Full Guide to Start JioMart Affiliate Program

JioMart Affiliate

In India, the Reliance digital affiliate program will soon be introduced to advertise various items by paying up to 10% or more commission on each sale. Jiomart’s affiliate commission is higher than that of other Indian e-commerce sites. As a result, many digital marketers are looking for the standards and terms and conditions for the “Jiomart affiliate program.” As far as we know, the Jiomart affiliate program has not yet begun, although it is expected to commence in the 2020-21 fiscal year. The details of the Jiomart affiliate program are detailed in this article and a list of commission-based products.

Reliance Jiomart is India’s largest e-commerce site, offering a wide range of products such as groceries, health-related items, home care, baby care, everyday items, and many other everyday items. More products are expected to be added to the Jiomart online store soon. Currently, there is a process of inclusion in progress.

Where you may get the best discounts and immediate cashback by joining the Reliance Jiomart affiliate program.

Affiliate with Jiomart

Other e-commerce behemoths such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mantra, Ajio, Mamaearth, Paytm Mall, and others, on the other hand, pay a very little commission on each sale. Therefore, it can deduce that it is likely to be less than 10% commission.

Earnkaro, Cuelinks, and other large affiliate companies are already performing well in the sector.

When it comes to Jiomart, it offers a referral commission of more than 10% on every product. With this deal, many Digital Marketers have flocked to Jiomart and are recommending their products to everyone. As a result of this, Jiomart will become a big e-commerce player in India. That is undeniable.

In the next few days, the larger commission will pay off with additional sales. So, you’re prepared to seize the Jiomart affiliate.

Reliance Jiomart and WhatsApp Payment Integration

As previously reported, WhatsApp recently invested in Reliance Jio for the collaborative work process. In addition, Jiomart has integrated the WhatsApp payment gateway with offers and discounts, which means that everyone who makes a payment over WhatsApp is eligible for specific discounts. This is how WhatsApp intends to monetize its service.

WhatsApp Pay Mode + Reliance Jiomart Store

Discounts and offers are available through the WhatsApp pay connection.

Jiomart offers a discount to new users who pay with WhatsApp.

This is the underlying concept behind the Jiomart and WhatsApp partnership in India.

What is the JioMart affiliate program?

Jiomart affiliate is a program that pays affiliate marketers commissions when their customers buy things from the Jiomart e-commerce site after clicking on affiliate links.

Affiliate marketers can advertise products on review blogs, YouTube videos, and other platforms, earning 10% commission on each sale.

You don’t have to worry about product inventories or delivery as a promoter. Said, encouraging people to buy Jiomart’s product through affiliate links can earn you money in the long run.

The JioMart affiliate program will be India’s most popular and profitable affiliate program in the future years.

What are the requirements to join the JioMart affiliate program?

JioMart is a well-known E-commerce brand and a large merchant. Therefore, affiliates must adhere to the standards and accept the terms and conditions. This is also required for all other merchant’s affiliate schemes.

Aside from that, there are a few other documents that almost every affiliate program wants (prediction for now).

Your Company’s Name and URL

What initiatives and plans do you have in place to increase traffic?

Your target market and the products you’d like to advertise

Proof of identity and information from the pan card

Number of the bank account or preferred mode of payment

If you have a blog, YouTube channel, or social media influencer, you have a larger chance of being accepted into the JioMart affiliate program.

JioMart Affiliate Commission Rate

JioMart Affiliates can earn anything from 10% to 15% commission. This commission varies by category, niche, and product.

These are many research’ expected advertising fees/commission rates. Next, I’ll present a predicted summary of commission rates for several products to give individuals considering joining JioMart Affiliate some solid suggestions.

Affiliates will be able to earn 8-10% advertising fees for toys, baby care items, fitness, and outdoor products such as shoes, shirts, and bags (commission).

Affiliates are likely to earn 5-8 percent commission on software, movies, industrial products, books, home appliances, many other digital products, jewelry, beauty, health, and grooming products.

Mobile phones, heavy machine parts, and laptop products that are a little more expensive can earn you a commission of 2.5-4 percent.

We’ll update rates here once the formal rules and fee structure are released. Keep an eye on this article. Visit JioMart’s official website by clicking here.

JioMart Affiliate Program
JioMart Affiliate Program

Jiomart Affiliate Program Minimum Withdrawal Payout

A minimum of Rs.1000 is expected to be able to be withdrawn at a time. It’s also been reported that the JioMart affiliate has set a minimum amount that can be deducted from the total amount of confirmed sales.

JioMart Affiliate Program Will Be Launched On This Date

The JioMart affiliate program is not yet active, but we’ll keep a watch out for an update.

It’ll most likely be offered from Optimise, Admitad, and Commission. As a result, you can sign up for an affiliate account with any of these sites. This is our assumption based on the fact that the Jio recharge campaign was active on these websites at the time.

Please keep checking back to this blog since we’ll be adding additional information as soon as it becomes available, including a link to register as a JioMart affiliate (step-by-step guide).

Why should you be a JioMart affiliate program?

Joining the JioMart Affiliate program is entirely free.

Several goods are offered to promote various Jiomart affiliate promotions. Affiliate Marketers have a large variety of products to market because JioMart is an Online Grocery with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, baby care products, and personal care products. Baby care products and groceries, in particular.

Affiliates are paid automatically using a system. When consumers click on your affiliate links and make a purchase, you will be paid instantly through the JioMart Affiliate system’s dashboard. Marketers can quickly transfer the amount to their bank account after the minimum withdrawal limit is reached.

