Bolt Vs Uber Which Is Better For Riders And Drivers

When you need a ride, you don’t have to run after a taxi or call and wait for an hour for a car service.

You can hail a car from any place with a ride-hailing app and have a car ready in minutes.

Bolt Vs Uber, which used to be called Taxify, are the two most popular ride-hailing apps in Nigeria right now.

Most people use them in Lagos. There are, of course, other apps for getting a ride.

As a bonus, both Bolt Vs Uber let anyone who wants to be a driver on their platform.

People who want to drive for Bolt Vs Uber can do so as long as they have a good car for the service.

There are more drivers and cars available now, which makes it easier and faster for people to get a ride in a few minutes.

Both Bolt Vs Uber use modern technology and mobile apps to find drivers for their customers and connect them with them.

Using your smartphone, you can now get a car or a taxi from anywhere in the world.

This has made a big change in the way people get around.

If you are a new driver or customer in Nigeria, you may find it hard to choose between Bolt Vs Uber.

In this article, we should look at the comparison and difference.


About Both of Them

You can use Uber instead of the traditional taxi service. The driver doesn’t have to be a “professional” taxi driver.

This company, which was started in San Francisco, now has more than one billion users all over the world.

Uber has also been in Nigeria since 2014, and it has been there ever since.

People can drive for Bolt if they have a valid driver’s license. This is the same way Uber works.

This Estonian-made company has been operating in Nigeria since 2016 and competes with Uber by charging very low prices.

Cities of operation

Uber currently operates in Lagos, Gulu, and Abuja.

All of the cities that Bolt serves in Nigeria are in the country’s south.

These cities are: Calabar; Owerri; Lagos; Kano; Warri; Ado-Ekiti; Bauchi; Akure; Jos; Makurdi; Ibadan; Port Harcourt; Uyo; and Abuja.

Bolt has more cities in Nigeria than Uber. In this way, drivers and customers can use the Bolt app in more places than Uber does.

The cancellation fee

If you cancel a trip, Uber charges you a fee to get back on the road. Add this amount to your next trip’s cost.

The only time Bolt will charge you for canceling your request is if you do so more than two minutes after the driver has agreed to pick you up.Verdict

Also, if the driver cancels the trip request after waiting for you for more than 4-8 minutes, depending on the market, you will be charged for that.Verdict

Uber charges a fee if you cancel an order, but Bolt only charges in some cases. To the driver, the fee is a good thing. To the customer, it’s bad.

Which is cheaper?

Based on a lot of reviews, we can say that Uber charges more than Bolt.

It takes more time to make transportation costs more affordable for its customers, Bolt.

Uber, on the other hand, has higher prices. Bolt also sends promotional codes to its customers so they can get great deals at a great price.


Comparing the prices of Uber and Bolt, it looks like Bolt’s transportation costs are usually cheaper than Uber’s costs.

This is a good thing for both customers and drivers.

Which pays drivers more?

When a trip goes well, Uber takes between 20% and 30% of the money paid. People who drive would get 70% to 80% of the money they were paid.

Bolt only takes 15% to 20% of the money paid for each trip that goes well. This means that drivers get between 80% and 85% of what they are paid.

There’s a good chance that Bolt drivers would get a bigger cut than drivers for Uber.

Which is the safest?

So you can tell your family where you are and get help if something goes wrong, the Uber app has safety features built in.

Uber also lets you get help right from the app if you have a quick question or want to report an accident.

To keep everyone safe, Uber also has a two-way rating system.

The GPS trackers on all Uber rides start and end, so you can follow your ride and see where you’re going.

Get to know your driver before you get in their car.

Uber also has a RideCheck feature that uses sensors and GPS data to see if a trip has a long stop that was not planned.

If so, Uber customer service will check on you and give you ways to get help.

On the Uber app, you can also use a PIN to make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver.

Uber also has other safety measures, like Driver hour limits, speed limit alerts, vehicle inspection, and thorough driver screening.

Bolt makes sure that each driver who works on their platform is who they say they are through their first-of-its-kind verification portal,

in partnership with YouVerify. Drivers’ information and documents are checked against government databases as part of the verification process.

When you use the Bolt app to request a trip, you get a picture of the driver, their name, the make and model of their car, and their license plate number.

Share your ETA lets you add another layer of safety to your trip.

Your family and friends can see how the trip is going on the map, as well as who’s in the driver car, in real time.

All Bolt trips have rider trip protection, which protects you and your things from the moment you start your trip until you finish it.

Also, Bolt lets you rate drivers for how well they do their job.

No one can say for sure, but Uber has more smart safety features than Bolt does.

In the case of a lost item

Uber may charge you a return fee (the amount varies by location) when your lost item is found and returned to you. This fee is to pay the driver for their time and effort.

People who return a missing item should think about the time and effort the driver put into getting the item back to them. So, the compensation payment is up to the person who gets it.


Uber charges for items that aren’t returned, but Bolt lets you decide how much to pay the driver.

Requirements to be a Driver

Phone (Android or iOS) with an email address that is valid.
2. A Nigerian driver’s license that is legal to drive with.
This is the third LASRAA card that you can get.
The card has to be valid (Lagos only).
5. People must be at least 21 years old.
6. Photo of the driver’s face
7. Safety checks and a virtual information session.
8. Make sure your car meets Uber’s standard requirements.

