8 Interesting blogging tips for beginners

I want to share with you eight blogging tips for beginners and things that I wish I knew when I was first getting started

in the blogging space or even right now, because things have evolved so much more since I first started many years back.

So I’m going to share with you these tips and insights if you’re brand new or just getting started.

If you’re trying to build a blog, business, online, a website, whatever the case is, these tips should be able to help you out with generating

and creating great content and ranking a lot better. So stay tuned.

Alright, so back when I first started, you know, we just really focused on search engine optimization.

There’s not a lot of social media. But nowadays there are so many more things to look at and focus on so in this article,

I want to share with you some extra additional tips when it comes to getting your business and blog out in space.

blogging tips for beginners

1. front load

Your content and front loading your content is really to get a jumpstart on the ranking is spreading out your content across eight months,

it can take a long time to build momentum.

So if you’re going out and let’s just say you’re posting once a week, once a week, once a week, that can take quite a long time.

You’re only going to have about 50 articles in a year, or even just blog posts.

So at the beginning, just get some substance out there maybe just go ahead and create 20 to 50 content pieces.

So you could go ahead and just create some posts every you know every week you post three to four times and that way you

can just get some good content out there that you can just start promoting.

Otherwise, it’ll take one to two years for you just have any kind of substance or presence.

So front loaded at the beginning so you can kind of get a jolt it’s kind of like one of the paramedics jumpstarting your heart

and it’s the same thing here when it comes to your blog business.

2. Ranking ideas

blogging tips for making money

Now Google ranks your website as a whole and then individual content pieces within the website.

Whereas when you look at YouTube, it’s a little bit different YouTube ranks individual videos,

and therefore they have a chance to have a single content piece go a little more viral.

So think about this on your website.

When it comes to your website, even though it’s kind of the same company, right?

Google owns YouTube, On the YouTube space, you have a much higher chance to get that viral effect going because if you have a nice video,

some of those videos can get a huge jolt and boost whereas other videos to just kind of hey, dwindling down, that yes, it does rank your channel as a whole

and so on and pushes that feed, but you do have a much better chance for that single content piece on YouTube to rank really well.

When you’re focused on the blog. You know, you’re looking at your blog being ranked as a whole and then those content pieces are getting ranked out.

So you don’t really have a chance for a content piece to get ranked virally in the Google search algorithm because you’re trying to push credible websites first.

To understand how that plays into your content space and how you tried to bring in traffic because you may want to do a little

of both getting rankings from different sites in different mediums whether that’s

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, in different ways, or even Tik Tok these days and Instagram.

Then what you would do on Google is kind of a long-term play to google search engine, whereas maybe the social media sites are kind of that viral effect

and having traffic coming in from different spots, different places could actually play in really well as a balance to your traffic approach.

This is one of the great blogging tips for beginners.

3. Domain name

blogging tips for marketing

Grab a domain name that’s unforgettable. If you’re using a free service or just posting content to social media,

you’re missing out if you check out all the stuff that I have when it comes to my blog.

You know, having a website there to promote your products and services is really beneficial.

I mean, you can grab people on the newsletter list so you can see kind of these pop-ups.

Really a great starting point if you’re trying to grab a domain name, or if you’re trying to start another blog or business. Choosing the right domain name

would get you ranked on Google as soon as possible and you can try out porkbong.com to be able to make it happen.

This is another takeaway blogging tips for beginners.

4. Clickbait

blogging tips 2022

I think that clickbait sometimes gets overdone and overshot but I think it’s a good way to get and attract people.

So use clickbait type of articles and content to get people to the content you really want them to see. seems fishy, but let me explain.

Sometimes you need to attract first to later present the right information.

There’s a famous marketer that talks about saying,

Hey, we had to go ahead and sell pickup line handbooks or guides and freebies because that’s what people wanted.

When you’re in the online dating space or you’re just in the dating space.

You know, here’s your pickup line, what’s the pickup line?

What’s the pickup line that I need? But eventually what you realize is just becoming a great person.

You know, being humble, you know, opening yourself up, you don’t really need the pickup line once you start talking to somebody that pickup line is gone.

So it’s really like 1% of the whole relationship. It’s less than that. But at the beginning, that’s what people want.

They want the pickup line. So in this case, if you’re doing the clickbait thing, you know at the beginning people want those attractive articles.

They seem like hey, this is amazing. This is great or attracting people and so get them in what they want.

They want to see something first. And that’s usually something that’s clickbait related, that’s attractive, getting their attention really quick.

It may not have the substance behind it that you want.

But you’re first just trying to build that relationship.

Eventually, you’ll get them the content that they need and build the relationship that you want with

your customer or target audience.

This is the most interesting blogging tips for beginners.

5. Build an audience

Build an audience

Remember, you got to build an audience. It takes time to build an audience.

And you have to work in multiple areas like an email list discord, social media, and other networks.

Don’t just use like one spot.

You know, you could use YouTube search engines, whatever build an audience in multiple spots, your email lists discord, social media,

because if one medium goes down, you know the others.

So that also just spreads your risk as well.

So if you’ve got an audience in different spots, really just separates things out and reduces kind of that risk.

6. Niches change

Over time your niche will evolve. We used to do much more blogging, you know, written content, but now each content piece has a video.

So I start with a video like this and then we convert it into the written form. It’s just a lot easier. You can also create a podcast from something like this.

Whereas if you start with the written word, then you do a podcast and then you do a video you really got to do that content piece kind of three times.

Whereas here, I can do it one time. And then we can kind of export it into the different mediums and forums.

So things will evolve, niches will evolve that used to be articles back in the day.

Now there’s much more content, different types of content.

So look for evolution, in your business, blog, or niche for that matter.

This is a vital area of blogging tips for beginners.

7. Spread traffic

Spread traffic

Don’t rely on anyone single area of traffic, spread your traffic across multiple mediums like Pinterest, Facebook, search engines, email lists, and much more.

And that goes with diversifying your audience in the same way.

So spread your traffic as well as like the way you’re acquiring people because you might be acquiring people differently than where you’re building the audience.

So for example, acquiring people through search engines and getting them to go to your Facebook page.

So you’re building the audience on Facebook, but you might be acquiring them on complaint or YouTube.

So remember, those things are different so spread the traffic where you’re getting it from, it could be advertisement space, as well, to make sure that you’re not just

using one area or one faucet for your water, have multiple spigots, multiple faucets multiple areas to grab your traffic and remember your capability.

Finding these blogging tips for beginners would help you in skyrocketing your blog.

8. Capabilities

Do what you can and what’s possible for you. If you can only post once a week, then stick to that.

Don’t overextend yourself to avoid burnout.

Otherwise, just get burned out. There are just a lot of things to do when it comes to blogging.


When it comes to building a business online. There’s just a ton of work ahead of you.

And if you want it to succeed, just do what you can and maybe eventually lead into something bigger and continue to grow.

But if you keep pushing it, pushing it, sometimes you could be burnt out.

So do what’s possible for you. And if you can allocate a little more time because it could help accelerate the growth,

keep trying new things, evolve, see what works, see what doesn’t, and change things up.

I guess that goes to regular real-world life advice as well.

if you have any questions regarding the blogging tips for beginners we shared, let us know using the comment section.