Affiliate marketers can earn commission on any eligible product, not just the ones they push, which is one of JioMart Affiliate’s biggest benefits. Affiliates can receive a commission if someone clicks on a specific product but does not buy it but does buy other things on the same visit.

JioMart provides customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Affiliates don’t have to worry about a problem with a purchase or anything else because the JioMart support team will take care of it. As a result, marketers can concentrate more on promotion and different techniques.

JioMart is a well-known brand with a large following. People have faith in JioMart. Through affiliate marketing, you have a better chance of gaining loyal customers.

Affiliate marketers will appreciate the well-organized reporting and support structure. A computer program will figure out who is clicking on which links and what things are selling. Affiliates can always contact the support team if they have any questions.

How to earn with the JioMart affiliate marketing program?

Let’s take a quick look at how affiliate marketing works. as well as the procedure


People are constantly looking for things they want online and attempting to find the greatest match possible.

People will come to your website if you list different offers, deals, coupons, and cashback. Once they click on the offer, they will be redirected to related E-commerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Aliexpress, and so on.

Customers must then make a purchase on such websites as the next step. The same goes for JioMart, where you may buy groceries, beverages, and other food items.

You can include JioMart cashback, discounts, and offers in your list because they offer a variety of advantages to their loyal clients.

Once the order is placed, you will be paid a commission. You can keep the bulk of the commission and pass the balance on to the customer as the payback you indicated on your website.

You’re undoubtedly curious about how this affiliate link is created and how payback tracking works. Let’s get started.

Affiliate Link Building and Tracking

Many affiliate marketers and publishers deal with e-commerce websites. As a result, each marketer and publisher receives a unique URL. As a result, they will be able to determine which link was used to make the transaction, and they will be able to deliver the commission they are due.

When a customer clicks on one of your website’s offers or discounts, the affiliate network that is affiliated with it begins tracking everything. They record click id, click time, user id, IP address, and URL.

These details are saved in the browser via cookies, which the user is looking for. The user will now be sent to the store, where they can make a purchase. Following a successful transaction, your cashback website retrieves the information via the API and distributes the cashback to the appropriate users while keeping a portion of the commission generated.

How can you promote your website, acquire traffic, and keep up with the latest trends once it’s finished with all of the basic setups? Let’s talk about it.

JioMart Coupon Cashback Offers should be promoted.

Blogging and social media are popular strategies to promote and increase traffic to any cashback coupon website.

You may promote your products and get people to buy them by writing various articles and blogs. People are continuously looking for product and service reviews. As a result, you can create YouTube videos for honest evaluations, impending cashback, and special deals. Cashback coupon website owners are finding that YouTube is becoming a reliable source of money.

Furthermore, PPC ads are quite successful in driving more traffic to new Cashback coupon websites

Your cashback website should be highly responsive and simple to navigate, as this will have a significant impact on customers’ buying experiences.

How to Get Approval Reliance Jiomart

Jiomart has not yet begun the affiliate program; thus, please wait for the next update from the Jiomart marketing team; once the affiliate program begins, please follow the steps below for application submission.

Navigate to the footer menu on the Jiomart official website and select “Affiliate.”

Once the new window has opened, fill out the application form and wait 1-7 days for the Jiomart marketing staff to approve it.

Once the “Reliance Jiomart” application form has been authorized, you can promote the popular products.

What are the products that pay the highest commission?

Electronics and things that are related to them.

Personal care and health items

Products from the grocery store.

  • Beverages
  • Home care
  • Babysitting

Details about the Reliance Jiomart affiliate program will be available soon.

Once the Jio affiliate is active, other product categories will be available on this page.

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Jiomart Affiliate Registration

The Jiomart affiliate application process, according to insiders, requires manual verification by the Jiomart team. If all requirements are met, the application will be approved within seven days after the submission date.

The Jiomart team has not yet launched the Jiomart affiliate registration process for product promotion. Affiliates will have to wait a few months for the official Jiomart affiliate registration announcement. The complete registration information will be published on Jiomart’s official website.

Join & Refer

Reliance is correct. Jiomart is the primary platform for Jiomart’s Join & Refer program, available to all customers. Friends and family members are referred by those who make referrals. Instant refer payment will be credited into the Jiomart account, and account users can redeem those refer payments on purchasing in it.


Reliance Jiomart is an up-and-coming Indian e-commerce behemoth that will give other e-commerce behemoths a run for their money. The Indian government has already announced for local shops and manufacturers; however, this announcement may have an impact on international eCommerce websites such as Amazon and other services; another major impact is the WhatsApp payment gateway; it also has an impact on other payment gateways such as PhonePe, Amazon Pay, MobiKwik, Freecharge, and others.

There is no doubt that Indians are capable of appreciating local brands and products and being interested in significant discounts.

Reliance digital affiliate program?

Jiomart’s affiliate program has yet to launch. However, it is projected to be in 2021 or sooner.

Reliance affiliate program?

Jiomart affiliates offer the greatest percentage scheme, and it may be available soon.

How do I do affiliate marketing on Jiomart?

Jiomart has not yet launched its affiliate program, but it does provide a lucrative commission plan for marketing across India.

Soon, a Reliance Jiomart affiliate will be available.

How to submit the Jiomart affiliate registration form?

To apply for the JioMart affiliate program, go to their official website. (Please note that the affiliate program has not yet begun.

How to apply for the reliance Jiomart Affiliate Program?

Wait for the Jiomart affiliate team to make an official announcement.