1. You must have a valid driver’s license in order to drive.
Second, go through driver training for service quality as well as how to use the Bolt driver app.
LASDRI Card, Driver Badge, and LASRRA Card are three more documents you’ll need for Lagos.

To become an Uber driver, it looks like it takes more time than on Bolt.

Basic vehicle requirements


  • Model year 2000 or newer
  • 4-door car
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • A working radio
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Roadworthiness certificate
  • A valid Hackney permit


  • Vehicle license
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  • Minimum of 4 door
  • Excellent working condition
  • AutoGenius Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Additional Documents for Lagos: State Hackney Permit and a Vehicle Body Tag for all routes.

Uber and Bolt have almost the same basic car requirements, except for a few extra requirements that Uber has.

Additional perks for Drivers


If there are a lot of people using Uber at the same time, they charge extra for each person who wants
Promotions for consecutive trips
Quest has a lot of promotional events all the time.
Maintenance discounts for cars

Having the ability to earn more money from bonuses
Every month, you can get a health care plan.
This is a type of insurance for people who drive for a ride-sharing service like Bolt Rides. It protects both the driver and the person riding with them.
Bolt on the reward fuel (this is in partnership with Total NG)

For drivers, they both give them extra perks.

Bolt vs Uber driver apps: What drivers say about them

Bolt vs Uber
Bolt vs Uber

Many drivers have said that they prefer one app over the other because of things like how much they get paid for each trip,

how the app works, how far they can go, and more.

Some people who used the Bolt driver app said that they didn’t get a chance to explain why they had to cancel a trip.

A well-known driver of the Bolt said, “The fares are so low.” They stop people even if they don’t want them to fight back.

When a customer cancels a ride request, there isn’t even a penny to pay back.

All but one of these cancellations are because the driver must have driven more than 2 to 3 kilometers.”

Gbenga Samuel said, “Why should we be punished for not going to a dangerous place? We should not be punished for not going.”

This isn’t fair. People who don’t want to wait for the driver to finish a trip will cancel it without the driver’s permission, and the driver will get in trouble.

This needs to be fixed right away.

There is a drop in driver/acceptance scores when riders cancel requests for personal reasons, Elias Odoh said.

Another thing to look into is the fact that “multiple-stop” trips help riders more than drivers.

It also doesn’t matter if a rider takes you more than two kilometers outside of the agreed-upon route. “No extra charge”:

Uber, on the other hand, had a lot of complaints about pick-up locations that were far away, unknown destinations before the start of the trip, and high fees.

Harry Tam said that the Uber app often gives long pickup distances, which leads to a lot of people canceling their trips because they can’t get there in time.

Make sure you set a pickup distance preference or radius for better and more professional service.

Second, there are no drop-off location options when you make a request.

This is important for security, especially in Nigeria, where violence and insecurity are common.

Eben Edion

We also said that “Uber commission is too high – high commission, low fare.” Up to 10 km away, setting a destination doesn’t work well,

and there’s no way for drivers to talk to reps. You don’t know where you are going to ride.

It’s better if you know where you are going when you are going to pick up a person to ride with you.

In what Joseph J. Joseph said, “Uber has shown itself to be out of touch with reality when it comes to its drivers’ partner.”

For example: “From the long-distance request to the poor map, the non-profiling of its passengers, and the high fees, it was a mess.”

What riders are saying about Bolt Vs Uber riders app

Riders, too, have their own complaints, like when money is taken from their cards or the price is too high.

Commenting on the Bolt app, a rider said that the app made an illegal deduction of N1000 in addition to the amount that the rider had to pay for his or her trip.

It has been so bad for Ajiri Ebinum. In order to get a ride, Bolt always charges me N1000, then charges me the actual fare.

I don’t understand why. In this case, extortion has reached its peak. Communication with them has failed because they don’t say a word.

Customers should be happy and be able to do what they want, but you’re always trying to get money from me.

Not long ago Nkesty World told me, “This app is so annoying these days.” At first, you will book Bolt, and they will give you a price.

When you arrive at the end of the trip, you will see a higher price. There is no “hold up” or “delay” on the road. You need to work on your app.

The Uber app, on the other hand, is where Uber riders say they get charged for canceling a trip because of the drivers.

Vinod said that the app had the worst customer service. I’ve paid for my trip with cash. But the app says that I haven’t paid yet.

The customer service line hasn’t answered me in 24 hours, even though I’ve tried to reach them.

Bad: I couldn’t book my return trip because I still owed money. Because they don’t have control over how much money is paid to the driver,

the Uber agent wants me to make another payment. Asked for a refund, but haven’t heard back from anyone since.

Praise Lazarus said that some UberX drivers accept a ride, call, and then talk about how they can’t accept the price on the app,

and then set their own prices. This is what they do.” There are also some Uber motto guys who accept a ride, then cancel the ride

because they don’t want you to waste your time. For 10/15 minutes, I thought I was going to get a ride.

Then the rider called to cancel and I was charged.

Many Nigerians agree that the introduction of ride-hailing platforms into the country’s transportation system has been

a good thing for people who like the extra comfort they give.

The most important thing is that they have given jobs to many Nigerians, either full or part-time.

In the end:

It looks like people make the decision about which is better for customers based on what they like.

If you are looking for a cheap way to get around, Bolt would be a good choice. If you want more features, Uber might be a good choice.

For drivers in Nigeria, it looks like Bolt is going to pay them more than Uber is going to.

However, both Uber VS Bolt are the best ride-hailing apps in Nigeria right now, and they’re both great.