Top 30 Business ideas in Nigeria with low capital

Looking for a business ideas in Nigeria with low capital It can be hard to find a lot of money,

especially when you want to invest your start-up money in a business.

Starting up a business in Nigeria can be ethics and there are lot of things you really need to put in consideration before you start.

Another thing to worry about is which business model would work best for you and make the most money.

Things like this can be affected by a lot of different things, like your own skills, the demographics in your area, your business plans,

specialized legal help, and marketing opportunities. When you start a good business, it doesn’t grow right away.

Having a small investment should not hold you back, but having a good game plan is very important.

Business ideas in Nigeria with low capital

In school, students are often asked to make a plan when they do business-related academic studies, and finding the best essay

writing service online is very important for them to do well on their assignments.

In the first year, more than half of small businesses fail. Most small businesses fail because they don’t plan well enough,

and this is the main reason. Having a well-thought-out business plan increases your chances of success in the field.

For people who aren’t sure what to do with an investment of as little as #500,000,

we’ve put together a list of ideas Business you can start with 500,000 in Nigeria.

Take it easy. We go over why these ideas might be right for you, how much money you might be able to make back on executive reporting,

what things and skills you might need, and how profitable each of these fields is.

1. Essential Oils & Soaps Business

This is a very wide-ranging industry that includes everything from essential oils and soaps of different scents to different

health and medical benefits and properties. By 2026, this industry is expected to be worth $458.4 million around the world.

You don’t have to be a big player in the market to invest in this kind of business. This is what we suggest.

First, look at the market and then start your own business. The start-up costs for the business can be as low as #500,000,

which includes the cost of the machinery, ingredients, packaging, HR, and marketing.

Having a well-known package design will help your projects go to the next level.

Effectively, the well-designed custom labels with your business logo and slogan will help customers better identify your brand.

The labels, which are also cost-effective giveaways for marketing, will help your customers better understand your brand.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today.

2. Men’s Telehealth Advice Platform

With the change in the world’s current technology, more and more people are choosing to make health check-up appointments over the phone.

The American Medical Association says that telehealth services could safely cut down on about 75% of all doctor,

urgent care, and emergency room visits, which could save money and time.

Being a doctor, pediatrician, or health worker from any field, you can get into this field if you have enough marketing behind

you and a good enough online platform, whether it’s a custom site or a well-known site.

3. Personal Trainer

business ideas in nigeria 2022

This is a great chance for people who have always thought about making money through a fitness program.

The fitness industry is worth more than $32 billion, with $10 billion of that coming from personal training alone.

Start by getting a low-level government certification. There is a lot to think about when you start a business like this.

Set up your own workout plans, diet plans, and pricing models with the help of a pre-planned strategy.

You should focus on in-house appointments or working with a local gym to provide personal training services.

4. White Labeled Fitness Supplements

Snack bars, shakes, ready-to-eat meals, and pills are all fitness supplements that go well with fitness journeys,

especially for younger people who want to get in shape. Many college students take these supplements, says the National Institutes of Health.

This figure is 66%. There’s a lot of people there.

Connect with a trusted and licensed manufacturer, start with a small range of products that focus on protein ingredients, and then grow.

If you like it, you won’t be let down!

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today.

5. CBD Products

People have been going crazy for CBD products for the last few years. The US News says that 1 in 7 American adults use

CBD products to treat pain, stress, and insomnia, and that many of them use them. As you can see,

CBD can be found in many different ways. It can be found in things like gummy bears and shakes.

The best way to get CBD quickly is with a vape pen.

Invest in manufacturers so they can make products that are in line with state laws on what’s OK,

how much is OK, and how to market them.

6. Healthy Snacks Business

As people become more aware of health and dieting, more people are flocking to healthier food and snacks.

This could be snacks made with natural ingredients or that are also cruelty-free and vegan.

The global market for healthy snacks is expected to grow to $108.11 billion by 2027.

Make sure you get a licensed kitchen certification with your first #500,000 investment.

In addition to rental or delivery fees, ingredients, and marketing in your area, you should focus on the rest of it.

7. Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Trust us, the numbers back up our claims. Home medical equipment is expected to be worth $56,457.87 million by 2027.

Besides being a huge help to older people and people with disabilities that make it hard for them to move,

this also makes a fair amount of money.

People can rent or buy the equipment, and hospitals, old-age homes, or hospices can use it for a long time.

8. Massage Therapy

Self-care is becoming more and more popular, which means it’s also becoming a very profitable business.

Adults in the United States got at least one massage in a spa last year. According to the AMTA,

the massage therapy business is worth $18 billion and is growing.

Getting the right training in chiropractic or massage is the first step. Then, get a license in the field.

There are professional masseuses who get paid thousands of dollars every year, or even every month.

This depends on how quickly they grow.

9. Meal Prep Company

As we talked about before, healthy eating is becoming a big part of everyday American life.

