Zalanda Affiliate program

Sell through the Zalando affiliate program

It is the Partner Program (PP) model that helps Zalando achieve its overarching strategy of being the Starting Point for Fashion, a destination where customers can be inspired, discover new brands, and create memorable fashion experiences for themselves and others.

Get direct access to more than 46 million customers by signing up for this service. The quickest and most convenient way to build your brand and acquire new customers in 23 European markets. You are free to set your own prices. Their Partner Consultants are dedicated to assisting you in providing the best possible customer experience to your customers. We can assist you with everything from assortment steering advice to market expansion.

Zalando’s Partner Program portal, zDirect, provides access to all of your analytics, business insights, peer benchmarks, and platform tooling in one place. Use your own logistics or take advantage of Zalando Fulfillment Solutions to save money on shipping costs (or a combination of the two!). Customers will become more loyal to your brand if they can find it on a dedicated Zalando onsite page. Take use of Zalando’s cutting-edge marketing tools to quickly and easily increase traffic to your website.

Here are the steps to achieving success in the Zalando affiliate program

1. Begin by becoming acquainted with Zalando’s Partner Program!

  • You can find all of the information you need to get started right here:
  • Connection to the technology infrastructure and integration
  • Prerequisites in terms of logistics
  • On boarding and administration of new articles
  • Prerequisites for content and imagery
  • Platform Rules for Zalando

2. Make a decision:

Once you have investigated your integration and logistics choices and determined which is the best option for you, please notify our Sales team.

If you have not yet contacted us, please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Integrate: get ready to go live with your project!

Following the signing of the contract, the technical integration will be completed, allowing you to begin onboarding your articles and managing your inventory on our platform.

4. Make a profit!

You have gone live – good luck with your sales!

Are you interested in taking your game to the next level by leveraging our digital expertise and customer insights?

Increase sales and marketing efforts

Zalando Marketing Services
Zalando Marketing Services

Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) is a comprehensive marketing solution that connects you to Europe’s largest online fashion audience through a variety of channels. Its partners benefit from data-driven marketing skills, broad media and content creation knowledge, and other benefits derived from its collaboration with over 1,000 different companies.

What Zalando affiliate program does to assist partners?

With our assistance, you may increase sales, gain new consumers, and grow your business on Zalando.

Create awareness, increase your brand’s and product’s visibility, and increase sales.

Use our extensive client base in 23 European markets to your advantage.

Ensure the success of your product drops by implementing the following strategies:

Utilize our data and reports to gain a comprehensive insight of your customers.

Design and provide inspirational content and brand experiences through a variety of touchpoints.

If you would want to learn more about ZMS and the options available to you, please visit:

Zalando affiliate program Services is an acronym that stands for ZMS Services.

ZMS assists partners in achieving their branding and growth objectives through the use of data-infused marketing skills. The company provides four primary service areas:

Zalando affiliate program Insights

ZMS Insights provides you with the key to understanding your consumers’ behavior on Zalando, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your business. Partners will get access to purchase, onsite, and customer survey data, as well as competitor benchmarks, as part of their partnership. Customers from tens of millions of active accounts can be accessed through our self-service tooling or through our consultancy services, allowing you to gain valuable data-driven insights. Using concrete data to guide you through the process of optimizing your business strategy, product development, and marketing plans, you may uncover fresh chances to position and build your brand.

Zalando affiliate program Creative is a company that specializes in graphic design.

It is the responsibility of ZMS Creative to conceive and produce integrated campaign concepts across all touch-points, ranging from ad formats and styled product detail pages on Zalando to social media and other additional touchpoints. In order to excite your audience, you can use storytelling, content creation, and production services to your advantage. In addition, the team develops customized onsite experiences, landing pages, and interactive features that increase engagement and conversion rates.

Zalando affiliate program collaborated on this project.

Corollary is a one-stop-shop influence marketing solution, which combines three products into a single platform: Insights, Discovery, and Campaign Manager, all of which

work together to drive results. This tool allows you to track your Share Of Voice on social media and see how you compare to your competitors.

Examine the content on Collaborary Discovery to uncover the most effective influences for your brand or to get inspired by the most popular content on the platform.

Campaign Management, which is automated and self-explanatory, makes it simple to put your campaigns into action. No matter what your campaign’s objective is,

our solutions are designed to help you achieve it by obtaining relevant endorsements from others.

Zalando affiliate program Media is a media company based in Zhengzhou, China.

ZMS Media offers you to contact and activate customers across Zalando’s 23 European territories, allowing you to achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

With the use of Zalando data, the Media team creates integrated campaigns across a variety of consumer touch points, ranging from different advertising

formats on Zalando to offsite channels, in order to reach your target demographic in a targeted manner. On Zalando, you may choose from a variety

of formats, as well as formats on social media.

