How To Earn Money Online With Google AdMob Ads

The mobile app and games business is often said to be a volume business, primarily in those cases where the business model is ad delivery.

To earn money it is necessary to obtain a large number of installations and users which will help you to have ad impressions.

Another option is to have a high volume of apps, and even if they don’t get a lot of installs, they all combined will get a lot of impressions.

After all, the more impressions we have, the more revenue and profit we will get from the ads.

Therefore, the objective will be to have a volume of installations or a volume of applications.

If we get both, so much the better.

By the way, the applications that you upload to the Play Store must be of quality, that is, to solve a problem and keep it updated.

Niche markets have been debated in the website area for a long time, but not in the applications area.

There are categories or niches on Google Play that are highly profitable and have little competition.

This is what allows you to make money with applications that obtain fewer downloads and go unnoticed in the application stores, so they do not appear in the rankings of the application stores.

These niches are not massive, that is, they are not topics of interest to the majority of the population, as may be the case with a casual game or electronic commerce such as Amazon.

However, in these niches, even if they have low or very low demand, advertising pays very well.

What is AdMob?

AdMob is a mobile advertising company that is run by Google and helps you generate income by serving banner and video ads.

The AdMob platform provides the opportunity to earn additional income for those who market their mobile applications on the Android and iOS application stores.

In addition, the size of the ads can be configured according to the screen sizes of mobile devices so that the user experience is not negatively affected.

How does Google AdMob work?

Advertisers pay Google to use AdMob to serve their ads within mobile apps.

In this way, mobile applications can generate revenue from AdMob.

In other words, application developers can earn money by offering space in their applications.

How much money can you make from AdMob ads?

If you want to know how much money you earn with Admob, I must mention that there is no single answer to that question.

However, it is possible to make assumptions based on a few factors. The income obtained from AdMob will be based on data such as the rating of the application, the download rate on Google Play.

The time that users spend on the application is also an important factor.

Therefore, having positive comments and feedback on your application will attract more potential users and Google.

In that way, by having an increasing rate of application downloads, you can increase your income.

But that is not the only way, there is more than one way to make money with a mobile application.

What are the most profitable categories on Admob?

Some of the best niches and keywords that can help you get more income from ads are:

  • Insurance
  • Online education
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Legal
  • Internet and telecommunications
  • On line bank
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Home and garden
  • Car dealer
  • Fitness and health

My first experiments implementing Admob

Now I will share one of the experiments I did using the Google Admob ad platform.

Some time ago I developed a couple of question and answer applications which I published in the Play Store on April 14, 2020.

To date, the applications have around one hundred to one hundred and fifty active users.

Initially, the earnings were around one to ten cents and at that time the active users were between two to four.

So I published three more apps on the Play Store, while the number of visits slowly increased.

As the user base grew to ten active users, earnings also increased from thirty to fifty cents.


There were several moments where income increased, but there was a date where they began to be frequent.

On November 2, as can be seen in the graph, the visits and consequently the income increased.

I was reviewing the analytics and that was because I had some users from the UK, who had generated the remuneration.

In that month I submitted a new update for my apps and added an interstitial ad to them as well.

I got more active users, but the effect was limited to one week decreasing revenue.

After that week, active users began to decline in the next two months.


Capture 1

fter three months, the impressions went back up a bit, at first, I thought they would continue to go down.

The apps contained 3 types of Banner ads, Interstitial and Native.

After a year, I managed to exceed the payment threshold which is one hundred US dollars.

Before I could receive payments into my bank account, I had to fill out the W-8BEN tax information form.

Once the form was filled out, I set up my bank account using the SWIFT code and waited for the date between the 21st and 26th of the month to receive the payment in my bank account.

Being an international transfer, I was deducted ten dollars which was the fee of my local bank.


Something that you must take into account when creating your applications is invalid traffic, according to Google, clicks on ads must be motivated by the real interest of users.

If you click on your own ads, Google can disable or suspend your account.

SEO is applied in website development, but when it comes to positioning apps, you must implement ASO, which is the process that helps maximize the profitability of an application.

Getting downloads is essential for any mobile business and is also very useful to increase visibility in app stores.

Another aspect to consider is that your earnings may include deductions. For example, Google can adjust your earnings if it detects invalid activity on your account.

You can learn more about Google’s earnings deduction here .


To summarize, I would say that the earnings of an application will mainly depend on the following:

  • The number of active users your application has and the time these users participate in your application.
  • The location of users who click on the ads. In countries like United States, European countries, Japan, South Korea, you get more eCPM compared to South America.