads that you pay for and make money from the visitor’s YouTube will pay you for.

Trying out this way to make money as a girl in Nigeria is a very great step you could ever take.

17. Online tutoring

To make money, if you have good brains and are able to think, you could teach other people how to do things better on the internet.

It’s possible to record a class and then put it on sale on sites like Udemy.

You can make money this way if this sounds like something you’d like to do.

18. Selling photos online

Women like to take pictures. Why not make money from taking pictures?

You can sell pictures of yourself on websites like Shutterstock, or you can take pictures of the natural world and put them on them.

It’s up to you how you want to look. In the end, every time someone downloads an image from your site, you get paid money.

19. Start a blog for product reviews

In a blog that reviews products, the only thing you can do is write about the performance and experience of certain products,

which helps readers decide if the product is worth their money. This helps them decide if the product is worth it.

Following the information you’ve given, you’ll put up a link to this product’s website online.

Every time someone buys something through your link, you get a share of the money.

In the end, it’s a lot like affiliate marketing, but with a different method.

Earning sites in Nigeria

There are a lot of sites in Nigeria you can earn money from and this has to do with performing small tasks

for people and making money from every task you perform.

how to make money in Nigeria offline

if you’re really serious about how to make money in Nigeria offline, then you really have to start an offline business, with that you could be earning from

100k or more which might depend on your capital startup or your availability for the work.

how a girl earn money at home

if you really want to earn money at home as a girl, you need to look out for one of the above-listed ways to make money as a girl most especially

starting a blog or being a YouTuber, you can even make money while sleeping.


There are many ways to make money as a woman in Nigeria.

Most of them don’t need money, but some do, and the way you go is up to you.

The way you go is up to you.

All in all, work on the skill that you are most comfortable with.