360° campaigns using the Zalando app and website, as well as display, social media, video, mobile, out of house, and more channels

Zalando data and insights are used to develop integrated media strategy.

A multi-channel approach to media strategy and programmatic purchasing

Campaign analytics that are in-depth and end-to-end reporting

Data and media technology that is proprietary

This is how you gain advantage.

Access to the Zalando app and web formats is restricted to members only.

More than 11,000 ads for more than 1,500 companies have been purchased by one of the most experienced media purchasing units in the fashion industry in Europe.

Zalando affiliate program audiences

Performance and branding concepts that are tailored to your needs and backed by vast experience

Services that have been proven and trusted while maintaining optimal brand safety

ZMS Media provides you with the ability to reach and activate consumers in 23 European markets. Based on our exclusive access to Zalando data and significant media

buying experience, we create comprehensive 360° campaigns to launch your products/collection, boost sales, and increase your brand’s overall influence on the market.

You will benefit from our data-driven media approach and trusted experience, which has been demonstrated in more than 11,000 campaigns to date.

We communicate with specific target audiences in a consistent and seamless manner across all relevant platforms.

Zalando’s Partner Program (PP) model supports the company’s overarching strategy to be the Starting Point for Fashion, a destination for customers to be inspired,

discover new brands, and create memorable fashion experiences. Our partners receive detailed campaign reports, relevant KPIs, and data insights throughout the year.

Why should you sell on Zalando affiliate program?

You will have direct access to more than 46 million potential customers.

The quickest and most convenient approach to build your brand and get new clients in 23 European markets.

You have the ability to set your own prices.

Their Partner Consultants are dedicated to assisting you in providing the greatest possible customer experience to your customers. From advice on assortment steering to market expansion, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.

On zDirect, Zalando’s Partner Program portal, you can access all of your data, business insights, peer benchmarks, and platform tooling in one place. Use your own logistics or take advantage of Zalando Fulfillment Solutions to save money on shipping costs (or a combination of the two!) Using a personalised Zalando onsite page for your business, you may increase client loyalty and revenue. Take use of Zalando’s cutting-edge marketing tools to quickly and easily increase traffic to your website. The entire process leading up to purchasing

How to use  Zalando affiliate program distribution network

Since its inception in 2017, Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) has assisted businesses in expanding their reach across Europe while saving money on logistical costs and exceeding customers’ expectations in terms of on-time delivery. Profitable growth on the Partner Program is made possible by the use of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion fulfilment network, which is provided by ZFS.

What is the Zalando Affiliate program and how does it work?

The Zalando Partner Program provides brands and retailers with direct access to more than 46 million active consumers across 23 European markets through the Zalando website. Using the Zalando Fashion Store, brands and retailers can integrate their products and inventory directly into the platform while maintaining complete control over the assortment, pricing, and brand representation.

How to join Zalando affiliate program?

Getting started with Zalando is as simple as three steps

Create your own with the help of our platform. Afterwards, we connect to your master feed of products and upload them to Zalando using an API connection. Once we’ve established a link, we’ll synchronise your prices and inventory for a seamless connection.

 Zalando affiliate program commission plan

The commission is calculated as a percentage of the price at which the product is sold and is typically between 5 percent and 25 percent of the product’s total selling price. According to the product category and the price of the product, Zalando charges a percentage of the purchase price. The commission rate increases in direct proportion to the price.

Zalando affiliate program dropshipping

n this Zalando marketplace drop shipping accounts for 70 percent of items, with the brand storing stock site in its own warehouse and fulfilling the purchase.

Promoting several affiliate products in a single post

To maximise the return of investment of your content, employ these excellent affiliate marketing tips. Promotions on a sporadic basis can be beneficial at times. Rather than increasing revenue, it increases the number of customers and readers who visit your website. Structure your material in the most effective way possible to discuss each affiliate product you promote. As a result, selecting the most effective content marketing plan will aid you in achieving success in affiliate marketing.

Intelligent pop-ups and how to make use of them

Pop-up windows are not always detrimental. They have the potential to push your company to new heights of success if properly implemented. It is important to employ pop-ups strategically in order to maximise the visibility of any commercial or call to action.

What is intent pop-ups Zalando affiliate program

(also known as exit intent pop-under)

These are used to deliver a special offer to a customer just as he or she is ready to leave your website. Pop-ups that appear when a user is about to leave a website may contain a coupon code or down selling offer.

Whenever a consumer reads your content to a specific amount, these are employed. These are both useful and uninteresting because they only appear when readers are sufficiently