13 Steps to Get Your First Sale on Fiverr Fast

When I started my freelancing career on Fiverr, I would be sharing how I got my first sale on Fiverr under 7 days,

yes, I mean a week after setting up my gigs and putting it live.

Although things have changed from then, at the same time, we can still look into some things that can make you get your first sale on Fiverr faster

on Fiverr, if you follow the steps which I am going to share with you in this article.

We would also go in deeper as people ask ” how to optimize my Fiverr account” and if you’re a newbie we would explain the Fiverr tips for beginners.

How to Get Your First Sale on Fiverr Fast?

I understand that many people who are trying to work as a freelancer find it so hard to get their first sale on Fiverr and some would even

think of giving up since the order is not coming on and also no message between the time their gig is up and running on Fiverr.

I tried this method when I was teaching my girlfriend how to freelance on Fiverr, and after I had set up her profile for her,

I told her everything I mentioned in this article, and guess what? She was able to get her first sale within 5 days;

that’s way less than mine, which is 7 days.

 First Sale on Fiverr
First Sale on Fiverr

I won’t like to keep telling you a long story, but we can get into the real deal to kickstart your freelancing career

as a beginner or try and optimize your existing Fiverr account as the solution is listed below for you.

Fiverr Profile Setting

This is the most important thing to consider when setting up your profile on Fiverr, and I would advise you not to leave a section untouched.

Every area has a role to play; that is why Fiverr added it there for you to fill; it would tell Fiverr how real you are and why they

should push your profile up on Fiverr search and recommend you to buyers.

Fiverr Seller location

This as always be a barrier because buyers are searching for a seller who understands the same language with them, the buyer even prefer

to pay extra in hiring seller that speaks fluent language either English, Spanish or any language that the buyer chooses,

they believe such seller would deliver the best service they want.

Fiverr Portfolio

Having a portfolio would help you land your first sale faster because the buyer would like to see what you have done before for other

brands and why you’re a professional in that area you specialized in, buyer want to see your previous work as they don’t want to

hire a random person that would waste their precious time. They won’t receive what they want.

Fiverr gig settings

There are up to 4 factors to consider when you’re looking forward to setting up your Fiverr gig; I will be listing the 5 factors to consider

when you want to set up a professional Fiverr gig.

I have even got a sale from a seller that hired me to write his Fiverr gig description when he saw how professional mine was.
Note: I don’t have a gig for description writing on my Fiverr account, but I just decided to help the seller, and he’s happy at the end.
So, here are the factors to consider when you want to set up your Fiverr gig.

Fiverr gig title

Fiverr gig title is essential, and it’s the first stage of your gig career; if you do it wrong from here, then the gig will be messed up.
When putting up your gig title, you need to make it sounds excellent and include your keywords relating to the service

you’re offering on that gig; this would be the first stage where the Fiverr algorithm would start favoring

your gig and consider it is ranking on Fiverr search.

Also, try as much as possible not to make your gig title exceed 60 characters as it was stated on Fiverr

as the max to just perfect gig title.

Fiverr GIG title tips
Fiverr GIG title tips

Fiverr GIG tags and keywords

Before reaching this stage, I know there’s a stage to choose the best category where your gig belongs to and sub-category,

but I want to believe that you would see that yourself, either there would be category suggestion that

would help you in selecting the right category for your service.

Okay, so gig tags and keywords make your gig visible on some broad pages; make sure you do keyword research

very well before you can consider a keyword to be added to your gig.

Check on your competitors on the first page to see the keywords they are using; then,

you can apply some of them to your gig.

Remember: You are a new seller with no review or feedback on your gig, so you can do a background

check on the keywords you want to use on your gig.

Don’t compete with level sellers with as many reviews on their gig, or you won’t be able to land any sales on Fiverr.

Fiverr GIG Pricing

After you are done with your gig title, gig category, and tags; next is putting price tags on your gig. There are 3 categories of pricing, which are essential,

standard and premium package.

In this area, you have to check from 5-10 sellers and see what each gig includes before you choose to give your package a price,

as a new seller, you need to bring down your price a little bit compared to sellers on the first page, then you would stand

as competition to them, some buyers can choose you ahead the level sellers because you charge

lesser than the level sellers, do this wisely so that some buyers would not take advantage

of that and use you.

Fiverr gig description

When writing a gig description, you need to make sure you are not appraising yourself more than the service you are offering.

Many sellers would add different stories about themselves and forget what gig description is meant for;

I used to ask them why they are not counting the same stories on the gig title.

Haha, don’t be like those sellers.

Add why you’re the right seller for the project, your experience, what your gig entails,

and what they should expect from you at the end.

Fiverr gig description
Fiverr gig description

Fiverr gig image design

Smile, many sellers use to copy gig images from Google or existing sellers on Fiverr; I won’t blame some people, though,

because they have no idea how it’s done, but how would you feel if somehow copying your design work or claiming your work?

Let me know in the comment below.

To design a creative Fiverr gig image, you can use canvas, Figma website to create innovative Fiverr gig image design,

and trust me it’s the best than hiring someone to design for you or copying some else gig image and use it,

Fiverr might flag your account and block your account.

Fiverr gig image design tips
Fiverr gig image design tips

A quick tip: If you have a chance to add a quality video to your gig, it would also take your gig a long way, Fiverr mention that adding video to

your gig can increase your gig ranking rate and make buyers understand more about your service.

Active Fiverr Selling gigs

When you offer different services on Fiverr, try and make sure you don’t publish more than 3 gigs, that is just the max you should print;

of course, I know that Fiverr said the maximum is 7 gigs but trust me, once you publish 7 gigs on your account when you’re

not a level 1 or level 2 seller, your gigs would be lost in search, no one would be able to find your gig on Fiverr.

Publish 3 gigs and then expect the magic, and make sure they all don’t belong to the same sub-category,

you can choose the same category, but the sub-category should be different.

Fiverr Active selling gigs
Fiverr Active selling gigs

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Staying online on Fiverr

Fiverr also said that sellers that stay more active get massive sales, and that’s the absolute truth, 95 percent of buyers want to order from

sellers that are online and ready to attend to their needs, some projects might be complex, the buyer would like to discuss

the project before they proceed to place an order.

You can also search on Fiverr in your niche, see your competitors, and filter online sellers to see how many orders they have in queue.

Staying online on Fiverr
Staying online on Fiverr

Fiverr gig promotion

When I mentioned Fiverr gig promotion, I don’t mean running Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or quora but promoting your Fiverr gig on social media

by joining different communities where your service might be needed. There are different ways to market your service on social media

platforms and attract buyers ready to order your service.

Fiverr buyer request

Many sellers don’t take Fiverr buyer request earnest again because of ridiculous price from buyers, and also some scamming activities come from this page.
But regardless, there are still buyers who use the page to hire freelancers. When they notice that the project is very complex,

they use the buyer request page to express the project, and sellers can apply if that is what they can do. Also,

you can you the page to drive traffic to your gig.

Tips: If you want to see buyer request offer on your profile quickly, you need to have 2-3 gigs on your profile and make sure they fall in different categories or sub-categories.

Fiverr Buyer request feature
Fiverr Buyer request feature


With all being said, all these factors work hand in hand; if you make everything right and patient, you will receive countless orders in no time.

Try as much as possible to be a professional in any service you render on Fiverr, cancellation used to spoil account,

and it would be tough for you to bring it back to top pages on Fiverr, don’t take a job that would stress

you or one that doesn’t worth what you’re doing.

I hope these tips help you? You can come back here and drop a testimony on your first sale on Fiverr if this works for you

because I would appreciate your feedback.