Still, not many people know how to buy the right ingredients and cook a meal on a daily basis.

This is where you find your niche.

By 2022, the meal prep market is expected to be worth $11.6 billion, which is a lot of money for people.

The bulk of your money will go toward getting your kitchen licensed and buying food prep ingredients and tools,

as well as the place where you’ll be cooking.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today.

10. Medication Delivery Services

People don’t have enough time to do everything they need to do. Pharmaceutical drugs could be delivered right to a person’s home,

which would save a lot of time and money, but it’s not very likely. As of 2026, this business is expected to be worth $1,733 billion.

You can get better deals if you work with smaller pharmacies as your vendors. A simple website and quick customer service will help you get this done.

Make sure your business is in line with state law on this.

Services are one of the most common and oldest ways to run a business, and they can be very profitable.

While your first thought might be that it’s a very crowded market, the following ideas are great niches that could help you get out of the 9 to 5 grind.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today if you play your game well.

11. Virtual Assistant Agency

business ideas in nigeria with 200k

As more and more work is done online, the need for virtual assistants has become more important.

Freelancers and other people who work on their own hire these people to help with administrative or editing tasks.

When it comes to the virtual assistant service, it is expected to grow by $4.12 billion from 2021 to 2025.

You could make a lot of money if you start a virtual assistant agency and hire assistants for any freelancer or contractor who needs them.

There is usually a lot of money spent on business development to get new clients.

12. Security Business

Security has always been a huge and very important business. People who work in the security business can look at three main groups:

security systems, private security guards, and security consulting services.

The industry will grow at a rate of 3.4% each year to $46.3 billion from 2021 to 26.

The general cost to start a business like this is about $10,000, which includes hiring the right people and getting the right legal permissions.

13. Research Services

Research Services

You can trust us when we say that this is one of the most important B2B service scenarios.

A business can’t grow if it doesn’t do a lot of thorough and thorough market research.

People are going to spend $82.87 billion on these services by 2023.

From your $10,000 investment, you’ll be able to hire the right people who know how to analyze the

market and advertise your services to other businesses.

When your business grows, you’ll need to spend money on a well-designed website, but it’s worth it.

14. Port-A-Potty Rentals

They’re always there. No, I don’t think I do. There is going to be a lot more money in this field by the end of 2021.

A single rentable Port-A-Potty costs between $500 and $1,000, giving you enough money to buy a few and put the

rest into a big storage unit to keep the portable toilets when they need to be stored.

15. Paid Ads Specialist

Paid Ads Specialist

Remember when we talked about marketing costs? You could do that for other people, too, with your $10,000.

The rise of digital work and the saturation of work in every possible niche have put a certain business industry

at the top of its game in marketing and advertising. According to eMarketer, the amount of money spent on

digital ads around the world is expected to reach more than $375 billion by the end of 2021.

People who know how to put the right ads on the right channels at the right time across the country and around

the world will be your biggest expense in this area.

16. Online Business Manager

There’s only so much a business owner can do at once, and there’s a limit to how much work they can do.

An online business manager can help them with everything from compiling their financial ledgers to taking care of the international payroll.

They might even work as project managers and be in charge of the whole thing. Freelancers add about $1 trillion to the U.S. economy every year.

If you have #500,000 you can either start your own online business manager agency or buy the resources you need to become one on your own.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today.

17. Equipment Rental Services

Every job that needs to be done, whether it’s in a professional, construction, medical, or educational setting, needs some kind of machinery or tool.

This is because of the way modern mechanics are set up. In a study by the American Dental Association,

they found that renting construction equipment is at an all-time high.

People need to spend a lot of money on the cost of the equipment and a place to store it.

18. Computer Repair

When a company’s computer or network doesn’t work, it can have a big impact on both its real-time functionality and its overall reputation.

This shows that there is a big market for people who can keep computers working well.

As of 2010, more than 550,000 people worked in the maintenance and repair field in the United States.

You should spend your first money on hiring the right people and renting a studio space for your team to work in and customers to visit.

The rest will follow.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today if you play your game well.

19. Collection Agency

It’s bad news for debt collectors in the United States. This makes it even more important for there to be debt collection services.

There are more than two-thirds of Americans (28 percent) who have at least one debt that is being held on to.

In this case, the format is very easy to read and understand. Work from home at first, or set up a group of debt collectors in an office with you.

Try to work on a pay-per-click model. The best thing about this idea is that it doesn’t need a lot of money to start.

20. Carpet Cleaning

Even though this might seem like a crazy idea and not very appealing to the public or sales-wise.

It turns out that it’s actually a lot better than you think. A report from Allied Market Research says that by 2022,

the global market for cleaning services will be worth $74 billion.

With numbers like this, we hope you’ll think about this option a lot more.

The start-up costs for this business would be limited to the necessary machinery and equipment and

a small amount of money for advertising in the local area.

21. Airplane Cleaning

During the years from 2021 to 2025, Technavio says that the market for cleaning and sanitizing planes will grow by 1.56 billion dollars.

The amount of trash and the way passengers act when they get off the planes makes it clear why this is a billion-dollar business.

Airlines are very excited about these new services, and they open their arms wide to accept them.

Your main job in this project is to make sure that all of the areas covered are cleaned and kept in good condition.

Especially now that there has been a global pandemic, strict sanitization must be made sure.

22. Valet Services

With the rise in better customer service and care, every business wants to treat their customers in the best possible way.

Valet is the best way to make sure that from the start, everything is going to be great (literally). It’s time for you to cash in on this great deal.

You won’t have to pay a lot of money to run this business. It won’t cost you even #500,000.

Just the right hand signs, uniforms, and office space to serve your clients.

23. Telephone Answering Service

This is a great example of a business idea that isn’t very difficult but still makes a lot of money.

Companies usually look for customer service or cold business callers to help them grow their business.

Companies like this can help them a lot. Phone Answering Services made $2.7 Billion for the United States in the years from 2016 to 2019.

Set up your own company with telephone answering professionals, rent an office space, and work on a number of calls-based model.

You can also hire people to answer the phones for you. If you want to rent or buy a place, you can get in touch with Loving Phoenix Realty.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today.

24. Sales Training

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; sustainability is the most important part of your business plan.

By making as many sales as possible, this can only be done. If you know how to sell, giving sales training to a company

or small business can be very profitable. There is going to be a lot of growth in the product-based sales training market from 2020 to 2024.

In this model, there isn’t a lot of overhead cost because it mostly relies on clients coming in to see the company.

Just spend the majority of your money on good self-marketing.

25. Promotional Products Business

Who doesn’t like getting free things like keychains, mugs, pens, and caps? This is exactly what this job entails.

They help customers see a brand as valuable and important. $23.3 billion is the value of the promotional product industry in the United States.

The best way to invest your #500,000 in this business is to find and work with a supplier you can trust and work with.

A good deal will have the goods made, invoiced, and shipped to you all at the same time.

26. Green Business Consultant

“Clean” and “green” methods are becoming more popular as the world changes. As a green consultant,

your job would be to help businesses figure out how to use green technology and what the benefits are.

There is going to be a lot of money in the world’s green technology and sustainability market by 2027.

If you already have field experience in this field, the cost of the first investment would be very low.

Otherwise, you can go to school.

27. Freelancer Agency

In the past, freelancing seemed like a job for people who were alone. Now, 35% of the world’s workforce is self-employed.

US adults are expected to work as freelancers or as independent contributors more and more over the next few years.

You don’t need any of the practical skills that a freelancer would need to do a job for an agency.

Just set up a commission-based model and hire a good Business Development person to get your clients.

28. Blind Cleaning Service

All of us have blinds, either in our homes or at work. As a surprise, the cleaning industry has been growing at a rate of 10% or more each year,

with a projected $50 billion in sales by 2023. A blind cleaning service is very profitable, all things being equal.

We think you should spend a lot of your $10,000 on an ultrasonic machine, even though there may be other ways to do it.

These not only let you take the tools with you, but you can also clean them while you’re there.

29. Local Delivery Service

Local delivery services have been growing at an annual rate of 5.3% in Nigeria for the last five years, which is a big change.

If you want to get something delivered or picked up, this service will send a local messenger to your address.

The bulk of your money from your first investment would go toward registering your company and getting your own API.

You are starting a business that will help you find people’s homes. It only makes sense to figure out all of the legal rules and regulations first and foremost.

This could be a great business idea in Nigeria with low capital you can start today if you play your game well.

30. Dog Walking & Sitting

A dog is as important to an American family as any other member. However, a lot of people don’t have time to walk or sit a

dog because they have a lot on their plate. This is where you can take advantage of this opportunity.

At this point, the value of this business is about $1.1 billion in the market.

You can start your own dog-walking business, or you can work through a third-party platform (you can find a lot of them online)

where a portion of your earnings will go to the platform. You can find a lot of these platforms online.

Top 5 business ideas in Nigeria with 500k

  • SEO Consultant
  • Pet grooming
  • Online Freelancing
  • Flipping domain
  • Portrait Studio

Top 5 business ideas in Nigeria with 200k

  • Iceblock production
  • Photo Booth Rentals
  • House painting
  • Online Reseller
  • Candle making


Phew! There are great business ideas in Nigeria 2022 if you are still reading this great business idea in Nigeria with low capital.

These business ideas might make you want to start your own business with your #500,000 capital.

It’s a big world, and there are so many ways to make money. If you have a good business idea for #500,000,

don’t forget to tell us about it in the comment box. We’d love to put it on our list.